Treadwell names top 5

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"My top is OklahomaOklahoma StateOle MissMichigan State andMichigan," Treadwell reported. "[That is a] final five for now."

Treadwell has visited each of those schools except for the two Oklahoma-based schools. He plans an official visit to Oklahoma the weekend of Oct. 26 when the Sooners are scheduled to host Notre Dame. An official visit to Oklahoma State is planned, but a date has not been scheduled yet for that trip.

I don't think Michigan State is much of a threat,  but those two Oklahoma schools worry me.  



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At age 46, I just changed my official commitment from UM, and my Bachelors of Science in Aerospace Engineering I received in Dec. 1987 from UM, to whatever school has those two on the left as students.  What school would that be?  Nevermind, names dont matter.


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I'll be surprised if he commits to Michigan. It seems every time someone has Michigan as their clear number one for months, but doesn't officially commit, they end up somewhere else.

For the sake of all that is holy, let me be wrong.


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I quit watching a long time ago. I certainly hope he is having fun with it, but I'll wait until he really, really, really decides.

ND Sux

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I really hope he is blue and just enjoying the trips.  Have to wonder though how long before Hoke says eff it and moves on to someone who WANTS to come to Michigan badly. 

Personally I'm already there. 


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that are supposedly close to committing early in the process, but drag their recruitment on to the end almost never end up at Michigan.   Diamond from last year comes to mind and numerous others from past years.  I will be shocked, but pleased, if he ends up wearing the winged helmet.