Treadwell "Anxious to Make a Decision" per Sam Webb

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I know there have been countless updates, but this could be relevant news. I don't have a Scout subscription though.

Sam Webb @SamWebb77

A big change of plan for #Michigan WR target, @SuccessfulQuon. Treadwell “Anxious to Make a Decision” - ($)

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...and having an excellent corps of RBs never hurts obviously, but I will say that, for purposes of this class, I would be a slightly more bummed about missing out on quality WR targets than RBs only because we already do have Shallman (who Michigan recruited as an RB) and Deveon Smith for 2013, as well as Houma, Johnson and Norfleet in the incoming class this year. 


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is great news!!! I think the 2 WR commiting yesterday casued this. Who else is he going to pick? MICHIGAN has always been the leader! GO BLUE!!!


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If he's anxious, just call Hoke and tell him he's accepting the offer already. It's not a complicated thing to do, unless he's trying to find press conference space and a selection of hats from 13 different schools who have offered him.

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Best part about the Dawson/Price video is when the drill is over Price has a look on his face like, this guy is going to be kicking my ass for years to come.


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Could there be a better situation than Michigan for Treadwell?

1.  Absolute stud quarterback, arguably best pro-style in the nation

2. Quarterback is in the same class so they'll have 4 solid years to develop the chemistry all great QB WR tandems possess.

3. Wide open clear path to immediate playing time.

4. Pro style offense

5. Bona fide offensive genius/mastermind in Borges (just see the last 6 plays or so called in the UTL game last year)

The road to a successful NFL career could not be more plain.

Come on Laquon, you know where the best opportunity is.

The sooner you commit, the more likely you will influence other nationally ranked athletes to join a class that should compete for a national championship by junior year.



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7. A slew of behemoth top-notch offensive linemen to push other teams around, opening enormous holes for running backs, and giving the aforementioned stud quarterback hours to find open receivers.


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I actually thought of that Tally and forgot to list it.  Good thing because I wouldn't have articulated it as eloquently as you did.

And thanks for the link Tripp...good read.



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That NEBRASKA stopped by to see him this morning, hence the cancellation to Michigan....hope this doesn't change his mind as I would be bummed out!


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I really hope we get Treadwell! He would compliment our two other recievers in this class. Csonte York will suprise everyone, I think the kid plays with GREAT passion and heart which are two intangibles. He is not so arrogant that he is not excited after big plays, the kid wants to win and be the best and I think he will work until he gets their which IF we get Treadwell that will only push him harder because he is a worker for sure. Jaron will need to get faster but will be a great redzone threat when his time comes. I hope all of them are huge contributors in year one though! Go BLUE!


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Average WR height in last six recruiting classes:

2008 - 71.3"

2009 - 70.5"

2010 - 72.5"

2011 - No receivers

2012 - 74.5"

2013 - 75.5"

No disrespect to the shorter guys, they have a ton of heart, but given our offensive philosophy I'll take the added size.


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So, he decides to cancel/postpone his visit to Ann Arbor after Nebraska visits him, and he is now "anxious" to make a decision. I don't understand how this is necessarily  good news for U of M.

I also could not fathom why he would choose Nebraska over U of M, for many of the reasons stated above.


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People overestimate the influence of in-school visits.  They aren't actually allowed to directly/intentionally meet the players.  Rather, they talk to the coaches, and if they happen to run into the players then they can talk briefly.  It's not like they're able to do some huge recruiting plug for their program. 


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Fair enough. So is the thinking that he is postponing the visit because he is just going to make his announcment very soon - preferably Blue?