Treadwell #1 WR on Rivals?

Submitted by ommeethatsees on August 3rd, 2012 at 9:12 PM

Treadwell performed great at pretty much all the camps he attended. Rivals is even speculating that he could be in the running for #1 when the new ratings come out. While I don't see that happening I could definitely see him moving up. Come on LaQuon turn blue already!

Bailey also getting some attention.



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Bo has also been my nickname since birth. Long story but NOBODY in my family refers to me by my birth name. Not parents, Grandparents, etc. However, "Bo" is nowhere in my first, middle or last name.

It was only re-enforced by my VERY young passion for UM football in Bo's last couple years.

As for LT, kid is doing his homework. I dont think he or Green end up here but I'm also an admitted pessimist on kids like these. If not all Blue and flirting with Southern schools, I consider them long shots regardless of what they say.


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DGB clone is the better of the 2 but I could see treadwell at two. Just my opinion. The kids name is like Ricky seals-jones I believe. Dont quote me, I'm on my phone and frankly don't feel like looking it up at this second.


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Should we take him if he's not #1? Oh noes! 

Srsly, I hope M gets this young man; but the focus on rankings changes out of season and secondary to camp performance is getting a bit ridiculous.


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It is dumb b/c those sites always say that camp performances factor very little into their analysis and rankings.  It just so happens that we have seen major moves in rankings after major combines and camps.  They are trying every little thing to get more subscribers.  


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I cant start a thread yet but i just read that Zeke Pike wont be going back to Auburn because of some legal issues, that got him suspended, i would imagine 


Gene Chizik confirms suspended QB Zeke Pike will not return to the Auburn program.

— Justin Hokanson (@JHokanson)


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Commits soon, if he does I think Green will as well. This would be the beginning of something great happening at Michigan. I truly believe in my heart that other recruits are starting to see the family atmosphere and how much our recruits truly like being around each other! GO BIG BLUE


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Agree with the recruiting parts of your post, but this recent emergence of "Big Blue" troubles me greatly.

We are not Kentucky, the hydrox version of some IBM chess playing old timey supercomputer, nor a cartoon whale that befriends a rambunctious turtle in an overly saccharine movie you have to pay an extra two dollars to watch while wearing uncomfortable glasses.

We are simply "Blue" without modification. We are the essence of that elegance.

/ end rant