Travis Walton denies allegations... victim comments on ESPN story

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Not sure if this is thread-worthy, but I found this interesting. Since there isn't another thread on Walton's statement today, I figured it might be worth posting. 

As you guys probably saw, Walton denied both allegations with a written statement today. I was looking through the comments on ESPN and saw that the victim Ashley Thompson actually commented on the article, saying, "It was plead down because Tom Izzo runs East Lansing, period."

Insane that this girl had a documented concussion and nothing came of this.

I'm not a Twitter person, but if you are it might be worth passing this screencap on to the Twittersphere, maybe tagging some reporters or something.




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Auto Owners is the first Sponsor to pull its logo from the back drop...As I predicted...once the sponsors start jumping ship, these fellas will be forced out, I dont see a path where they survive...

P.S. Valenti doubled down today with the Travis Walton statement.  Seriously though, what was Walton gonna say? Oh yea I smoked the Bi##CH? cmon man...

Chalky White

January 31st, 2018 at 7:45 AM ^

At this time of year, WTKA goes out on my way to work before I get to Southfield. I either switch to NPR or 97.1. I always forget that clown will be on when I get in the car in the afternoon.

Valenti was fine when this only affected gymnastics. Now that ESPN dragged basketball and football into this, he has a major problem. And who the hell gets a charge for littering? That reeks of obviously doing way more than the charge he accepted. Even a person who littered, won't be charged with littering. Common sense says there is way more to the story. Valenti wants no part of the truth.


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I don't know about that. I think the #metoo movement is a game changer, and many schools are about to have their moment 'in the barrel'. Sparty is getting hit now because of Nasser, but I am quite sure the next school is right around the corner. Who knows, we could be next. 

The problem is, Izzo thinks what he did was right because it was normal in college sports. But normal and right are two different things.

His Dudeness

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My fiancee does title IX legal work all across this great country of ours and ... well... It's not pretty. The awful choices being made by many so called educational institutions is baffling. You'd be surprised by the insanity I've heard. And most of these have nothing to do with "star athletes." I can't imagine the stupid involved in covering up their transgressions.

The Fugitive

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but I find myself laughing when people defend "the Dean of Discipline", Mark Dantonio.

Yea, he gets that nickname becuase his players are always in trouble! Now if only the Athletic Department would have noticed that 16 of those disciplinary actions involved some sort of crime against women.

Great job, MSU.