Trash Talking at the End

Submitted by ypsituckyboy on March 5th, 2011 at 4:52 PM

Does anyone know what was going on at the end between Morris and Lucas (and possibly others)? Was it just a culmination of trash talking throughout the game or did something else go down?

I'm usually a big fan of being a good sport and keeping your mouth shut, but part of me loves that they put MSU in their place. I think it can help with the mental aspect of things, and get in the other teams'  head. Very cathartic.



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They're talking about it on 97.1 and they're asking folks who were at the game to text in. 

A Michigan fan said Morris was being an ass.  Another fan said Summers and Roe ganged up on Morris. 


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Who even knows if that "Michigan fan" existed in the first place?  What's to stop these talk-radio ratings hounds from simply making up a text or two to grab the interest of viewers?


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He's such an unbelievable, transparently gutless piece of shit.  I'm sure they'll say that he had planned to take this day off like 6 months ago.

Honestly, he might be able to gain me as a listener (and I'm sure a few others as well) if he manned-up and took his medicine every now and then, but it won't happen.


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What I have been hearing is that Morris started talking after he made that final layup.

At which point he and Lucas had to be separated a couple times. 

I'd rather see Morris just go celebrate with his teammates, but hopefully its not a big deal.

We definitely need Morris in the BTT.


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A Sparty board is reporting that Darius on in Kailin's face at the end of the game and said get the fuck off of my court. Kalin shoved the ball in Morris's face, and they had to be pulled apart in that situation, as well as the postgame handshake.

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Darius was probably the number one trash-talker on the floor this afternoon.  But it was pretty much everybody getting into it.  And yeah I obviously couldn't hear what Darius said to Kalin but he said something, and Kalin two-handed the ball and hit Darius in the head.


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Belien should sit him down, wag his finger in his face and say, "stop picking on  your ili bro.  Its making  him mad and I dont want to hear about it.  Now go to your room"


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Lucas shouldn't throw stones when he lives in a glass house.  That guy talks trash like he was a member of the Fab Five.  All game he was talking at Stu and Darius.  He hit a three in the corner and turned around and said something to some fans.  He is an ass, and I am glad to see Darius not back down.  Enough is a enough.  I am glad that Darius said something to Lucas.

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Who cares? It shows swagger and confidence; these qualities will make UM even more dangerous in the past. And don't tell me that nobody talks trash on the court. I like that he was in Lucas' face about it. Do you think if the situations were reversed that sparty would just calmly jog back down the floor?

It's a rivalry game, people. We all talk trash in pickup games, who cares? Irrelevant topic is irrelevant.


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For all you happy neggers would you rather let Morris get T'd up for trash talking or worse yet tossed out of an important game. While we want the team to have confidence they don't need to cross the line.


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According to RCMB Morris said "Get the fuck of my court" after that layup.  I think it's funny, Lucas was talking some trash too, no big deal. It's a rivalry for a reason, we don't like each other.


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Morris did this in E Lansing too. he needs to just be happy and not make it about himself. he had 'bad' games in both and players who were 2x better (Hardaway, Morgan) didn't find themselves in these problems.

Lucas is notorious for jawing but Morris needs to just shut up.


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but when players like Lucas and Roe, who talk trash ALL THE TIME, are giving u shit the entire game, and you beat them, they can take their medicine...while the language might have been a little course, I LOVED some fire, some attitude, somthing M basketball has been sorely missing....


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throughout this year we've had a roster of players who basically have smiled, joked, slapped hands and enjoyed every second of being out there as a team and we've had one guy who's consistently run his mouth before, during and after games while taking horrible shots and sloppy play when the ball wasn't in front of him? he's a younger manny harris and i don't think i'm entirely wrong to be worried about that exact comparison. i liked harris but he hurt the team bc of the importance he had in his own mind.


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and got lambasted for it. he was 2/10 before that Izzo-hated layup. he forced a lot of plays where the shot clock was low and he dumped it off on someone else to throw up. several plays where point went to hardaway, he just walked off to the arc and stood there. he does this consistently. when he didn't like a non-call, he stands there 'in disbelief' while the play rolls on. 

i'm coming off even more 'hater' because i have to defend my point but the fact is, in my opinion, he plays too selfishly and he seems to have an about me attitude. this is reflected by the gameplay i feel is there to back it up and the run-ins with beilein (several) and other players. that's it.


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So the guy with astronomical ASSIST numbers is too selfish?

And the guy with one of the best offensive efficiency ratings for a point guard (as a sophomore) in the B1G takes bad shots?


OK... got it.  Maybe the reason you keep having to defend your point is that it is poorly conceived.


Please read this


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i've never tried to claim this opinion to be fact. further, i've avoided any sort of shittiness to people who disagree, unlike the reactions i get. my point is his numbers are great because he is a GOOD PLAYER. i've never said he wasn't. he lapses consistently to himself and not kicking the ball out to start over. UM has had insane shooting from outside the arc - he tends to not have anywhere to go and pushes to make something out of nothing. i think he had a very solid game against Indiana... perhaps because he didn't have to do "too much." with game tape i can easily find 5-6 shots where it was a very bad idea to shoot. add in the 4-5 times where he forced someone to take a shot they didn't want to/weren't able to set and fire for... there's 10 times a game where i don't like where his head is. cut that in half and you get a player who i don't think isn't forcing things out of their own selfishness. that's all. he's been able to pull off big numbers and michigan wins bc his skill is uncanny. however, using that skill with a team-mentality... this team could be better than Illinois... top 3 in Big Ten easily next year.


March 5th, 2011 at 8:30 PM ^

Throughout the year, we had a team full of people who couldn't create their own shots and needed someone to open up the floor for them.  Without Darius, we're not in the spot.  So while you're pointing out all this kid's negatives, remember that his positives have far outweighed them.