Transfers to/from Michigan

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I've always had this question in the back of my mind, and I'm sure this board has all the answers.

I always hear about players that transfer FROM Michigan to other schools for whatever reason. However, how often do we get players to transfer TO Michigan? If every other college is able to draw kids mid-career, we should be able to as well, right? I'm just thinking about Brian's post and there being no up-side to Smith leaving. No experienced talent at the position(s) that he would be playing. So I was thinking, why not bring an experienced, talented player from outside the program?




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just go out and bring in an experienced player from another program. The staff doesn't waste time touring the country, trying to poach players from other universities. And even if we could land a solid transfer, he would have to sit out a year as NCAA rules dictate. What coaches try to do to get a "quick fix" is bring in JUCO players but this has been discussed before. Not only is it difficult to get the credits to transfer, we don't appear to attract many. Let's just wait and see how the rest of the recruiting season plays out before we panic.


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Luval Lucas Perry transferred from Arizona (I think). But, the analogy still works for football b/c often you have players transferring from a stronger program to a weaker program (and there aren't too many stronger football programs than M).


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also had his one-year delay waived because of the circumstances of his transfer (Arizona coach scandal of some sort).... his family had to petition the NCAA. Being able to come in and play right away is not a common occurrence. I'm pretty sure Mallett had to wait a year when he transferred (whose family also petitioned).


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LLP transferred after only being in for 1 semester at Arizona. He actually did have to sit out one year - the last half of our 10-21 season and the first semester of last year. He wasn't eligible until after the first semester ended, which is why his first game wasn't until we played Oakland U. at the Palace and he started raining threes.


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I've always heard that U of M makes it fairly difficult for transfer students to get in, and one of my good friends was a fairly talented JUCO player who wanted to play for U of M, and he said they politely suggested he go somewhere else because even though he had D1 talent, they don't take JUCO players. I think the only JUCO player we've had the last decade or so was Austin Panter. Granted, transferring from a JUCO is different from transferring from another major college but I've still heard it's tough.


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Seemed like a good place to insert this, so this isn't completely directed toward blueadams.

The reason most transfer to lower level schools is to avoid burning a year of eligibility. If you transfer from a NCAA school (JUCO's aren't NCAA) to a higher division, or to another school in your division, you have to sit out a year. Most players that transfer tend to be players that weren't getting playing time, and probably were redshirted already.

To transfer to another school in D1, or transfer to another school in D1, they'd have to sit out a year. If they have already burnt their redshirt, that's a year of competition they lose. Instead, most players transfer to a lower level where they will play immediately.


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Can you tranfer from a D1AA school to a D1 school without burning a year? I always thought that Armanti Edwards should have tranferred from Appalachian State to Michigan before the 2008 season (after torching them in 2007).

He would have had two years of eligibility left and there aren't many QB's in the country more qualified to RR's offense. He's a little on the small size, but not really smaller than TF. I always thought that he would have been a great interim fit for the offense.


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I remember Threet transferred from Georgia Tech, but that's about the only recent football player I can think of that transferred in that I can think of... And he transferred back out a year later.


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I think Goodwin was a Michigan recruit from the beginning. Anybody have any insight? He's from South Carolina, so I have a hard time believing he'd commit to Miami (OH) and then transfer to Michigan. Usually people transfer a) to a smaller school and/or b) closer to home.


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"Began career at Ohio University before transferring to Michigan in 1998…Started 20 of 29 career games…Played four positions (center, right guard, left guard and right tackle) for the Wolverines…All-Big 10 as a senior…Sat out 1998 under NCAA transfer rules…Started every game at right guard as a freshman at Ohio."…