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FanHouse at has this to say about Terrelle Pryor going to Michigan instead of Ohio State:

Ohio State lost. Perhaps it's finally time to admit that he is not a Heisman Trophy candidate. And that he, Michigan, and even the Buckeyes might all be in a better place were he wearing maize and blue.…

Thanks, but No Thanks.  I think we're all quite happy with the way things turned out with Denard.  The Dude is PURE MICHIGAN!!



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Obviously that's easy to say after the fact, but we might have BOTH Pryor AND Robinson. Remember that the only other school that recruited Robinson as a QB was Kansas State. Don't forget Pryor would have been great in both 2008 and 2009 (enabling Robinson to redshirt).


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Vince Young left after his junior year and like Prior, had a break out rose bowl game his sophmore year (against Michigan). He then turned that Rose Bowl into a great junior year and won the National Championship against USC. I am not sure, but I think Young played pretty well his sophmore year as well.


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Year Passing   Rushing
Comp Att Yards TDs Int   Att Yds Avg TD
2003 84 143 1,155 6 7   135 998 7.4 11
2004 148 250 1,849 12 11   167 1,079 6.5 14
2005 212 325 3,036 26 10   155 1,050 6.8 12
Totals 444 718 6,040 44 28   457 3,127 6.8 37

Keep in mind, VY redshirted.  So his 3rd year in the system wasn't really all that special (RS Soph)


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Oops, junior year.  My comment was a little sarcastic.  But up until that Rose Bowl game against us he was not very impressive.  He had a couple of good games like Pryor but nothing that would make you think he was the best player in college football, let alone the whole decade. 

The Shredder

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Seems like this always comes up when ever OSU loses. Same thing last year when they lost to Purdue. They still have a crazy record with TP as the starter and think it's a bit much to pull this out when they lose once a year.

Clarence Beeks

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Come on man, put some more thought into it than that (and give the people who have consistently said what the OP has said more credit than that).  I've watched at least part of every OSU game since Pryor has been on campus at OSU and it's blatantly obvious that OSU has "a crazy record with TP as the starter" inspite of Pryor, not because of Pryor.  The only game that it's legitmate to argue that they would have lost had Pyor not been the starter was Wisconsin in 2008.  Other than that, [insert random game managing QB] would have won all of those games, as well (yes, even the Oregon game).  It's not just something people "pull out when OSU loses; it's something an objective analysis of his actual performance reveals on a week in and week out basis.


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Fanhouse has been wrong before but this is epic wrongness.  I doubt there's even one Michigan fan that wouldn't have loved to have Prior under center the past two years. Puleeze.


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We probably would have won more those years...I mean definitely, but at what expense?

Suppose Denard doesn't see himself in TP's shadow, and doesn't come to Michigan?  Hindsight is always 20/20, but I see Denard as a delight to have as a representative of the University of Michigan.  TP?...not so much.  I think there is certainly a character differential between the two.


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Win some more games, maybe keep bowl streaks alive, beat a few more teams rather than losing 2 or 3 in a row, have a coach who has unquestioned job security, and a whole lot fewer headaches. Yeah, I think that would be nice.

Which still doesn't preclude Denard coming here. If Rich had his program up and running, Denard would have redshirted anyway, and still not been playing now. I think we can recruit with good players already here.

Phil Davison

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I don't think there's any logical football argument against Pryor at Michigan being a good thing. Assuming everything in this alternate Pryor universe parallels our reality: Denard would have been able to redshirt, giving Gardner the option to redshirt as well. TP could go pro after this year, allowing Denard a two year development period and then take over as the starter for his junior and senior years. Upon graduation you have a very-hyped quarterback in Gardner taking over. I think that progression guarantees we win at least 5 more games in the past couple years. Obviously it isn't enough to overcome everything else that went wrong, but you can't deny that triumvirate is talent built for a RR offense.

And then on the other hand, he chose OSU, so fuck 'em.


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mgoblog rule:  must have a thread about "What if Pryor came to Michigan" after every poor TP game.  Must ignore TP if he has a good game.

What about all of the other recruits that chose between OSU and Michigan?  I feel they're getting shafted.

What if Koger went to OSU?  Zwick went to Michigan?  Hagerup went to OSU?  So many possible posts!


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We can make fun of Pryor all we want, but he's still pretty good. And he'd be much better in our offense than he is in Tressel's. He may not be as fast as DRob, but he sure can throw a better deep ball.

Blue in Yarmouth

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I don't know what OSU game you are referring to, but I have never seen TP throw a deep ball that didn't look like a duck that had just been shot. Seriously, Denard hasn't shown the ability to consistently throw a deep ball accurately but he throws a tight spiral and can chuck it deep with velocity. TP does not.

Honestly I don't know where all this "Denard can't throw a deep ball" comes from.


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I know he's an idiot and I know he goes to OSU, but let's be rational and realize that he would've had a lot of potential in our system.  The guy is 6'6" and still ridiculously fast for his speed... it doesn't look like he's moving that quickly, but that's because his stride is so big.  People bring up his poor performances, but you have to realize that Tressel is making him throw deep far more often than Rich Rod ever would have.


I'm not saying I like the guy, but we'd be lying to ourselves to say that we wouldn't have been ecstatic if he committed here two years ago.