TOUCHDOWN RABBIT! 1992 Michigan vs Purdue in West Lafayette Some football humor

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 20 years ago during the 1992 Michigan vs Purdue football game in West Lafayette Indiana an unexpected visitor made his way onto the field during play as Grbac and the Wolverine offense began moving the ball. A rabbit trapped in the stadium made its way onto the field and became a part of college football history as it would make a run downfield into the endzone for an 110 yard dash! Lol one of my favorite highlight reels in football. Hope you enjoy and if you remember I envy you! Michigan would also win 24-17





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I was at this game and the video doesn't do it justice. The rabbit scored 3 TD's that day. Every time it scored, the crowd would cheer so loud, the damn thing would get scared and run to the other end zone. What a great first road game memory.


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had it not suffered a concussion later in its college career. It had a very impressive burst out of the scrimmage very evasive yet not afraid of contact. Sometimes going south-north to get an extra yard or two ..

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And it was hilarious. It went on for much longer than the video. First the rabbit ran towards one end zone and some people started cheering but he stopped about the ten. Then he ran towards the other end zone and by that time most of the crowd had noticed, but once again he stopped short and everyone groaned. Then he took off in the other direction and by that time the crowd was in a frenzy and when he crossed the goal line everyone went crazy


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I still refer to that Purdue game as the rabbit game.  It took place on Halloween and a horrible Purdue team scared us by playing their best game of the season.

This was also the game where Moeller wore his ugliest sweatshirt.