Totally OT - Things to do in Dubuque, IA

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I'm making the drive from Grand Rapids to Iowa this weekend to visit the Field of Dreams movie site.  Renting a convertible and taking my 6 year old daughter with me.  Along the way we are going to stop in Chicago for lunch and to go to the observation deck in Willis (Sears) tower.  I've always wanted to see if, but until 2 years ago I lived in Tampa, FL so I wasnt willing to make quite that long of a drive for it.

We should be in Dubuque, IA by 3 or 4pm on Saturday and will be visting the movie site on Sunday to see the Ghost Players emerge from the corn for a game.  Just wondering if anyone knows of anything else worth seeing in the area. 


Everyone Murders

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It's really good in Iowa.  I like mine roasted in husk or boiled out of the husk, with fresh creamery butter.

Apart from that, you could throw your hat in the ring along with the other 365+ people who have declared their candidacy for POTUS - and then do some door-to-door campaigning.

You're welcome.

The Geek

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enjoy the Mississippi River Aquarium in Dubuque. 

If it were me, I'd take the short drive into Wisconsin (Platteville) and pick up some New Glarus craft beers. "Only in Wisconsin" and very high quality.

Hope you enjoy the Field of Dreams. They've had a tough time turning a profit. Might want to ask Moonlight Graham on the Blog. :) 




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If being up high/taking in a view is what you're going for in Chicago you should consider lunch at the Signature Room, located on the 95th floor of the Hancock. They have a good buffet on weekends (I believe they always have prime rib and rotate seafood) and it's not too formal at lunchtime.



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It's not too formal for dinner either really - I think the site states "business casual" as a guideline, which is not terribly hard to achieve. Either way, not a bad place to eat when you're in Chicago at all, although we always make a homage to either Giordano's or the first Pizzeria Uno almost every time we (well, my wife) visits family. 


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On the other side of the Mississippi, Galena is a historic town that's a pretty big tourist destination. I don't remember much except seeing U.S. Grant's house, but I was pretty young.


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Galena is a nice historic town about 15 miles east of Dubuque, think main street Mackinac Island with cars, historic brick buildings, etc.  The drive in there from Chicago is nice, will be real cool in a rag-top, nice rolling hills, winding roadways, etc.  The town has lots of B&B's, some really good restaurants & bars (second part may not be so important with the 6yo in tow), shops, galleries, etc.  Fun fact: it was at one time a bigger town than Chicago during its mining heyday.

The little lady & I used to make it our midway hook-up spot when I was living in Chicago and she in Cedar Rapids. 

My only bad memory of the the place was in the fall of 2007, we were driving up on a Saturday  for a quick rendevous.  It was the opening UM game of the year against a nobody team.  I obviously couldn't get the game on the radio (pre-XMSirius days) and I don't recall the game being televised anywhere in Illinois, so decided to skip the game, as a win was sure to be a lock.  Imagine the shock at learning of The Horror once I arrived in Galena and was able to plop down in front of Gameday.  Ruined my entire weekend.  Today however, I think I'm better off for not having any of that game burned into my memory.

Other than that, to your original question, I have no idea what to do in Dubuque.

Michigan Eaglet

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Fun Fact: Former Michigan Basketball coach Johnny Orr lived in that same town in Iowa for ahwile and started his coaching career there as the head coach of Dubuque Senior High. So it wasn't completely OT after all. Michigan has a connection everywhere you go.


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It's pretty much how you'd imagine it being having seen it in the movie. The field was a little unkempt at the time I was there, but an anniversary for the movie recently has probably fixed that.

Only other thing we did while we were in that area of the country was visit the John Deere factory museum's.. Which was fairly cool if you're into that sort of thing.


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Up the river about 30 minutes you can check out the Effigy Mounds National Park outside of Marquette/MacGregor or the Villa Louis in Prairie du Chien, WI. My grandparents are from both towns and as a kid they would always take us to those places. Very pretty and fun for kids (while being informative).

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...played soccer at Loras! You should mos def check-out Paul's--it just might be the greatest dive bar I've ever been to (12,000-ish times).


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My girlfriend is from Dyersville (actual city Field of Dreams is in) and it's a typical rural town. Dubuque was a nice city too. Enjoyed walking along the river.


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Hey guys, I knw it's a little off topic, but since this is A MICHIGAN ATHLETICS BLOG, does anyone know any good nightclubs in Dubrovnic?  I'm going there in a few weeks and I thought you might have some advice!  Thanks.


For FUCK'S SAKE.  MGoBlog is NOT the entirety of the internet.  Use yelp or something.  I'm starting to think people are trying to one-up each other by creating the least relevant and interesting topics possible.  

What's next?  Car advice?  Home improvement suggestions?  Relationship advice?  


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Damn bro, mad much?

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Wolverine In Iowa

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Just to clarify for the uninformed, one can get good sweet corn pretty much anywhere.  Iowa is known (and rightfully so, being the biggest field corn and soybean producer in the US) for its fertile soil, but sweet corn is grown in people's gardens.




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Doo-boo-k as I like to call it isn't like Iowa I knew driving through Iowa on my way to Colorado. There are actual hills and bluffs with great views of the Mississippi River. The museum is nice and there used to be what they called the elevator fir a ride up a bluff. Galena is a better spot to eat, wander around, look at shops, etc.