Total Yards: Denard v. BCS Teams

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Great post about Denard from the status people at ESPN.  I especially loved the inset table.



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Nice article, though if Denard gets anywhere close to 2,000 yards rushing he is going to be doing it with his arms and legs falling off.  Now, if he can keep the 0 INTs and fumbles going for a bit longer, that is a record I would be happy to see. 

That table is great, though - Florida is struggling to move the ball against some of the easiest opponents they will see, and mighty USC has floundered as well. 


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Thanks for the recap and your insightful....oh wait...


Denard has outgained...

11 Wisconsin 878
21 West Virginia 869
18 USC 853
6 Texas 758
17 Miami (FL) 757
14 Utah 743
15 LSU 705
22 Penn State 654
10 Florida 635

Enjoy Life

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Hopefully we will get up by 21 or more early in the next two games and DR will be sitting and watching Tate and Devin. DR can use the rest even though the stats will go down and Tate and Devin can use the reps.


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I don't expect him to keep up with such ridiculous stats come the Big Ten portion of our schedule, but I don't think a 2,000/2,000 year is out of the question. I don't think I've ever been more excited for every single game than I am this year.

I would love to get a glimpse at our future competitions' practices just to see how they are preparing. I mean, are they just having someone drive a football-carrying-rocket-powered-motorcycle as the scout team's quarterback?


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That is one absoultely incredible stat.  The amazing thing about it is the fact that he did it against two very solid BCS football teams.  I imagine if he played the whole game against UConn he would put up 700+ yards.  Absoultely unreal!