Torrian Wilson commits to Louisville

Submitted by anthem_1 on January 17th, 2010 at 6:58 PM

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Sunday, according to sources, Charlie Strong landed another huge commitment from Torrian Wilson, a 6'4, 310-pound offensive lineman from Miami Northwestern.

was michigan still in pursuit? or did we focus on other people for the final spots in '10 class? any insight from tomVH? did we already know this and i am going to get neg-banged to hell?

so many questions.



January 17th, 2010 at 8:45 PM ^

And in my opinion, Wilson made a bad choice. In Kentucky, football is just an irrelevant time-killer between the end of thoroughbred season and the start of basketball. The only football game that matters to anyone in Kentucky is the Louisville-UK game at the start of the year. The reason they play it at the beginning of the year is because once basketball PRACTICE starts, nobody gives a shit about football anymore.


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Just b/c a recruit commits somewhere else, does not mean that the coaches "cooled" on him. RR knows that we need linemen. Even with his injury, name one O-linemen that we're in on that's better. This response that every time a recruit commits somewhere else other than Michigan, it's only b/c we didn't want them or that we cooled on them is getting a little ridiculous. It may be the case but absolutely nobody here knows. I've read the boards the last several weeks. I know that's what some people have said of Torrian. But that was all speculation and none of it can be backed up with any quotes from RR and staff or Torrian himself. Torrian has two teammates that are going to Louisville. There's a very legit possibility that they had a lot to do with the decision. Yes, he was very interested AT ONE POINT, but that sort of thing changes all of the time in college recruiting. I, personnally, would have loved to have this kid and regret that we didn't get him.


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We're in on quite a few really good OL's in next year's class. The need is not immediate at offensive line, so if we can fill that spot with someone else at a higher need, and pick up some good linemen next year, I think the coaches would prefer that route.

I'm sure his choice has a lot to do with his teammates, but yes this is a case where we would prefer to use the few spots remaining with other recruits.


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Willie Beavers, Christian Westerman, Anthony Zettel, Bryan Bell, Brandon Jackson, Chris Boles, Jalen Schlachter, Tony Springman, Brad Carrico, Kevin Riehner.

The McAvoy twins, Kyle and Luke, who are Tim's brothers, Tarik Cook, Dillon Jordan.

Most of which were at junior day today.


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Always wish a kid the best of luck, but I don't think he made a great decision from a football vantage point. Playing on the line at U-M, Alabama, or UCLA would seemingly be a better path to the NFL. More importantly, I don't think he made the best decision academically. Getting a degree from Michigan or Stanford would probably open up more doors than going to Louisville. I hope he factored that into his decision.