That Torg guy handing out popcorn for the 3:00 show.

Submitted by WalterMitty on June 10th, 2011 at 1:40 PM

That Torg character who was hinting at big news today has been tweeting. He says, a) he isn't breaking the news, just relaying who will be and what. And b) the news won't make buckeye fans jump off a bridge yet, but will make them pick out their clothes for the event..We need our Columbus MGoCorrespondents to hop on 97.1 at 3:00.

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I'll be listening on my computer from my office which is only about a mile away from campus.  If I hear a loud groan and a clap of thunder I might just pack my stuff up and head home to sit on my patio and watch people of Columbus run into traffic.


June 10th, 2011 at 1:50 PM ^

He's probably just going to say that SI is coming out with another article on OSU in a couple of weeks, which has been the rumor.


June 10th, 2011 at 2:56 PM ^

Dohrmann said on the Dan Patrick Show last week that he had "more."  It's not a rumor; it's just a matter of when he gets the article finished.  Dohrmann was interviewed on a podcast by Gregg Doyle and a cohort, and said that every investigative article he does for SI has to go through multiple "fact-checkers," and that it takes a lot of time for the process to unfold.

I would be impressed if Torg actually had sources and they told him what the article was going to cover.  I'm quite tempted to click the link and listen to a bunch of idiots from Columbus for awhile, but I think I'll continue listening to my favorite "concert anniversary" show: GD/ABB 6/10/73 Washington DC.  I attended that show, and as much as I like to see and hear Brutus suffer, the best show I ever attended trumps Buckeye Schadenfreude.

Besides, the important parts will be on mgoblog in no time.


June 10th, 2011 at 2:23 PM ^

From what I hear about the Michigan radio guys, Common Man and the Torg are light years ahead of them in terms of quality radio.  These guys are genuinely funny, and are probably the best sports guys I've heard.  I actually look forward to listening to them on the ride home.

On a side note, I got to meet Gordon Gee yesterday.  I bartend on campus, and he was at our bar.  Just my cool guy moment.


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It's Charlie Bear... the big 1,000 person capacity meat market in the South Campus Gateway.  I've worked all around Columbus, though.  Charlie Bear, Lucky's, Skye Bar, Frog Bear, Old Bag of Nails. 

Gordon Gee only made a promo appearance, and he was out of there quickly.  A lot of co-workers got pictures with him, but my spot in the bar gets busy quickly, so I had no such luck.  I'm done at Charlie Bear for at least the summer though, as it clears out for the next few months.  I may or may not be back next year, as I have a wife and an 18 month old, and gotta start growing up sooner or later.


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Tuesday night at Too's for $1 everything.  Liquid dope night wednesday night.  Pitchers at the Stube Thursday night.  Friday and Saturday pick your poison, then 4 kegs Sunday night when it was actually kind of cool because there weren't any affliction or tapout shirts for $1 32oz mug night.  Wow, I miss college.

However, the greatest happy hour I have ever been a part of occured at the old B Hamptons, I believe is was 2-9pm $1 everything.


June 10th, 2011 at 3:31 PM ^

Yeah, it's at the old Skye Bar.  I was a manager at Skye Bar for a long time.  Odds are, we've met many times if you came in at 8pm.  I was literally always there when it was Skye.  The people who own it now are the same people who own B. Hamptons.  They had a club in Columbus called Charlie Bear's Land of Dance in the early 70s.  This is the second iteration.  Charlie Bear has been pretty busy from the start.  I got involved through a girl who used to bartend for me.

If you paid by card at the old Skye Bar, I'd probably recognize your name.  If you paid cash, though, I most likely wouldn't...


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That's a brilliant line. Basically saying, this news won't be the straw that breaks OSU's back and makes the fans want to kill themselves, but it will drive them to start preparing for it. It will make the death of OSU such an imminent reality, the fans will start planning what they're going to wear when they jump.


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Ok. Ok. I knew I should not have posted. Just forget it.. I'm just trying to tell you that that Torg radio guy is supposed to be dropping something pretty tasty today at 3:00.


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It's not like a member of the media would ever over-hype a story just to gain viewership/readership/listenership... would they?

J. Lichty

June 10th, 2011 at 2:01 PM ^

I offered my condolences.

The NCAA is not going to do anything more than maybe a three year ban and five years of probation.  No big deal.  That wont hurt us at all. 

Auburn and Oregon are in the same boat and they played for the championship.

They cant take away our wins...well they can... but we still won the games and they cant take that away.

I told him I never thought things would be as bad as they turned out to be with the Fab 5, but hey keep walking on that sunny side of the street.


June 10th, 2011 at 2:07 PM ^

"I was there for that game, they can take it away but they can't make me unwatch it" line is absolute garbage. It's so funny to listen to how desperate they are to beat us, even still. It's like saying "I don't care how many penalty flags they threw, that touchdown will always count in my book." Except for the buckeyes it's like saying it for every game they played under Tressel.