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It's Friday chaps and chapettes.  This marks the last weekend of freedom for me until the impending doom of mandatory holiday get togethers is over. 

MRW I realize I won't have a free Saturday until January 13:

Fortunatley there are some awesome football games on so I plan to firmly plant my keister on the coach and soak in as much as possible.

Let's BANG to surviving extended family gatherings with weirdo people you don't care about.



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This week is my 10th anniversary of being an active member of MGoBlog.

I found out about this site from the original M-Zone, a very entertaining site in its prime.

I started lurking here in 2005 "The Year of Infinite Pain" (little did we know).  I became active on MGoBlog in December 2007 for the post-Lloyd coaching search.

What a long strange Haloscan trip it's been.



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Those "Joined:" dates that you see are only when MGoBlog on Drupal started in July 2008. 

None of the join dates from MGoBlog on Haloscan migrated over.

Anybody who was on here from the Haloscan days joined MGoBlog before July 2008.

noob mistake!





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I'd like to pour one out for all my haloscan homies whose names I've long since forgotten...

Tight knit group back then. I think, anyway. Of course you could steal anyone's name you wanted, so I'm sure there were nights I had deep conversations with a "whole group" that was actually 1 psycho with 6 tabs running, but, I guess that's probably no different than now.


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Me when I try to determine who I should be rooting for this weekend in the B1G Championship Game.

I'm sure the answer will get clearer after a couple of bourbons...or maybe not, but I'll probably be feeling OK.

Happy Friday to all.


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that I'm in the minority here, but as much as I hate OSU, I admire Urban Meyer as a football coach. I've met him, he's an awesome guy, very funny..probably the only person in The Shoe that thought it was great that I wore a HAIL t-shirt to the Game. I also think he's a better coach than Saban...because Saban couldn't win until he got to a power program where he could outrecruit everyone else, while Meyer won at Toledo and Utah. That's like winning at San Diego St and Stanford...I mean...who does that??  But I digress...I have rooted for OSU in the past...I actually wanted them to beat Bama in that National Championship game. I deemed them the lesser of 2 evils. I also wanted them to beat PSU this year. I think a couple years back Michigan needed them to beat MSU...and I rooted for them then. I did shower immediately afetrwards, but I did what had to be done.

The Maizer

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I don't get this. You can respect OSU and Meyer and still want them to fail when their success hurts Michigan's chances at success. It seems like you're happy to see OSU widen the gap against Michigan just because you met their coach and he wasn't an ass or because he's been successful previously. Rooting for them when their win positively affects Michigan is fine and great, but when it makes our program look worse in comparison and on the recruiting trail? No thank you.


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"widening the gap" with particular wins.  IS there any actual recruiting evidence that OSU's success means fewer kids to M?  Meaning kids that pick OSU because they've won in the rivalry recently? I don't know if I've seen a quote from a kid saying he picked Columbus because they've won the last 4 or 5 meetings in the rivalry.  Especially since most of their recruits come from outside of B1G country and had no emotional connection to either school before they committed.  I don't believe kids (as a whole) are quite as superficial, otherwise plenty of schools wouldn't be getting recruits over other schools.  

I'd actually even argue that the better OSU looks to the national audience, the better it is for the conference. The B1G being "slow and unable to compete with the SEC" narrative started because they got smoked on a national stage. I think this goes back to the question that has been posed here for years...do you want OSU to go 0-12, or 11-1 losing to Michigan every year?

The Maizer

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I'm usually all for hard evidence, but I think hand-waving works fine here. In OSU vs. Michigan head-to-head recruiting battles, you have to believe that it matters when one program hasn't won the conference within memory of the recruits and the other is winning championships in the conference and nation regularly. You're arguing that Michigan's recruiting is positively benefited by OSU winning the national championship. I'd argue that even if that's true (not convinced it is), OSU's recruiting is taking a larger step forward from their success than Michigan's is, therefore there's still a net negative for us in our race against them.

Furthermore, this debate is framed in the rooting-for-Wisconsin-or-OSU question. Wisconsin winning the conference and national championships would be just as good for the B1G as OSU winning them.