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Submitted by Eli on February 11th, 2019 at 2:13 PM

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QBs I would certainly take Baker over (from that list):




QBs I MIGHT take Baker over (from that list):



I have faith that Baker will be a solid NFL QB. Much more than I originally had before this past season because I am a disciple of the Church of QBs Need to be 6'2" or Taller to be Successful in the NFL. But I think Cleveland needs to maintain their staff before I will have faith enough to draft him in any fantasy leagues. Continuity in staff is a drastically underrated factor in the success of an organization IMO.


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Logged in to reply to this comment.  First of all, Stafford does not belong on that list, not even a consideration.

Secondly, I'd take Baker over Keenum, Cousins, Newton, Ryan, Foles (and probably Wentz we'll see)...that makes Baker #10.  And yes, they'll probably be in the playoffs twice, before the Lions get there.


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The Browns are going to be fucking LETHAL in 2019.  Not only are they going to win the AFC North they are going to win at least one playoff game.  Sleep on them if you want but the "ha, ha the browns are so browns...ha, ha, ha they suck." jokes are pretty much done.

1. We have Baker Mayfield.  Best young QB outside of Mahomes by FAR and he's only going to get better.

2. We have a defense with a lot of excellent players now led by a more than competent DC with something to prove to the NFL.

3. We have the deepest RB position squad in the league

4. We have a very favorable 2019 schedule.  We play the NFC west with both difficult games (Rams, Seahawks) at home and the easy games (Cardinals, 49ers) on the road.

5. We have the most cap room of any team

6. We have 11 draft picks (most of any team in the league)

7. We have John motherfucking Dorsey.  You want the pimp hand?  This dude is the OG.  Evidence this Hunt signing.

8. We have the same, very effective offense, coming back for the first time in forever.  Yet to be seen how Freddie Kitchens will fare as an HC but he did fantastic as an OC

Super Bowl.....SUPER BROWNS!!!!   Yeah.


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I definitely think the Browns have a great future, but #1 is iffy.


Best young QB by far?  What about Jared Goff....  I would also say that Baker is not clearly better than Wentz, Watson, or Trubisky.  An argument could even be made for Dak, although I do think he's a step down. 


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Here's a comparison of Cousins 2015 year (the better of his 2 under McVay) to his 2018 year in Minnesota

2015: 69.8%, 4166 yards, 29 TDs, 11 INTs, 7.7 yards/attempt, 101.6 rating

2018: 70.1%, 4298 yards, 30 TDs, 10 INTs, 7.1 yards/attempt, 99.7 rating

Basically the same.  He averaged 7.6 yards/attempt last year when he was still in the Washington offense minus McVay.  


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Respectfully disagree.  I watched every Browns game this year (I'm a season ticket holder) and can tell you he's way, way better than any of the guys you listed.

1. Much, much stronger arm than Watson or Trubisky.  Neither of them throw the ball even close to how hard Baker does.

2. Much better decision-maker than Goff.  Goff isnt even allowed to audible because he struggles in pre-snap reads.  Baker can not only audible he gets the ball out insanely fast and always to the right receiver.

3. Is more durable than Wentz.  Baker, despite being compared to Johnny Football HATES to run and will slide around in the pocket looking for guys to get open.  He only runs as a last resort and he always either runs out of bounds or slides, unlike Wentz.

4. Dak isnt even close to Baker in anything.  I mean not even in the same discussion.

I honestly dont think the Browns would trade him for anyone - INCLUDING Mahomes - because when you couple his skill-set with his "major chip on his shoulder" persona the guy is perfect for leading a franchise out of the dirt.

And he is.


February 12th, 2019 at 4:00 PM ^

Baker vs Watson:  Baker has thrown 3 less INTs in 223 less pass attempts.  Watson has a higher completion %, higher yards/attempt, higher air yards/attempt, a higher TD%, higher QBR in each of his seasons, higher passer rating in both seasons.  Also 820 yards rushing at 6.1 ypc and 7 tds.  Baker has 131 yards at 3.4 ypc and 0 tds. Watson is also 153 days younger.


Baker vs Trubisky:  Numbers this past year are very similar.  Baker had 3 more TDs and 2 more INTs.  Baker had the advantage in yards.  Trubisky had the advantage in completion %.  Trubisky had the advantage in passer rating and QBR.  Trubisky also provides a lot more in the run game than Baker, with 421 yards and 5 TDs at 6.2 ypc this past year.  Trubisky is 237 days older. I would take Baker, but not BY FAR, like you initially mentioned.


Baker vs Goff:  Even including his terrible rookie year (when he was 1.5 years younger than Baker this year) he has a career INT% of 2.1 compared to 2.9 for Baker.  So Goff is a bit better at finding the right receiver... Goff has the edge in basically every category and is only 185 days older than Baker. 


Baker vs Wentz:  Stats are no comparison at all, Wentz is better across the board.  He may seem fragile so far, but it's early.  Plenty of people were saying the same thing about Stafford early on.  Wentz is quite a bit older though, over 2 years.  


Baker vs Dak: Dak brings a lot more in the run game.  All 3 of his years have been a higher QBR than Baker's year.  Dak is much better at avoiding mistakes, INT% is way lower.  Admittedly, Baker is better than Dak at most things.  


Baker vs Mahomes:  Mahomes is better in every single phase of the game and is 156 days younger.  Higher Completion %, 23 more TDs, 2 less INTs, 1373 more yards, higher passer rating, higher QBR, higher yards/attempt, higher air yards/attempt, more than double the rush yards, and he's even a better improviser, which is Baker's most unique strength.  

If Dorsey turned down a Mahomes for Baker trade, he would be fired instantly and be the laughing stock of all of sports.  


Personally, I would take Mahomes, Goff, Watson, and then Baker.  Watson and Baker are close to me.  Wentz would be higher than both if it wasn't for his age.  


Obviously stats do not tell the full story, but I think it is insane to say Baker is the best young QB besides Mahomes BY FAR.  


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You don't leave too much wiggle room in the "Not only are they going to win the AFC North they are going to win at least one playoff game" sentence.


Care to a lemon if this declaration does not come true?


Mind you, I am not disagreeing that they might do these things.  But if you make a no-doubt statement of a sports prediction, you may as well own it if you are wrong.


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Based on your usual  stance with Michigan I find this post fascinating.   I've looked 3 times for a "/s" all over the post but found nothing.   It's pretty serious accurate post so I could see it as being serious, but it is the Browns so I also feel this joke is pretty obvious.    


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Common now.  My "usual stance" with Michigan is simply being accurate in predicting the future which is also what I'm doing with the Browns.

Go back (if you're really, really bored) and look at my game predictions this year.  The ONLY game I got wrong was OSU and that's because I thought we'd win, not lose.

Predicted losses: ND, Florida

Predicted wins: All other games

And the only other thing I got really wrong this past year was predicting Shea wouldnt be granted immediate eligibility and even on that one now I'm feeling somewhat vindicated given it took the NCAA over three months to decide in our favor and it took them less than 10 days to decide in favor of Ohio State.  


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Lmao I can’t wait to pound the under in total wins in Vegas this summer on the browns .  All this typing up of this joke of a franchise will make it destined to underachieve .  They may look fine on paper but it’ll take decades to ever get the stank out of the browns and their joke of a franchise 


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It was two drafts ago, and those guys would now be rounding into shape and be nice players that are still under control by the team.  

They'll be fine this year.  But this absolutely feels like an 8-8/9-7 team that people are excited about because they played like it to end the year instead of the dumpster fire they were for long stretches of the past decade.  I'm a Lions fan; I know all too well the siren song of looking competent.  Making that next leap is the hard one.

Perkis-Size Me

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The Browns have a great future ahead of them if they don't royally screw this up. But history suggests they have a chance of doing just that. Not saying they will, but don't act like it can't happen. 

I imagine you're a Browns fan. You have every reason to be excited, but I'd pump the breaks on Baker being "the best young QB in the league outside of Mahomes." Discounting Jared Goff and Carson Wentz, both of whom helped pave the way for their teams to make the Super Bowl, is foolish. Carson Wentz would've won the MVP last year if he didn't tear his ACL, and Goff, while fading down the stretch this year, still took his team to the Super Bowl. If Baker goes and wins a few playoff games next season, we'll talk. Until then, I'd place Wentz, Mahomes, Goff, and also Watson ahead of Mayfield. All of them have playoff experience. 



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Assuming your post  is sarcastic, but it appears like it isn’t.

1. The running back position is worthless in the NFL, which makes this signing even more puzzling. The locker room issues/media circus alone makes the signing a net negative move for the team.

2. Baker is a good leader but his lack of arm strength is going to lead to a lack of progression. There are also numerous young qbs that are better than him (Watson, mahomes, Jimmy G., etc) and you have a group of 30ish year old qbs that he will never surpass.

3. Basing schedule strength based on previous year outcomes/results is pretty meaningless in the NFL.

4. Dorsey is fucking bitch-I was on board with the Browns until this fucking disgraceful signing. This is the type of shit that makes me not want to watch or support the NFL.



February 12th, 2019 at 12:41 AM ^

The running back position is far from worthless in the NFL. What the hell are you talking about? 

If it was worthless why is Saquon Barkley going #2 overall?


Dumbest comment of the day.


RB isn't worthless, the old straight line power RB is worthless. If you can catch, block and be patient in the have a TON of value in the NFL. Look at Barkley or Zeke or Gurley when healthy.

The Adrian Peterson types aren't as valuable but the RB position has evolved. Hell they're talking about 2-3 backs going in the top half of the 1st round THIS year and one didn't even start.


February 12th, 2019 at 12:35 AM ^

Baker Mayfield is not by FAR the 2nd best young QB.

Stop with that bullshit.

He's right there with the rest of them, there is nothing that separates him except hype. 

I love the kid, love his energy and I think he's a leader. But stop overeating him just cause he plays for your Browns.

You sound like 49ers fans going into the year. 


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Prediction: At least one poster below will argue that not only should Hunt never play in the NFL again, but he should quite possibly also be executed for hitting a woman. Meanwhile, someone else will argue that the woman clearly had it coming to her, give that she had a sexy dress on, it was after midnight, and she almost certainly used a racial slur. 

Me, I'm somewhere in the middle... 


February 11th, 2019 at 2:30 PM ^

I "liked" what he had to say in his interviews after he was let go. Seemed like he took responsibility for his actions and thought the Chiefs were completely justified in what they did. Alot better than other people that get caught doing something wrong. 

My reaction to this is dependent on how Cleveland is going to ensure the safety of women while he is on their team. Does he have a curfew on certain days? Does he have to have a team chauffeur when he goes out on the town? Does he have to take some anger management classes? Women's studies classes? Does he have to check in with someone? These may sound childish, but when you act like a child - ie hit a woman that is harassing you - you may have to be treated with child like consequences. Idk what kind of diversionary programs the NFL or Browns can offer, but there should be something. 


February 11th, 2019 at 2:42 PM ^

Not sure I like this precedent.  He already got punished and I am sure has had to deal with plenty of diversionary programs, why, exactly, would the Browns be piling on with the rest of the stuff you are advocating.  

How about he never be allowed to be around a woman again.  Female relatives, he can maybe apply for a waiver.  Does that seem fair?  

McLeft Shark

February 11th, 2019 at 2:51 PM ^

Yeah the precedent should be much, much more than what was already stated.  If by "never be allowed around this women again" you mean "restraining order" then I'm sure that's already being discussed and addressed...through the law.  


But your acting as if this guys problem just needs a one off class to deal with his problems.  His issues are toxic.  Both stemming from the people he surrounds himself with to much, much deeper issues within himself.  Otherwise why would he act the way he does?

The Browns and the NFL can't do enough classes, education, BS whatever you want to call it to draw attention to this guy and make sure he is put on notice and never, ever does something like this again.   So "punishment served" after being released and a 3 month hiatus from the NFL isn't going to cut it.