Top Unsigned Players on 247

Submitted by umhero on December 20th, 2018 at 12:03 AM

I am very happy with our class. However, these are the remaining unsigned recruits in the 247 Top 250. If anyone has some leftover snake oil feel free to drop it at Schembechler Hall. We might be able to add some sprinkles to the sundae.




December 20th, 2018 at 8:23 AM ^

I'm a little surprised more people aren't worried about running back. We have two upperclassmen who have played a lot (Evans, Wilson), and the guys behind them are totally unproven (Turner) or have bounced around from position to position (Barrett, Haskins), indicating they're not lighting the world on fire at any one spot. Obviously, Charbonnet is a big get, but of the guys actually listed as running back on the official roster right now, we'll only have these guys in 2019:


History suggests three of those guys will get a big chunk of playing time, leaving room for just one injury/transfer/redshirt/whatever.


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Running back success is at least like 70% offensive line and it’s a position young guys can step in relatively effectively with true freshman finding success around the country. Maybe it’s not ideal depth but having a good 1-2 punch which we seemingly would have next year is enough.

dt depth on the other hand is minimum two guys and young guys that aren’t top 10 recruits generally really struggle. Same with offensive line where you need at least 6 good guys every year to feel even moderately ok and you definitely don’t want to start someone young.

Perkis-Size Me

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Agreed. While we don't have a ton of depth at RB next year, our situation at DT is much more critical. I think a combination of Wilson/Turner will make up for Higdon, Evans will remain the third down back, and Charbonnet will push for time as the third RB behind Wilson/Turner. The OL should progress even further next year, as I believe four of five starters are coming back. The running game usually goes as the OL goes, so if the OL gets better, so will the run game. 

As for DT...well....we've got Dwumfour, which is great. But that other spot is wide open now that Solomon is leving, and unless Carlo Kemp slides in there, you're probably asking someone to jump into that spot who has little to no in-game experience whatsoever. Donovan Jeter is probably getting pressed into service, and Mazi Smith may have to play some too.

rob f

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I hope Harbaugh and all his top recruiters go all out for Henry T'oto'to, a high 4* OLB from California and overall #41 player.

Not only because we could (IMO) use another linebacker, but it would also meaning we'd flip a player with 100% Bama balls and flip out Saban. 



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I say we focus solely on Name of the Year candidates at this point. I see a couple potentials on that list for sure! 

Jaquaze! Enokk! Mark-Antony! Quavaris! And Bru! Come on down! 


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Bru is the real that kid most anywhere. 6'3" 215#...runs like a deer...hits like a Mac truck. He and Daxton would make a safety pair like college football has never seen. Viper, safety, WR, LB, TE...take your pick-this kid is a player!!!

After yesterday's haul, Michigan is in a position of strength to go after some of these remaining elite kids. They should seriously go after the Bru McCoys that are out there. Bru has always been a USC kid but USC and UCLA went in the toilet yesterday...take advantage of it!

And go get Harrison Hunte to be the next Hurst...he is only a 3*** but a damn good one. 


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I'm not sure why Michigan has not recruited Bell harder-am guessing there may be academic issues.

I see Warren Central won state AGAIN this year. We lived there for about 10 years-got to watch them win 4 consecutive championships. I believe Jeff George's (Jeff is from WC) kid was the QB this year. They had a RB this year who would be a good candidate for a POW...though he is in a very similar mold to the POW kid coming from St. Edwards.



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There was something out there early on the in the process where Purdue was going to give him a shot to play both football and basketball and that was the reason for him being such a hard lean to them over other schools. I remember there being this thing where he wouldn’t even consider a school if they weren’t going to give him that shot to play both so that might be something that is holding him back seeing if there is a spot or team where he can go do that 


December 20th, 2018 at 11:05 AM ^

Then i hope he doesnt make it to the NFL, where they play in places like Green Bay, Chicago, New England, Seattle, Denver, minnesota, Detroit and more where it gets cold during part if not most of the season. I mean it’s one thing to be like “but they play in a dome” but its another to have to live in those areas where you walk outside and you immediately regret the choices you’ve made and have to do something at light speed so you can go back inside to warm back up. 


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Crouch is a man child he destroyed people here in Charlotte and everywhere he played... Would love to get him and oh my gosh would he be scary in our defense... Plus it's always fun to watch people from NC especially Charlotte play for the Wolverines... Please, football Gods, can QC from the QC please sign with Michigan?!?


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Highly doubt we get any of these guys.   Getting Crouch, Ford or Foskey would be a huge cherry on top of an already excellent class, but I'm not holding my breath.  I'm thinking about the scene in Blue Chips where Nick Nolte finds Shaq (a 7'3" 300 pound center who is completely off the radar) in a gym in Louisiana.   Harbaugh's probably got another recruit in reserve from an exotic country like Nigeria, Scotland, Germany or Kansas City. 

Brian Griese

December 20th, 2018 at 8:35 AM ^

Strictly from a need base, the following would be nice to go after:

  1. Crouch (duh)
  2. Sorrells
  3. Glass
  4. Elles

I'm not sure what the story is with the latter 3 and it would be nice to drop in, but in reality it's probably too late to just start 'crootin these kids if Michigan was never in the game.  


December 20th, 2018 at 10:43 AM ^

Left that spot open for crouch to come in a be another guy in the backfield but there is a lot of depth at the LB position and that could be something that he would rather avoid. There is something to the whole Tennessee thing, he could have the keys to the car essentially where as he would be one of many guys at the spot for michigan