Top Thrown Items by Coaches or players (fill it in)

Submitted by Topher on January 2nd, 2010 at 3:12 PM

Either one-time incidents or regular fixtures of coaches' personalities. Help me add to this list:

-Steve Spurrier's visor (many many times)

-Bo throwing down his clipboard in the 1990 Rose Bowl and getting a personal foul for it

-Numerous coaches have thrown hats and headsets

-Mark Sanchez throwing his mouthguard at a cement wall after losing at Oregon State in 2008

-Many players have thrown helmets

-Spartan Bob threw out all semblance of integrity with ClockGate

-Maybe the best one: Bill Lynch throwing his gum in the Michigan-Indiana game



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NCAA Rules Handbook, thrown by Lane Kiffin directly into the trash. Dantonio's copy of the Player Conduct handbook also seems to have gone missing.


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his back pocket without being noticed in 1987

Who me? Why I don't have a file. ((Arms raised))

in 1987. Earlier that season, Niekro was suspended for 10 games when umpire Steve Palermo discovered a nail file in his pocket. The video clip of Niekro reaching into his pockets, pulling out his hands, and throwing them in the air while the nail file fluttered to the ground made a lot of sports-highlight shows and is a common "blooper" clip today.

I couldn't find a video clip of it


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rob dibble once threw a ball from the mound into the outfield and hit some lady. rumor has it that she was a teacher that got free tickets on "teacher day" and that the ball broke her arm. not sure how much of the rumor is true.

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Did I overlook it? Or did this board fail to put down "Sideline down marker" as the ultmate thrown item?

Well, if nobody else mentioned it, I will; I was there to see it live. (And yes, Woody was right; the otherwise-magnificent Michigan LB Thom Darden was probably guilty of pass interference on what was at least a close call, and a pretty terrific play all the way around.)


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After retiring from football, Turley moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he set his sights on a music career. As of October, 2009, he was in the process of recording his first music CD, which he described as "power country." The disc will feature a track entitled, "Anger Management," including references to the helmet-throwing incident.



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very few people will know about this but the Falcons coach (Mike Smith) slammed his headset onto the turf during a loss to the Saints this season and it was hilarious. however when the headset, broken in half, continued to follow him around the sidelines while he stomped and screamed for 5 minutes while assistants kept moving up to him and backing off trying to pick it up... oh god, i laughed for an hour.

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