Top Ten Green Villains and (their MO) and MSU Connection

Submitted by BornInAA on December 1st, 2009 at 6:52 PM

10. Green Ivy (choking plants) Michigan State Agricultural College
9. The Riddler (puzzles) ?????
8. Sandman (shape shifting) Ex-Con
7. The Grinch (ruins holidays) Lack of New Years Bowls
6. Al Gore (carbon credits) hot air
5. The Hulk (pumped up) Tony Mandarich
4. Dr. Doom (evil plotting) hates the much smarter Dr. Reed
3. The MSU Football Team (mob beatings) The MSU Football Team
2. The Green Goblin (pumpkin bombs)Setting Things on Fire
1. The Joker (insanity) belief that they will win Big Ten 10 title - again