Top 5 UM Sports weekend ever?

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Perhaps not on par with the NCs in 89 and 97 but I actually find this weekend sweeter.  Back then there was an expectation given the consistent success of the programs.  But sugar is sweeter when you've had a mouth of salt for ten years, and let's face it, it's been rough for both fb and bb the last ten years with the Ohio and MSU streaks in fb, and the endless mediocrity in bb, only recently subsiding thanks to John Beilein.

Football is completely on the uptick thanks to Brady, Greg and Al, and basketball?  Are you kidding me?  Final 4 already? Couple that with MSU/OSU/Duke all losing this weekend, and Burke sinking a last second, come from behind miracle the likes of which we've been far too often on the receiving end of (Kordell Stewart, Evan Turner, Wisconsin Guy 1, Wisconsin Guy 2), and I put this in my top 5 UM sports weekends ever.

I will probably not go to the Final 4 games, given I've attended three UM live games this year:


Notre Dame

Indiana bb seaons finale.

I'm a bad luck charm live, but from afar things have gone just about as nicely as I could want the last two weeks.



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Best sports weekend?  Probably the best we've had in a long time. 

But the best sports DAY remains December 14, 1997 when the hockey team beat highly ranked Boston College 2-1 in overtime, the basketball team beat #1 Duke at Crisler 81-73 and Charles Woodson won the Heisman. 

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1997-98 was the best athletic season next to 1988-89.


  • Football wins National Championship, Rose Bowl, Big Ten
  • Basketball wins first Big Ten Tournament*
  • Hockey wins 2nd NCAA National Championship in 3 years
  • Softball wins Big Ten Championship
  • Men's Cross Country wins Big Ten Championship
  • Women's Swimming & Diving wins Big Ten Championship
  • Women's Track & Field wins Big Ten Indoor Championship


1989 UM GRAD

March 31st, 2013 at 8:27 PM ^ difficult for me.

You can't compare one great U of M happening to another.

Kansas vs. UTL

Today's FL win vs. Capitol One Bowl

Denard vs. Burke

Fab Five vs. Fresh Five


I have great memories of all of well as every major U of M football and basketball accomplishment since the mid '70's (was born in '67 and both parents are UM grads so it's been in my blood since I was a young lad).

Why can't we just enjoy all of them for what they are...without having to compare/contrast or decide which was "better?"

(sorry if this is too much of a "get off of my lawn" speech...but I guess I'm getting a bit tired of the "which is better" discussions...which seem to be proliferating lately)



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and you have the '89 b-ball championship.   went to seattle with best buddy and oldest brother and we had a fine time watching a double OT victory over illinois and the single OT championship game vs. seton hall (yes, i know that was a monday).   


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and i stand corrected.  it was oldest daughter's team that lost in double OT just a couple of weeks ago in the state championship.    one other tidbit about that weekend was that besides being with my oldest brother, my best buddy was with us and he was an illinois guy, born and bred.  he took the loss well and pulled for us vs. seton hall.  we got interviewed by the seattle t.v. stations while we were getting lit before the championship game at sneakers bar across from the kingdome and taking an informal survey of all patrons about who would win, how many three pointers would seton hall's ace (andrew gage from austrailia, if my failing memory serves me right), who would be MVP, etc.  


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But I am quite certain that the best weekend ever in UM sports is going to involve winning a football bowl game, the basketball team playing and winning a high-profile non-conference game/early season tournament game, and a big hockey series sweep , all on the same weekend.  It's happened more than once. 


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I just got back from the inlaws where I watched the game and I'm sorry if this is the wrong thread but it's the first one I checked..... I'M HERE FOR THE POSBANG MUTHAFUGGAS!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!


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This is an easy question for me to answer. Yes!

I was born in February of 1992 and a month later the Fab Five was making their first Final Four run. A year after, they made their second run. Obviously I have recollection of either run.

In 1997, (98 NC) I was five years old when Charles Woodson was leading that great Wolverines defense to a Big Ten and National championship. All I can really remember is my dad screaming and hollering for joy (which was also going on today) while working on some project and listening to Frank and Jim call that '98 Rose Bowl. Not having a TV until my teens, My brothers and I grew up on Frank and Jim.

In 2003 we won a Big Ten Championship...and then got clobbered by USC.

In 2004 we another one...after getting clobbered by the Buckeyes.

In '06 we lost a National Championship play in game to those stupid Buckeyes.

Last year the basketball team won a B1G Championship with help from our hated rival.

All that has been my "championship" history following my beloved Wolverines. That is why I was not rooting for an all B1G Final Four and why I was so happy watching Indiana, MSU, and OSU all lose this weekend with Michigan the last B1G team standing. I know it's not over yet and we still have work to do but this has been by far my best weekend following Michigan sports. Go Blue!


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To me the best sports weekend was April 2-4, 1998, when Michigan won the NCAA Hockey tournament, which was the same weekend as Hash Bash.  It was the end of the year, Ann Arbor was jumpin' with block parties & etc., and we were still floating on air from the 1998 Rose Bowl (and, erm, Hash Bash). 

Wolverine Historian makes a great point with the day Woodson won the Heisman, etc., and to me that weekend in April was like the capstone to a truly amazing year, one that without a doubt changed me for life (I went to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl, and there was no going back after that). 


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Holy Shits!  Need to get a copy of that '89 Crisler Dead show, for soundtrack pump-up purposes.  Been cranking Outkast since the game was over today, for geographic/cultural context, but a historical piece is needed here.


EDIT:  Holy Shits!!!!!  Is this it?…


EDIT II: According to the arcive, and some googling, the Dead played back to back April 5 and 6, 1989.  Here is the link to the first day's show, wherein they covered "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again"