Top 30 Most Important College Stadiums

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I've never heard of this website until today, but I decided to see what it had to say.

The Big House at #3?! Blasphemy. Correct 1 and 2 rankings:

1. Michigan Stadium: Because of Hail to the Victors, because of "...goodbye, hello heisman" and the pose, because of the greatest upset of all time ('69 UM-OSU), because of Wangler to Anthony Carter, because of brand new state-of-the-art renovations which in turn will make it louder, and because of The Leaders and Best.

2. Ohio Stadium: It is a historical landmark after all...but it's a toilet seat.

Notre Dame, what can I say? Your stadium is a copy of the Big House, just smaller. #1? I don't think so.



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The lost me at #15 Beaver Stadium.

Why? Because it's "Happy Valley". Because it is the largest stadium in North America, and the third largest stadium in the world.

Space Coyote

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Some of those schools out west, especially by the mountains, are absolutely beautiful.  BYU, Colorado, Air Force, Washington all have great scenery around that really add to the atmosphere and beauty of it.

The only one I don't understand why it's on there is Syracuse.  I don't like domes as it is, but I just don't get why they are where they are above some of the other SEC/Big Ten stadiums.

Also, I can't fault ND being number 1, but tOSU number 2 just kind of stings.

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It's not the biggest, it's not the best, it's not unique. 

It is nothing more than a "little brother" to the big house.  It is a perfect example of hype over substance, which is basically the motto at Northern Indiana's Parochial College: hyperbole super substantia.

They have had a few big seasons there; and a few big games.  But many, many more forgettable, overrated teams and forgettable seasons.  The stadium is just a smaller, copied version of Michigan Stadium.

Space Coyote

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But dude, you are not giving Notre Dame their due.  I love me some Michigan football, and Michigan football has a great history, but a ton of that history came before the Big House was opened.  To say Notre Dame had a few good games is not at all accurate.  They have had a ton of meaningful games there.  Michigan has had it's share too, but it's just not the same.  In Michigan, yeah, Michigan Stadium is the best.  But in America, where at one time Notre Dame, for many, was college football, it's just hard to argue against it.  This list, to me, seems like it isn't just about the stadium itself, much more is going into it, and while I think Michigan should move up a slot, arguing unpartially and without question that it should be ahead of Notre Dame just doesn't settle all that well.  I admit, when I walk into Michigan Stadium I feel like Rudy's dad does when he enters Notre Dame Stadium, but I have a feeling Notre Dame has a few more of those people than Michigan does (including any old irish guy, like my grandpa).

Now fight songs is a different matter...

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1.  Rose Bowl.  (It's the Rose Bowl.)

2.  Yale Bowl. (It is the one, true prototype for every classic that followed it, including Michigan Stadium and the little copy in South Bend.)

3.  Michigan Stadium.  (It's the Big House.)

After that, they can shuffle around the numbers any way they want; they are all sort of the same.  And in fact, the list isn't so bad but after 1-2 and 3, who cares anymore?  I can see the significance of special qualities (Syracuse's carrier dome), and places like Georgia, Clemson, etc.  One might wonder why Minnesota's new stadium might not get a mention, as being the "Camden Yards of college football."

st barth

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Good to include the significance of the Yale Bowl.  I think Harvard's stadium is another classic that is overlooked.  Funny how people love to talk up the tradition & history of college football yet they can't seem to comprehend anything that did not happen in the last thirty years.

As to the list linked to the original post, it's total schlock with loads of specious reasoning, i.e., XYZ stadium in on the list.  Why?  Because of "Death Valley"..."Roll tide"...because NBC says so.  Seriously, that's how they choose the most important college stadium, because NBC says so.  How embarrassing.

Robbie Moore

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The most important stadium in college football is the one housing the winningest team in college football history.  Now that the issue of #1 is taken care of, a few other thoughts:

Texas A&M in the top 10?  Why??  What have they done in the last 20 years?  What have they done ever except almost hire Bo Schembechler, which, of course, they failed at.

I know its got a different name now but there should be a special place for Dyche Stadium in Evanston just for the name alone.

Doesn't a field with blue turf merit a spot?


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Kyle Field is supposed to be a pretty great venue. The triple decks down the sidelines are awesome to look at, not to mention the whole "12th Man" factor (sorry Seattle Seahawks, no pro venue can ever come close to the intensity and sheer loudness of a college football one). They haven't really been relevant in a while but then again a lot of teams on that list haven't been either. 

Looking through that list, it's amazing how many great stadiums there are in college football, especially compared to the by and large soulless venues of the NFL. I'm trying to plan a road trip to a venue outside of the Big Ten this year during our bye, so I hope to be able to go to one of these stadiums.

Also, I've never really noticed but man does Washington have a funny looking stadium. Those overhangs are pretty absurd.


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I'm assuming you've been? Closest experience I've had similar to what you detailed was at the '08 PSU game. Our seats were literally shaking after one of PSU's scores in the 3rd quarter. I've been to Auburn before (in 2004 no less) and it was extremely loud, but I can't imagine what Kyle Field would be like if they were actually good. The Texas game this year sure seemed loud on TV. Kyle Field is definitely on my Top 10 list of stadiums to see at some point in my life.


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Yeah I have never been to a game where the Aggies were actually good.  The fan base cheers every game as if they were in the BCS title hunt.  They have developed quite the rivalry with Texas Tech (I think they have come to th erealization that they just don't match up to Texas - really since the Southwest Conference days.)  That is a game each year that has some serious hatred/energy.


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27. Folsom Field - Home of Colorado Buffaloes - Why? Because it is home to the best road trip in the Big 12.

literally nothing to do with the importance of the stadium

burntorange wi…

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to the CU - UT game 2 years ago.  i think colorado benefits from the rest of the road trips in the b12 just flat sucking. no one wants to go to norman, college station, lubbock, anywhere in kansas/iowa/mizzou/nebraska, stillwater, or waco. austin(if i were to be unbiased i would use this argument) is at least the state capital city. if colorado is the best road trip in the b12, why is texas ranked higher? and how are we only 18...boooo! hahaha

Sgt. Wolverine

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but the worst may be this:

"14. Autzen Stadium - Home of Oregon Ducks - Why? Because of Phil Knight."

I also find it amusing that OSU was there because of the OSU-Michigan rivalry, but the same reason didn't appear for Michigan.

In sum, that site isn't worth visiting ever again.


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They lost me with the headline.  "Top 30 Most Important" is redundant.  It should either be "Top 30 Important"  or "30 Most Important."


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Another good point to why getting Nebraska was great for our conference... A very famous stadium and great road trip.

Missou, Ruters, Pitt, etc... none would have had the good stadium.


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There was no way I was going to wade through thirty of this guy's pics to get to the top four or five, which is all that really matters to me anyway.  For those of you who dislike Bleacher Report, this is an imitation of a BR "top ten" post, but three times as bad. 

This makes me wonder: do they get credit for a click every time you change a page?  That would explain a lot of post formats and a lot of numbers.