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My girlfriend works at Vanderbilt and hates it.  Funny to see them tied with UM.  She is a grad of that school in Ohio, however, so it's quite possible that complaining is in her bloodline...


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My son and two of his classmates who attended Michigan just chose Vandy over Michigan for med school.  Both schools are terrific but very different.  Can't go wrong either way.  If you have never spent time in Nashville, it is a great city with some of the best eye candy and the friendliest people you would ever want to meet, and winters that seem tropical compared to what we get in A2.  The B1G/SEC battles have already started.


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Great to see U of M on the list.  I wonder how far down tosu hospital would rank.  My daughter was born there (3+ weeks early) and we received adequate care but it was much better at Nationwide Children's Hospital.  Anyway, congratulations to all the staff and keep up the good work. 

MI Expat NY

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What is this national facination with trying to objectively rank things that are so subjective in nature?  Hospitals, Undergraduate schools, Graduate schools, Law Firms, High Schools (?!?!), etc.  Why put so much credence in these rankings that semi-arbitrarily select criteria that can be quantified in order to create an unnecessary pecking order?  

All these are great hospitals, you'd probably be very happy going to any particular one.  You'd also probably get the same if not better care at hospitals not on this list, for instance Memorial Sloan Kettering in NY if you have cancer, or whatever hospital in Alabama Dr. James Andrews works at if you need the best orthropedic care.

The same goes for US News school ratings.  Stop caring about perceived slights.  If you got a good education and believe the best in your school, leave it at that, no matter what the "rankings" claim.


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If I break my arm, the best hospital is the closest one that can do a decent job setting it. If I have a stroke, guess what, if I hold out for Johns Hopkins I'm a dead man.

Ranking college football teams unambiguously is impossible, yet football teams are comparatively easy to rank relative to undergraduate institutions, city liveability, or hospitals (e.g., football teams actually play each other and win or lose). Last time I checked, Michigan didn't play Johns Hopkins in hospitals.

I just got a paper written up on grad school rankings (and how ridiculous those are) so it's a topic fresh in my mind.


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Michigan is the highest ranked hospital with 6 specialties or less.  That's all you gotta know as to why we aren't ranked higher.  That has to be the main needle mover.


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The guy who sits in front of us works there and gets his tickets from the hospital. He's had the same seats for 19 years. All he has to do is tell the hospital he still wants them every year and pay the money for the tickets, no donation required. That's a pretty good employer


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As someone who works very closely with hospitals and is on every floor of the hospital throughout my day, I can say that UCLA MC is very overrated.  I wouldn't even say it's a top 3 hospital in LA county.  They're very cheap as well, meaning they don't have the equipment they should have for their patients, equipment other hospitals have.

Mr. Robot

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No place you'd rather go when you're sick around here than Ann Arbor. I wonder how much our ranking will go up when the new addition opens? If the University can attract the right people when it opens, we might very well end up with one of, if not the, best children's hospital.


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I don't know about that.  I was actually disappointed in our pediatric rankings (from a link I followed in the link above).  It's going to take a lot for us to move up above other Children's hospitals, and I'd venture to say there's no way in hell we're going to be number 1, no one is passing Boston and Philly.


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Worked at UM hospital for a few summers as a temp doing clerical stuff. It truly is a really nice facility. Luckily the only time I needed to be there for medical reasons was my birth!


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I've been a patient at the U of M Hospital and was not impressed. Worst stitches ever... had to get the scar lazered due to how poorly the med school student did her job.


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hospitals are like sports cars.  You only have the opportunity to be really impressed when you push them in the red.  Need your appendix removed/garden variety procedure?  You may not see a difference comparing the University of Michigan Health Center to any average teaching hospital.  Need treatment for your exotic cancer/heart condition/etc?  Yeah, there's probably a guy or gal there that specializes in it.  When you see them in consult, they'll pull out the textbook or journal article they wrote to reassure you that even though only 1,000 people a year get this diagnosis, they see most of those people who live in the midwest.



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To be fair, MSN focuses way more on specialty potential than how you are as an all-around hospital.  Also, they keep buying into the Brigham and Women's Hospital's "Return to Glory" campaign even though we all know they haven't been a relevant hospital for 15+ years.  I prefer US News & World Report - at least they have reviewers who go to each of the hospitals and receive a representative sample of procedures, and those include eletronic timers and records, not the stopwatch and paper records you see in the South.



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Stanford is only on this list because of its name. I dealt with U-M hospital in a number of different capacities growing up in Ann Arbor, and I've dealt with Stanford Hospital a few times since I moved to the Bay Area. U-M is better by leaps and bounds. I was shocked by how mediocre the quality of care and overall experience at Stanford is compared to Michigan.


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had 3 throat surgeries for cancer at Vanderbilt, I just want to say that it is an awesome hospital.

Out of weeks spent there in my recovery I can honestly say everyone from the doctors to people who brought in the meals to housekeepers and nurses, they were all nice. 

I do medical transcription and deal with doctors and all other medical personal all the time (not at Vanderbilt) and there is no place I would rather be than Vanderbilt to get my surgery done.

If you got neck or throat problems, I highly, HIGHLY recommend Dr. James Netterville, amazing surgeon, but he is even a more amazing person.   The best bedside manners of any doctor I have ever known and I have known 100s of doctors due to my job.

Sorry to preach but Vanderbilt has a special place in my heart.