Top 10 Funniest Recruiting Stories in Past Decade

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Mike Farrell over at Rivals has a free article with the top ten most ridiculous recruiting stories of the past decade.  LINK:

The list doesn't include Jimmy Claussen's announcement with the white Hummer limo, spiked hair, and promises of 4 national championships. More importantly, it doesn't include any Michigan recruits.

As you read through the list, there is a fascinating and striking fact. Namely, you don't see a single recruit who made a flashy announcement actually pan out as a great player. These recruits got their "15 minutes of fame" and the attention they wanted. But it didn't make any of them good on the field. The reality? Many of them flamed out.

Reading through this list just points out the wisdom of Hoke, Mattison, and the rest of the coaching staff in being genuine themselves, and recruiting strong character guys who will be a good fit at Michigan. I'm reminded that when the fit is bad, good things rarely happen, regardless of the recruiting hype.

It also makes clear that much of the recruiting hoopla is ridiculous. This just feeds a monster created by college football fandom.



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I always wonder how many of these kinds of stories never see the light of day.  The book "meat market" gives us a little insight into the recruting world, but I'm still watiting for a more comprehensive look into the dark world of college footbal recruiting.


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I agree and have been thinking the same thing for a while. If someone can put together a really good, insightful book about college football recruiting I will buy it immediately.

The problem, as I see it, is that you can only write recruiting stories after the fact. No high school player is going to let you follow him around and then write about how people threw money and girls at him because it would cause major problems.


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Do you know any hockey recruiting stories? I'd imagine some pretty interesting things happen in that arena as well.

I have known several players over the years. However, the only one I'm in contact with regularly now played on the OL for Kansas, and then played semi-pro ball. Interestingly, he was recruited by Bo, and initially offered a scholarship. Bo pulled the scholarship because his grades weren't up to snuff.

I asked this guy, let's call him "Mike," about recruiting. He immediately verified the whole girls offering sexual favors, along with wining, dining, and cash, as incentives for a recruit to go to a particular school. However, I could never identify him publicly. He's got a wife and kids and this stuff happened more than 30 years ago, and is part of the ancient past. I'd also guess that oversight is a lot tighter now than it was 30 and 40 and more years ago. I can only imagine what went on from 1900 through 1970. Anyone who thinks that a lot of girls and alcohol and cash and cars didn't happen is hopelessly naive.

Probably there are a ton of people on the board who know stuff that either happened when they were recruited, or to guys they know who played. But no one wants that stuff out there in the public eye. I can only imagine what has happened at USC and Alabama and Georgia and Texas and Ohio State and on and on and on. To be honest, while some schools may have less of this go on than others, I wouldn't be surprised in the least to find out a lot of the same things happened at Michigan.


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I have many hockey recruiting stories.

In regards to Michigan, a prominent recruit told me he went on an official visit with coach Red and was getting the usual tour/recruiting pitch. Then Red said why don't we go to my office to discuss some things and when he opened the door, sitting in the room were Lloyd Carr and Bo. Bo looked him dead in the eye and said "Son, why wouldn't you want to go to Michigan?"

He said Bo was absolutely polarizing and intimidating but also very polite and engaging. He didn't end up going to Michigan but I thought that was always a cool story.


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Not gonna lie, I don't find anything odd about using that as a reason to decide where to go.  When I moved back to Ann Arbor after living in Arizona for a few years, there were 2 things that made the decision to move back more difficult than expected: the first being no longer living within a short drive to Vegas, the 2nd being a 1 hour drive to the closest Chick-fil-A...

Yep, the whole new job thing and finding a new place to live wasn't as much of a concern as my gambling prospects and delicious chicken sandwiches.  I'm indeed a shallow and easily pleased man.


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I do enjoy the occasional 2x4 animal style with fries well done, but I liked In n' Out alot better when it was a once a year thing.  Having it readily available kinda made seem less special.  Driving to Phoenix to Vegas is a straight shot on 93/I-40.  It used to be a nightmare once you hit Hoover dam, but the new bridge they put up cut 30-45 minutes or so off the drive so it wasn't so bad the last couple times I drove up.  Besides, I hate McCarran airport... a lot.


Edit: Flamebait, huh?  To whoever this extremely lewd and utterly outrageous post of mine deeply offended, I truly apologize.  I must've really struck a nerve...

His Dudeness

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In other logical leaps I think the resolution of J. Edgar Hoover and the creation of a centralized identification system for criminals in this country also shows the true genius of this coaching staff. Honorable Mention:  pinneapples, Colonel Mustard, eating vanilla zingers, picture frames and the political unrest is Guinea.


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Anyone else really weirded out by the Tennessee coaches ripping off their shirts hulk style? Feel like that would be a dealbreaker for me as a recruit

Clarence Beeks

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"As you read through the list, there is a fascinating and striking fact. Namely, you don't see a single recruit who made a flashy announcement actually pan out as a great player."

Cyrus Koundjiao is pretty good...


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Individual recruits is nothing, many times its entire top recruiting classes that bust. I posted this over the summer, but it's very telling about the importance of great coaching.

Unsurprising some of the recruits from the Forum topic made it onto this list as well.