Tony Posada to Transfer

Submitted by ciszew on August 22nd, 2011 at 3:48 PM

Rumor on a couple other boards say that one of the incoming Freshmen has left the program.


Edit:  No longer vague. 


It's Tony Posada for reals. Link [zl]



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I'm glad you I gave you guys a comment to have some fun with, but I thought we weren't supposed to speculate on current players transferring, being ineligible, having legal issues, etc.  I wasn't commenting on the validity of the source.


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He came in way out of shape and based on the recruiting rankings he knows he's not likely to see the field if this class holds up.  Still a position we don't have much depth at, again IF this rumor is true.


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General Board Question.....


Is it not permissable to post rumors about our own players but it is ok to post stuff about other team's players?  It seems like when an unsubstantiated rumor about somebody else's roster is posted it's generally considered ok and discussed but when something goes up on a Michigan kid we're not allowed to talk about it.

To me this is where the old point system was so valuable.  If the OP is right...shower him with mega points for breaking the story first.  But if he's wrong - then it's a one way ticket to Bolivia instead.  High risk vs high reward.

Haxel Rose

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People are so concerned about rising above "lol internets blog" status they seem to forget that this is indeed a message board. Leave the journalistic standards to Brian and his minions. If rumors are labeled as such and can be somehow connected to a legitimate source . . . I say go right ahead. If people go too far or are repeat offenders its nothing a little banhammer can't fix.


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we're a select group that understands what terms like 'derp' mean and know to take things with a grain of salt. allowing free posting allows casual observers to take these things as truth. further, 'mature' posters know to wait and see and, at worst, then say why they did or did not like said player. trolls/idiots will see 'insert name' left and call him a "(insert adjective) (noun) who never would have played. god i (profanity ending in 'ing usually possessing the f word in some form) hate that kid. those who stay."

and then the kid stays and/or reads it.

it's just unneccessary bullshit lending to the notion the internet has led to a sense of entitlement - that we need to know NOW, whether true or not, what someone thinks about someone. shit gets broken quite often by better sources than 'i hear on another site rumblings that...'

Haxel Rose

August 22nd, 2011 at 5:02 PM ^

I agree with some of that, and it takes us back to the OP longing for the old pos/neg-bang system. A lot of trolling can be eliminated with a good moderation system.

I'm not sure I agree with self-censoring just because a casual observer might "take these things as truth." A casual observer might look at the front page and think MGoCommunity friggin loves Freekbass.

I think it's a fine line and we just disagree on it's precise location in the proverbial sand.


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Shouldn't you change your signature line?  Granted you freed FuMan Blue back in the day but under our new points system it seems like the Bolivian threat is completely gone.  As is the possibility of another pos-bang party like the one that freed our "criminal" friend FuMan for that matter.


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The front page post by Brian himself is a summary of rumors regarding the scrimage. There have been numerous rumors/ second or third hand accounts of how player X or Y is doing. 

If we only wait for something official, we should just all read ESPN.

As long as a rumor is clearly indicated as such and the "source" is posted, it should be fair game. That's the whole point of having user generated content. If the source is just some dude, then as a mod, you should put in big bold letters that the rumor is most likely junk.


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I agree with this, especially when it comes to rumors that are easily proven true or false, like someone transferring.  If someone starts a rumor that Tony Posada has transferred and we see him on the sideline in uniform Sept 3, then no harm, no foul.  If someone starts a rumor that Troy Woolfolk blew out his ankle but someone sees him running around at practice the next day, again no harm, no foul.

The problems are when someone says "I saw player X at a party the other night and a girl I know says he raped her friend he's such an asshole."  Those are things that won't be proven one way or another and could kill someone's reputation.  If there is a police report to back it up and he gets kicked off the team, then it can be reported. 

In other words, some topics are rumor-friendly, others not so much.


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I completely agree. Also if you are going to start a rumor thread don't tip toe about it, lay it on me with every last detail you can summon up from your other message boards. It falls under the SIAP category for me. If you post it you should own it.


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this board does not post 'i know a guy who said' crap about players on other teams - it is always based upon a published report, etc.  the only stuff worth pos-bangs, as you postulate as a reward, are those things that have very significant effects on the team, are conclusively true and prove at the time of posting AND can be pushed as an exclusive. this would be recruits, injuries and CONFIRMED departures. it is not 'hey i saw this on another board, any truth to it?' - it's stuff tied to direct, credible sources.

this thread sums up my feelings (my comments, not the OP)


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It's not Chris Bryant and it's an OL who's transferring. It's not that the guy who is transferring is done with Michigan Football, it's that he's done with football altogether. As Tony Posada and Jack Miller are the only other OL recruits from last year, and Jack Miller's younger brother has been mentioned as inetersted in Michigan very recently, it looks like it is Tony Posada who is leaving. Nothing confirmed obviously, but that's what it looks like.


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There is an ESPN Insider post that says "Michigan backup QB could see some playing time."

Does anyone know what they are talking about?  Remember, information is not copyrightable, just the format that it comes in.

Yinka Double Dare

August 22nd, 2011 at 5:45 PM ^

*Puts on rosy optimism glasses*

Yep, Gardner will see some playing time early when we blast a couple of our first few opponents into Bolivian and can give Denard a lot of rest and Gardner some experience with our four touchdown lead in the fourth or late third quarter.

(Please let that be the case).


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If it is Posada, that's a tough loss but you wish the kid well.  As for whether or not this rumor should be mentioned yet, I'm on the side of publishing it provided you have a legitimate source.  Sounds like initially it was vague, but now confirmed.