Tony Posada now completely out of football

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Just a quick note:  Former Wolverine Tony Posada is completely out of football per This is really too bad. It is difficult to understand how someone can turn their back on a D1 scholarship, especially to Michigan. I guess D1 football isn't for everyone.

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The real amazing thing is how fast Hoke and Funk have turned around our offensive line depth.  The number 1 OL class in the nation will do that for you. 


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 If you pulled an offer before NSD the recruit still has the chance to sign with another team. Recruits change their mind before they sign all the time before they sign a LOI and if a recruit is not holding up their end of the bargain how is it unethical to then pull an offer? Sabans Medical scholarships are completely different , I don't see how or why someone would try to compare the two. The student is already signed with alabama for starters and when they receive their medical scholarship they can;t play college football anymore for any school.


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I don't know.  Is it ethical to say "Yes, I will gladly take a free education in exchange for playing football.  Now watch me eat these cheeseburgers"?

Scholarship offers include text that says "We'll give you a scholarship if you hold up your end of the bargain physically and academically."  Posada didn't keep himself in shape, and now Michigan wasted a scholarship on him.  Meanwhile, there's some kid playing for Indiana or MSU or Western Michigan who could be in Ann Arbor instead.


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Which of course raises (but doesn't beg) the question: Would it be better to have Indiana/WMU-level talent on the team so we can feel a little cushier about depth for a year, or would it be better to bank the scholarship to 2012 (which is what happened) and roll the dice?  If someone like Jordan Diamond fills the schollie, isn't that better than making a last-minute offer just to have a spot filled?

Mr. Yost

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I wrote a little piece on him when he committed. No disrespect to John Ferrara, but when he committed I was like "eh?" and he didn't do much. Posada was the same, I saw him 3 times at Tampla Plant.

From everything I saw with my own eyes and heard from people who knew Tony...he didn't even like football like that. He's far too laid back and doesn't have that "fire"  you expect. He was just big and football came easy to him, so he felt like he had to play football.

But I think he'll be a very successful businessman or whatever he decides to do, he's a smart guy...just didn't like football as much as the people around him did. Best of luck to the guy.


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Maybe he didn't like playing football? Kids his size are always going to be urged to play, but that doesn't mean he enjoyed it, even if he was good at it.

Playing college football takes an amazing investment of one's time and effort. Giving up football obviously comes with a lot of costs (literal costs in the form of tuition), but if he didn't like actually playing football, that's a pretty miserable way to spend 4-5 years. Hopefully this will allow him to discover something he likes to do.


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But respectfully, I am really glad he isn't riding the bench taking up a scholarship since he didn't have the desire or drive to be the best (at football that is).  Hopefully he will pursue something he will excel at.


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Football is only one part of life. Hopefully, he has done what he needs to do to have a happy and successful life off the field. I still think of him as blue and hope the best for him.


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The sad part is, if he was 340 lbs and out of shape as an 18 year old playing sports, I hate to see what he'll look like in even 5 years without a sport keeping him active for half the year.  I'm 28, and it already takes me a decent amount of work to keep from getting fat.  If he can't stay under 340 with the best motivation I can think of (D1 football scholarship), then it scares me to think how his health might look without it.   


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....that he wasn't quite willing to do what it took to maintain a D1 scholarship offer, but hopefully he can be successful in other endeavors. If he at least had the grades to get into Michigan, he almost certainly could find something he enjoys and go from  there. 

Sione's Flow

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Yeah it would have been great to have a monster his size on the O-line, but what if he did bare minimum to keep his scholarship.  We would of had a player taking up a scholarship, who may have possibly brought other guys around him down and hurt team morale in some cases.  I hope he has great success in whatever he does after football, but I also hope he sits down with his little Posadas in the future and tells them about how he could've been part of something great and encourages them to work hard.


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Why is it that our OL / D depth is so pathetic?  I wasn't following recruiting a few years ago, but were we taking 15 receivers / CBs in the RR era while just neglecting the lines?