Tony Posada Name Dropping

Submitted by richarjo on October 30th, 2010 at 3:07 PM

So, I took my parent's out for lunch here in Tampa because it's my mom's birthday, and I was wearing my Michigan hat.  I think at least 5 people came up rocking full on Michigan gear to talk to me. 
Anyhow, there was this family right behind us (hardcore southern football family).  The mother noticed my hat after a couple of people came up bashing Florida and praising Old Blue, and she told me that we have a real special one coming to Michigan next year from Plant.  Obviously, that's Posada.  She mentioned that he has had no coaching, is gigantic, and all he needs is someone to take the time to teach him the game.  She must have said "you just got a heck of a football player," at least 5 times in the space of two minutes.
Go blue!



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"Anyhow, there was this family right behind us (hardcore southern football family)......She mentioned that he has had no coaching"

Anybody want to bet that the "hardcore southern football family" who told the poster that Posada "has had no coaching" has a kid on his team that doesn't get any playing time?  That is usually the definition of poor coaching in high school for most parents.


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"Coach, Coach, Coach, Coach, can I talk to you? Ok Listen, Im not going to try to tell you how to coach, but I think if you put my boy in and shifted to a wing T formation we'd rack up wins and yards."

"So you're saying I should switch my entire offense for your kid? No."

"You don't know shit, your the worst coach ever. I've forgotten mroe about my state championship than you'll ever know"


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You have no idea how accurate you are.  I coached High School football for several years and I will never forget after a particularly ugly loss where I cleared the bench early in the fourth quarter.  I had a parent of one of my starters come up and give me an earful because I pulled my starters too early (the score was like 35-7 at the time) and no sooner was he finished with me another parent walked up and ripped me because i left the starters in too long and should've put the back-ups in sooner so they could get more playing time.  About then I realized that 99.99% of parents don't watch the game - they watch their kid - and nothing matters but his playing time.

S.G. Rice

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she told me that we have a real special one coming to Michigan next year from Plant.  Obviously, that's Posada


Darn, I was hoping she meant Wilder.


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So I worked the North Port v Riverview game last night and Dan was kicking huge again. I asked his defensive baptism during them game where he was going... He said MI.
<br>Today at the Skeet range in Sarasota County I was shooting the sporting clays and ... No shit a coach and brother of Dan was working the range. We talked because I was rocking my new MI golf shirt. I asked where Dan was headed or what he was thinking. Answer, MI right now. MI doing it the "right way". FL talking about sitting the first year etc...he doesn't like that. They expect a MI offer after the staff review some film the family just sent in.
<br>So... Maybe we will get a great kicker next year.
<br>FYI- he kicked 3 kickoffs out of the endzone on the fly last night.