Tony Posada Jumps up the rankings on Scout

Submitted by MgoViper on October 20th, 2010 at 2:14 AM

Tony Posada is on the rise, looks like another stellar find.  Just a week or so ago Tony was ranked as the 64th ranked OT per Scouts. He is now listed as the 40th ranked OT. It's nice to see another U of M commit getting some love from Scout. Just proves that RR and staff know talent when they see it. Go Blue!



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His SAT score was only 1020?  Out of 2400?  That should be counted against him!


Seriously: I love that he's getting love.  However, BWC was a 5*.  I like the rankings, but this is that "grain of salt"


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Sliding scale is the answer. They only look at Math & Verbal scores though, not the writing. As a midline point of reference...if you have a 2.75 GPA you'd need a 720 on those two sections of the SAT. Full link here:

EDIT: Just saw the article says he has a 3.3 GPA meaning he'd need a 500 on Math & Verbal. Don't know if the 1020 is strictly Math & Verbal or not. Either way, he'd be fine it seems.


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Don't read too much into the timing, Scout doesn't update those rankings that often.  I'm sure Scount had decided to move him up before he missed his games, and this is when they reshuffled. 

It's more that he moved up despite missing 2 games, not because of it.


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I know OL guys are often huge projects in their transition from HS to College.  But in the 2 games that I watched where Plant was playing, I wasn't too impressed with Tony as a Tackle.  I agree that Guard will be a better position for him down the road.

I also find it interesting that Posada has jumped up in the rankings considering he's been hurt for the past month or so.  I think the jump has a lot to do with his commitment to UM.  This happens sometimes with recruiting services but doesn't make much sense.

Still excited to get Tony in here and build him up into a massive Guard.

Blue Blue Blue

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Who are our recent 5 stars?  Kevin Grady, Booobie Cisokko, Will Campbell?


My take from the "Hello Tony Posada" piece here was that he is not remotely in Barwis shape, and is most certainly a redshirt prospect.  NIce to see him getting some love.