Tony Gibson promoted to WVU DC (?)

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Blue Gold Sports (and a couple other sites) say so:

Sources close to confirm that WVU safeties coach, Tony Gibson, will be tabbed as interim defensive coordinator for the 2014 football season.


Hahahahaha, oh Holgo


Someone should make sure Brian's okay.



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the season. Usually that happens if a change is made during the year. 


However, this simply out GERGs GERG's own move to DC at Texas last year. Mind boggling if this actually happens. If my math is correct, this is GERG squared which should be patent pending for this website, too bad I can't make superscript work.



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Brady Hoke is great, not just good, at three things:

1.  Keeping his promises to players' parents to provide direction that helps their sons grow into men.

2.  Delegation.

3.  Motivational "front man" for the program.

In this case, I trust Hoke to delegate duties for the best possible outcome.  


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... with all your points.

Item number 1.  You can probably guess one instance where a normal person could question whether his actions provided direction that helped "sons grow into men".  

Item number 2 is not always a good thing, if you don't have the right people to achieve your vision or your vision is fundamentally flawed (29 rushes for 29 yards is a good example).  

Item number 3. Sizzle without substance is only charming for so long.  Words ring hollow and cease motivating when not followed by results. 


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Agree with the vision of Hoke.  Nus isn't going to come in here and make the offense look like a Baylor/Okie St pass and shread.  We'll probably see different plays, maybe some better play calling and hopefully some better gameplanning but I agree that Hoke wants to be able to run the ball with more of a traditional run offense.


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I stayed away from this board for a long, long time (even though I've been registered here since 2009) because it was a tad intimidating, especially for "noobs." I hope no one takes this the wrong way, but my first impression of MGoBoard was that it was like a bar 99% frequented by locals, and the locals would raise an eyebrow and give you a scowl if you were an outsider walking in for the first time.

I love it now, of course.



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*Reads, then takes Holgerson aside* "You know when they told you to improve on allowing 469 yards per game on average? Well, you see, on defense, the definition of "improve" is perhaps a little unconventional in the strict arithmetic sense...."


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I don't know... Really, I think Rodriguez is in a better spot at Arizona if he wants to have national success. It's a whole lot easier to recruit Texas and California, and Arizona isn't too shabby at producing quality prospects, either. If he has a good year this year, I could see him moving up to a higher profile job, too. I know some people thought the Michigan job was too big for Rodriguez, but I just don't think he was in the right situation.


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I was going to claim the Peter Principle was at play here until I remember that Gipson proved that adage simply by remaining as a DBack coach.

I don't know what it's called when you reach your level of incompetence and then get promoted anyways beyond that.