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What sort of arrogant hypocrisy does it take, for a Free Press writer to complain about honesty and professional standards?

This is the same newspaper that gave us Mitch Albom's column about Mateen Cleaves and Jason Richardson at the NCAA Tournament.

The same newspaper that published Rosenberg's and Snyder's "false and misleading" diatribe on Stretchgate.

The same newspaper that Drew Sharp calls home.  Even after Sharp used phony "slavery" quotes to slander Rush Limbaugh during the talks to sell the Rams.

When Michael Rosenberg pronounces that Jim Tressel ought to be fired, you know then that there is reason for doubt.  This is the newspaper that is lecturing Ohio State on honesty and professionalism?  Really?


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When Michael Rosenberg pronounces that Jim Tressel ought to be fired, you know then that there is reason for doubt.  This is the newspaper that is lecturing Ohio State on honesty and professionalism?  Really?

I always read your posts as earnest, heartfelt and stragely misguided. But that's just über-hyperbolic.


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...crack me up. Of course you shouldn't care what Rosenberg has to say and of course it's ok to still be bitter with him. He does punch dolphins, after all.

The point is (as was stated later in the thread), it's hard to find any columnist who doesn't think that Tressel should be fired.

Also: What's with this "I dig your posts for the most part."?  Only blind devotion will do.


April 26th, 2011 at 1:37 PM ^ available bundle. Basically which set of goods maximizes utility for a consumer. An indifference curve just measures expected utilities for different bundles.

In this case I'm thinking...a show-cause the night before he returns for the sixth game, leading Pryor to immediately sign with an agent and publicly auction off everything he's ever gotten at OSU.

Too much?...nah.

I didn't realize you were still in law school, BTW. I always figured you were practicing.


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In other breaking news.. water is wet

I think 98% people outside of columbus realize the fact that if st. jimmy stays the university is going to get hit hard and they will be looked at as incompetent.


James Burrill Angell

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You're dealing with deluded Buckeyes here. The reality is their collective delusion and football psychosis runs bone deep from the lowliest Buckeye bred trucker and 7-11 clerk all the way up the President of  the University who made that moronic comment about Tressel firing him (so not the time or place for that). Those crazy pricks may just try to keep him. I just wouldn't put it past them. Anywhere else except maybe Alabama with Saban would be concerned with their credibility enough to break the coach off before that Show Cause hearing.


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Bite me, Barnhart.  Because Tressel was a cheater, that means the other 10 teams in the conference are unethical and now we are officially worse than the SEC when it comes to morals?

Nice try. 

Deep Under Cover

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Its so nice to be able to read articles like that.  Down here in columbus, all you hear is how it isn't that bad... The local talk radio station would say that the latest development was nothing new, and basically inferred that it was not a big deal.  Then Earle Bruce came on the show and talked about how Tressel doesn't believe in lying and obviously didn't mean to do that given his track record and that he shouldn't be punished that bad, let alone be fired.  It just pissed me off so bad I ripped my headphones out and turned red hot.


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It's intellectually lazy IMO.  Why on earth do you take one team from a conference and label the whole conference?  This is why I HATE "conference" talk.  It always devolves into this kind of lazy thinking.  I had little use for Tony prior to this, now even less....if that's possible.  I get that they do this to generate traffic, but any writer worth their salt can do so without resorting to this garbage.


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The whole point of a blog is to share your own opinions. In my opinion he stepped over the line by calling all big 10 teams out because of one coaches actions. Maybe we should come to you to aprove our comments before theyre posted since youre on here so much.


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And if your opinions include calling people bitches and telling him to fuck himself for sharing his own opinion, then they're not really necessary.

Have you noticed how I've been able to voice my dissenting opinion without resorting to calling you a "bitch" or telling you to "fuck yourself"?  Pretty neat.


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"If a Southern football coach did what Tressel did, which was to engage in an orchestrated coverup of potential NCAA violations, the calls for his firing would have been immediate and would have come from sea to shining sea, especially from the Big Ten. And they would be right."

I don't understand what he's trying to say here. Is he implying that people are defending Tressel? I haven't seen that outside of Columbus. Its like he's trying to act outraged over an issue that he's imagining.


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I guess in his world, because OSU hasn't fired Tressel as of yet, that makes the Big 10 the dirtiest conference in the country.  And it will take attention away from the SEC and their cheating, their probations, their investigations, their oversigning, their winning a national title with an ineligible QB, Urban Meyer having 60 players arrested in 5 years, etc. 

A very jackass type statement to make since the ethics of the other 10 teams in our conference should not be judged on whether or not OSU fires Tressel.  


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I find it fascinating in today's journalism, an opinion isn't good enough anymore – there has to be a sensational aspect attached to it.
Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the main message of Benhart's piece – if not unoriginal  – but attaching this to 'all' of the Big Ten is kinda 'meh.. wow, provocative...'
I guess it's better to make yourself an ass and be read than to have no one give a log.

aMAIZEN slot ninja

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I havent heard anyone defend Tressels actions outside of the state of Ohio (hell they are even running away from this guy). The other ten schools are throwing jabs at OSU while they are against the ropes.


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The best possible outcome would be Tressel resigning before the season would be perfect.  How the hell would osu find a coach for the 2011 season?  Interim.. uh, right. 

And while Urban Meyer seemed to be his successor following the 2011 season, he is not ready to cut his vactaion short and jump on a sinking ship in the summer.

Come on JT, do the right thing and resign before the season starts (you owe it to the school you love so much to spare them all the negative media attention, and leave them high and dry w/o a suitable coach)!


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Does anyone really believe Tressel and Ohio State will fall on the sword?  I fully expect them to circle the wagon, take their slap on the wrist, and promise to "never let anything like this happen again." 

They've sold their soul to the devil and are completely content with their decision.


Deep Under Cover

April 26th, 2011 at 1:45 PM ^

They have been dragging their feet and leading the talk about how this isn't that big of a deal, and they have been pretending as though they have been fully cooperative about everything (and that they were going to self-report this before the media broke the story)...

There is no honor in this program, nor any kahunas in the administration to take action.

Tresell will be back.