TomVH: WR Jordan Payton Decommits from USC

Submitted by TomVH on July 1st, 2011 at 4:35 PM

I just spoke with Cali WR Jordan Payton who has a Michigan offer. He has decommitted from USC and says that Michigan is in it for him. He doesn't have a list yet or plans to visit, but he said he will most likely take an official visit to Michigan. 

On why he decommitted from USC:

I just need to explore all my options. With their 15 scholarships I felt like I was being unfair.




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4 star WR possibly visiting UM?  OK!

He spoke very highly of USC as his childhood favorite and dream school, and comes from Oaks Christian.  Any word on why the de-commit?  Is he looking around still considering USC or are they completely out of it?


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those 3 we still have 4 true WRs, 3 SR's and 3 TE's not including the 2012 kids we'll bring in. For reference when Carr coached we had 3 true WR starters and then a huge drop off. We'd have TE's lined up in 4-5 WR sets. We are losing starting talent in those 3 you mentioned but I think a kid like Funchess will be all the WR we need to add to this mix as a 6'5" jump ball/red zone type of guy.

Schweddy Balls

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You should realize by now that tape doesn't really tell the whole story.

Did you ever watch Sam Mcguffie's tape from HS? How'd that turn out for him? And I am not trying to bash Sam. He's a great kid. But what a kid does in HS and shows on a highlight reel typically doesn't translate to college where everyone is bigger than and faster than the kids they played against in high school.

Regardless, we all can hope this kid at least visits Michigan.


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Thousand Oaks Christian, CA

6'2", ~200lbs, 4.49 sec. 40

Offers: Many (Oklahoma, USC (obv.), Florida, LSU, Miami (YTM), Notre Dame, etc.) 

4-star to Scout (#5 WR), Rivals (5.8 rating, #13 WR, 96 overall), ESPN (80 grade, #19 WR), and 247 (93 grade, #26 WR).



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For those of you who have more expertise on Michigan recruiting then I do, I have two questions,

1) Could there be room for both Payton and Stanford (if they decide for Michigan) with all the other guys that are predicted to commit to Michigan?

2) What are the chances that Diamond commits elsewhere (like Wisconsin)?  My concern of Diamond is growing of him possibly going somewhere else. 

I am not a subscriber to any of the recruiting sites, so am kind of lost when big stories come out.

Mr Mackey

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1) Probably 1-2 WRs this class, and it's looking like Stanford, Burbridge, or Payton. There's a couple others that have shown some interest, but those are the main three. I'd say if two want to come, we could probably make room.

2) I'm not too worried yet, but it'd be reassuring to have him commit soon. 

I'm also not a subscriber anywhere, so those are my totally unprofessional opinions based on nothing but MGoBlog.


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1) Depends. My guess is 3-4 slots are going to be filled by some combo of QB/RB/FB/WR. Payton and Stanford would be an elite enough pair that it would be worth sacrificing a FB or a QB.

2) I'm really not concerned. And regardless, I don't think concern is warranted. Diamond is not going to make or break this class. It would be great to get him but there are other viable options who are close to or as good as he is.


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Shane Morris already on the case !  Per Steve Wiltfongs twitter


Steve Wiltfong



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Maybe this will light a fire under Stanford's ass, if he sees that Payton comes to campus. Payton visiting would have nothing but positive effects, even if he's not interested in Michigan that much.


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Does USC even have 15 ships available for 2012? They signed 30(!) recruits last year and have a cap of 75 scholarship players. In order to have room to sign 15 in 2012, they would need to only have 30 guys from the classes preceding their giant 2011 class still on the roster.

True Blue Grit

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We really need a highly rated WR in this class (IMO) and Payton is another option.  Personally, my top choice would be Stanford from OH, but whoever signs first gets the billet.