TomVH: Quick Wayne Morgan Update

Submitted by TomVH on April 4th, 2011 at 12:45 PM

I spoke with one of New York DB Wayne Morgan's coaches today, and he told me that the Michigan visit really blew Wayne away. It put Michigan in his top three with Rutgers at the top and Michigan in second. 

His coach said that Rutgers is still in first because of his comfort level and the fact that he's been there so much. He also said that it will take a lot to impress him more than Michigan did. Wayne also saw a great opportunity to get on the field early at Michigan which will help. 

Morgan currently has offers from Alabama, Rutgers, Michigan, Miami, and Penn State to name a few.



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It would be great to add a DB of his caliber to this upcoming draft class.  Has he stated when he intends to make his final decision (just so we all know when to expect the Hoke Snake Oil treatment)?


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Good!  Ever since Tom first wrote about this kid, I've been hoping to see this post.  He's got a good size AND background to play safety.  No need to convert him.  If Mallory could lock him up, I think he's feeling pretty good about his group.


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Rutgers: The State University of America's Armpit

Hopefully Wayne realizes that the Big East sucks.

He's got some good offers from BCS programs, so I have a hard time believing that he'll go to Rutgers.


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I'm sure you're a fine person.  I had a roommate who was from New Jersey.  There are plenty of quality people from every state.  But just like we all think Ohio sucks, many people think New Jersey is the same way.  I've been there.  I've met a lot of people from there.  If somebody made a "Worst State Ever" T-shirt with the outline of New Jersey on it, I wouldn't object.


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You're taking offense because you're from Jersey.  I would be defensive if people started hating on Michigan, too.

But, as Fat Bastard says, "Everybody likes their own brand."

Except he was talking about farts.

I have visited lots of states.  I have met lots of people.  Whether you think I'm classy or not, I do not like the state of New Jersey or (with a few exceptions) the people I have met from there.

You obviously disagree, and that's fine.  But if you think I lack class because I dislike NJ, then I hope you find classless the people who hate the states of Ohio, West Virginia, etc.  And I hope you don't own an Ohio "Worst State Ever" T-shirt, and I hope you rebuke anyone you see/know who wears one.  Otherwise, you're just being a homer.

Like I said, I'm sure you're a fine person.  Just because I hate Ohio State doesn't mean everybody at that school is a horrible person.  But my hatred for the school still isn't diminished.


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You know not what you speak of. In fact "ignorant" comes to mind which is not generally the word one would associate with you.

The 10 mile radius around Newark is an armpit.

The rest of NJ is beautiful (outside of Camden, which is essentially Philly). And most of the people have nothing to do with nonsense you see on the show Jersey Shore.

Detroit is an armpit. Does that make Michigan an armpit? No.

Would I want to live there? Not my first choice, but certainly not my last. I know an extremely long list of good people from there.


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The actual state of New Jersey, eh, maybe.  But the people from New Jersey - different story.  I've known a lot of people from New Jersey in my day - and they're all assholes, by and large.  Even the friends I have from NJ, guys I love hanging out with, are still the assholes of the group, they just aren't assholes to me.  My boss, who I get along with great, is from NJ, and he's an asshole. 

Very rarely do you hear people desribe people from NJ as "genuinely good people."


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You're right that Newark doesn't make the entirety of New Jersey suck.  But your Detroit analogy is somewhat off the mark, because NJ is only slightly over 7,000 square miles.  Michigan is over 56,000 square miles.

Regardless, I really wouldn't care too much if you insulted Michigan.  The city of Detroit and the state have lost population, jobs are scarce, the economy is bad, etc.  Michigan is my home state and I love it, but I'm not blind enough that I fail to realize it's a bit of a dump right now.

All that being said, I still like the people from Michigan more than the people I've met from New Jersey.

You can call me "ignorant" if you want.  I'm not sure how someone having an opinion about a particular state makes them "ignorant" but it really doesn't bother me one way or the other.  Different strokes for different folks.


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Armpit?     I'm from Michigan and live out East... and let me tell you.... New Jersey is a great state... just as good as Michigan, and better in many ways (though worse in many others).  In fact, the western portion reminds me alot of Michigan.  

But I digress.... why anyone would want to go to Rutgers, over Michigan, is beyond me.


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At first I thought the kid's name was "Quick Wayne Morgan" and I decided we had to have him.

I was later disappointed.