TomVH: Quick Cyrus Hobbi Update

Submitted by TomVH on July 13th, 2010 at 6:27 PM

Cyrus Hobbi just left Ann Arbor from his unofficial visit. He's on the road, so not much of an update. Here's some quick quotes.

The visit went great, I really enjoyed it a lot. 

I asked him if he saw enough to let him know that he has definite interest in Michigan, or if he would want to take an official visit:

I'll tell you I'm definitely way more interested in Michigan than I was before the trip.

This was an exploratory visit for Cyrus to see if he wanted to continue talking to Michigan. It sounds like he does indeed want to keep the communication open. 

And as always, Mike Barwis has left his mark.

He was a great firey guy. He definitely helps in recruiting for me.

We'll just have to see where it goes from here. I'll have more from him tomorrow once they're not on the road. 



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One of them you already know is Jake Fisher. It just depends on when he decides he's ready. That could be anytime now, or a long time from now. He just took a visit today, so I'm assuming it will be sooner rather than later.

I don't mean to withhold the other one, I just want to make sure first. You'll know by the end of the week on that one. 


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I wanted to thank you for the ND info you posted in your diary.  Mrs. ToledoWolverine is a die hard goldendomer and even managed to convince my oldest boy to join her side. Luckily my youngest son is an ardent Wolverine. But anyways I like to stay up to date on the Irish, so thanks.


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Hart is going to make it and has bought airline tickets.

However, if I had to guess, the other one would be Posada.  That being said, I don't have any real info to back that up.  Just if I had to guess it would be him.


[edit] here is the $ link to Scout re: Hart.  He is apparently visiting this Thursday with 2012 QB Nick Patti.  If this is true it is great news but I bet Hart holds off on deciding until the season.

NMU Blue

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He's been very high on us for quite a while now and his family was excited when he got his offer.  I think we might get Fisher and Walsh to drop by Friday.  I don't have any sources, at all, but reading the tea leaves and my daily Tom VH (quasi-religious experience at this point) leads me to say the other is Walsh.  I think he was visiting today with Hobbi and just needs time to talk it over with his family and high school coach.


July 14th, 2010 at 5:26 PM ^

I thought we were beyond having to put "jk" or "/sarcasm" on every post that is least bit sarcastic.  Anyone who reads this blog knows we've been recruiting on Hart for what seems like years. Maybe I give these boards a little too much credit.

I guess we'll all calm down a bit when/if Hart goes Blue.


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I'm down for getting more O-Line visiting and being interested. From the sounds of it, Cyrus would be a pretty good pickup if he joins.  Oh and he has a sweet name too.

How many oline are we projected to take in this class?


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from the ranks of our scholarship guys.  I think we have 17-18 available or so.  We would need to get to 22 or 23, IMO to take 6 OL.  I think we are more likely to take 4 than we are to take 6.


My guess at how many per position.


RB- 1-2

Slot 0-1

WR 2

TE 0-1

OL 4-5

DT - 1-2

DE - 2

OLB - 2

ILB - 1-2

CB - 2-3

S - 1-2


That is 17 - 24 right there without consideration to the OL.  I'd have a hard time seeing us take 6 OL and only 3 DB's or only 4 LB's. 


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Tom, would it be your assessment that the stadium expansion is a huge benefit to the football program during recruiting visits?


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Are we out of the running for Trey DePriest, or is there a chance he could change his mind and give Michigan a serious look if Michigan does well this season?    


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Michigan has no chance with Depriest...none, zilch, nada.  Its OSU or Bama.   And to respond to the OP, I love it when a recruit is asked how he enjoyed the visit.  THEY ALL SAY THEY LIKED IT.  This post has zero information. 


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The Embedding code was disabled by request. but the first part of this is on Cyrus Hobbi. The gentleman pronounces his name as Oh-Bee. A few good tidbits at the start.


I am excited to hear he enjoyed his visit. The kid looks legit and pulls well from what i have seen.


Edit: I almost posted the clip MGoShoe did, but Cyrus was not highlighted and the picture was  fuzzy.


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I forgot to go to to get his number. In the video he has highlights from Right and Left Tackle. This kid is exmtremly agile for a lineman. I am guessing with a frame like his, and a year under Barwis. This kid would be a major anchor for our OL. IMO