TomVH: OL Joshua Garnett Visiting

Submitted by TomVH on August 9th, 2011 at 11:26 PM

Washington OL Joshua Garnett was originally planning on visiting Michigan for the Ohio State game. That changed, though, and he's now going to be in for the Notre Dame game on September 10th. 

He has a top 11 right now, which Michigan is in. He plans on cutting that list down soon, and since he's already planning on visiting you can bet Michigan will be in the short list as well.

Just something to keep in mind, he and commit Erik Magnuson have become pretty good friends lately. Magnuson will also be in Ann Arbor for the Notre Dame game.



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This sounds like good news for us, this kid seems like he is the real deal. I think him or Diamond will finish out our O-Line class for 2012


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...a hard time wrestling with the pros and cons of his various opportunities. This was his lone tweetfrom Tue evening, so there's no additional context (caveat: he could be confused about some other weighty issue but that seems unlikely):

tryin to break it down but its too hard..... ima wait smh

It's clear that he's not entirely sold on Michigan and needs more time. Time will likely help to solve his dilemma by removing one or more options, including Michigan. 

Prediction based on semi-flimsy evidence: This will all be resolved UTL.


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Adding Garnett along with Kalis and Magnuson (and Bars and Stacey for that matter).  This commit could solidify a huge O-line to protect Shane Morris.


The Night Game is shaping up to be a very big game for us.

Maize and Blue…

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Zach Banner is also visiting for the ND game.  Those of us lucky enough to be at the game need to make sure the Big House is insane that night. The list of recruits coming is amazing and even though we don't have room for all of them we need to make sure they are all talking about the first night game in Big House history.


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...justice to Coach Bielema and the Wisconsin Badgers, for their filthy play called to take Mike Martin out of the game with a blow to the knee.

They risked ending his career that day, and I gleefully await the day that we grind Bielema's D-line into the ground with no cheating involved (it will have to be the conference championship game this year.)  I mean GRIND... with Kalis, Magnuson, Bars, Braden, Stacey, and any other beasts that care to join, carrying that tradition forward.



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I don't know who reported that but that was never the case. Garnett actually told me early on that he thought Zach was looking for different things in a school than he was. They were never a package deal. Garnett said to me that it would be cool if they ended up at the same place, but didn't think it would happen.


August 10th, 2011 at 12:26 AM ^

I don't think they'll be going to the same school unless they both stay in state and go to UW.  It seems like Garnett is more into the academics and there were some rumors that he really liked Stanford.  Academics don't seem as important to Banner.

Pure speculation on my part, but if I had to guess in reading some of the stuff out there, I'd say that it eventually comes down to us, Stanford, and UW for Garnett, and USC and UW for Banner.


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Hopefully he is moving it up to grab a spot before we fill up.  I am still suprised Diamond has not committed but I would love to get Garnett.  Picking up a great west coast player could be huge for pulling future recruits.


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Dunn probably wouldn't get to play behind many of these guys until his senior year. WRs/RBs should probably pay less attention to the QBs/OL who are in their recruiting class because they may only end up being on the field together for 1 year.  Since WR/RB can play right away and often contribute if they are good, and QBs/OL generally don't start til at least RS Fr and usually after that.


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Definite OT's:



Definite OG's:


Could play either:




So... which would you rather have, another guard in Garnett, or another tackle in Diamond?  From what I gather, Kalis and Bars are both best suited to play guard, and I think Garnett is also most likely slotted to be a guard as well, even though the sites seem to think he could do both.  IMO, if we get Garnett, either Stacey or Bars will end up moving to center, with my money on Stacey, if either wants to play.  Its a good problem to have I suppose, but I'm going to be a little bummed if Diamond misses the boat after all this time, even though Garnett is probably the better player.  One thing is for sure though... this line is going to be fucking awesome.

EDIT:  After re-reading, I discovered that apparently I really really like commas.