TomVH: LB Ryan Petro Update

Submitted by TomVH on November 21st, 2010 at 3:39 PM

I'll have the full conversation in tomorrow's Weekly Update, but Florida LB Ryan Petro (6'3", 205 lbs.) just left Michigan. He said, "The visit was amazing. If they were to offer I would probably commit." He'll back for an official most likely December 10th, but it's not set in stone yet. 

He has his own website with highlights and info here. The coaches told him he could potentially fill an outside linebacker/safety hybrid role because of his athleticism. 



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I read your tweet and got a whole big post ready. Well here's some more stuff anyway!

Magnus Eval!

But just to give a quick bit of analysis, I like Petro's film. I'm a little bit surprised that he hasn't received any offers yet, but maybe he just hasn't attended many camps or sent out much film. He looks to me like a WLB prospect, but he'll need to put on a fair amount of weight to play WLB at the next level.

You can tell from his footwork at linebacker that he's a technically sound player and he does a good job of keeping square to the ballcarrier. He's an above average athlete. He looks like the type of kid that Boise State could turn into a multi-year starter, but Michigan's coaches might play him at free safety or punter for a couple years before they figure out that his talents fit better at a different spot.

Wrestling Film!

Game Film!


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There are plenty of prospects who aren't physically mature, don't put it together, or don't get their name out until their senior year, like Omameh, Carvin, and Ryan (to name a few recent examples). If we don't recruit those prospects, we're missing out on a great base of talent, regardless of what the scouting services say. 


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These are the type of recruits that pop up at schools like Iowa and Wisconsin and turn into all B10-level kids.  At this point, UM needs to start cultivating depth and pipelines so that when a senior leaves, another guy with 2-3 years behind him, who has been in the system and has developed, can step in. 


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they both look more like Brian Urlacher than Patrick Willis (IMO) and are both under rated prospects (Brian Urlacher's only D1 offer was New Mexico State) that are fast for their size (Urlacher was a hybrid Linebacker/Safety in college)...

Oh, and Brian Urlacher became the best linebacker in college football in the 3-3-5 defense recording 422 career tackles, 3 interceptions, 11 forced fumbles, and 11 sacks which we could probably use over the next 4 years...


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"but Michigan's coaches might play him at free safety or punter for a couple years before they figure out that his talents fit better at a different spot."

I wish I could laugh this off as just snark. Can't.


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I think he is slow....this is the guy that RR would recruit for his defense at West Virgina. His defensive philosophy on defense needs to change and that includes the recruiting on that side of the ball. We need bigger faster guys. He does not fit that mold. Also, comparing him to Jake Ryan? Watch Jake Ryan's Game Film again, it was filled with bone crushing hits. I did not see one here. To me, he is a glorified Jordan Kovacs. I may get negged for this, oh well, just speaking the truth. Btw I am All in!

Go Blue!


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You are right, that is RR's problem. Why can't he understand that Michigan is different than West Virginia? He needs to recruit bigger, faster, more talented kids here. Why does he insist on not trying to land any of the All American types?....C'mon man!  Why don't we only sign all 5 star beasts? That is what we need. I don't understand why RR can't understand that!


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Uh, I was kidding. Of all the jabs people throw at our Coach, the one about how he can't figure out what type of players the Big Ten demands, is the most ridiculous. When people say we need bigger, faster, better defensive recruits, I say "brilliant". The staff is doing everything possible to do get us the best kids possible.


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I think everyone wants to recruit big, fast kids on defense, but unfortunately genetics conspires against him (and every other coach in America) by only producing a couple of those kids a year.  They tend to become All-Americans, future NFL pros, and millionaires dozens of times over. 

I agree that RR needs to recruit the best talent possible, but snagging a decent recruit at an area of need is always a good idea if you have the room.  And for all the knocks against Kovacs, a bigger, more glorified version of him would mean a pretty sure tackler who can make plays against all but the best offensive players in the B10.  I'm fine with that, provided there are other players to complement him out there. 


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kids got good balance and decent speed.  With his wrestling background he understands leverage which could be big when it comes to taking on OLs.  Me Likey! Thanks Tom.