TomVH: LB Antonio Poole

Submitted by TomVH on January 24th, 2011 at 8:15 PM
Michigan coaches just left Ohio LB Antonio Poole's house. Mattison was the main man here. Antonio has now decided that he will make his announcement tomorrow at his school. You might want to tune in for it.



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Poole was supposed to be deciding tonight whether to take his last official visit to Pitt or Michigan--aka who rounds out his top 5 choices. Mattison pays him a visit tonight and now he has committed to Michigan?? That is some dynamite stuff. Forget snake oil and the pimp hand...Mattison may soon need a meme to trump all memes. That picture of Ray Lewis is already getting a lot of mileage.


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Clearly this visit went well, Mattison put on his best suit and waxed the top of his head and walked right in there and told him about the worlds most dangerous nearly incarcerated future hall of fame linebacker he just left to take the UM DC job.


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Well said, all Mattison has to do is show the text picture of R. Lewis blowing some running back up, and the recruit replies, were do I sign on my LOI !


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Espnu has a note that Jake is nearing to a final decision. At the end it's going to be the Might AA or the little school out of EL.   Come on Jake, go blue.

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Am I the only person who doesn't follow this stuff at all?  I can't come close to keeping an eye on the whims of 18 year olds.  I had to look up Antonio Poole on Google just to figure out who he was...


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where we hang on the whims of 18 year olds.

Last year we were jump-up-and-down excited when 5* Big Will Campbell comitted to us after announcing earlier he had dropped us. 

All that and he still hasn't played a meaningful down for Michigan.

Oh well, we're just having some fun.



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Tom is being like parents on christmas. You know, you start to be like "I really hope santa got ____" and your parents are like "well, you'll just have to trust santa."

Luckily Tom isn't fake, and linebackers are so much cooler than pokemon cards.


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Good to hear, and welcome Poole to the UM family.  Hoke definitely doesn't seem to be afraid of hitting the recruiting trail hard, which is a positive.  I still think this class will suffer because of Brandon's decision-making (and let's not bury RR here - some more public support from the AD probably would have netted more commits), but I like the passion shown by Hoke for trying to get as many good kids as possible for this class.