TomVH: Kyle Kalis Update

Submitted by TomVH on June 23rd, 2011 at 12:59 AM

As everyone knows former Ohio State commit Kyle Kalis is visiting Michigan this weekend. He told me that he's very excited for the trip, however I wouldn't expect a commitment this weekend from him. He does have a lot of interest in Michigan, but he decided that he also wants to visit Alabama and Miami first. That isn't 100%, but that's the plan going into the visit. I always say that visits can change things, but this is the plan as of now.

Kyle is aware of the situation Michigan is in with the recruiting class and how many spots are left open. If no decision is made this weekend don't be surprised if any of the other linemen Michigan was in good shape with end up pushing their decisions back or going elsewhere. I believe that they would wait for Kalis to make his decision, rather than letting it fill up.

There are guys like Blake Bars and Eric Olson deciding in the near future. Bars is deciding within a week, as I reported in his interview earlier. If the coaches want three more linemen and if Blake Bars were to choose Michigan they could potentially still be fine. That would probably leave spots reserved to wait for Jordan Diamond and Kyle Kalis. If they want to take three more. We'll see how it plays out, but do note that Kalis has a lot of interest in Michigan.



June 23rd, 2011 at 9:01 AM ^

Is that the coaches change their strategy, especially if Kalis looks like a lean.  Diamond has long been a lean.  But up to this point, I think Diamond was the only OL spot they were saving.  Now, that will change.  I think something similar is happening on DL, with guys like Wormley and Washington.

This is natural, as elite players are left, and spots become scarce.

Down side:  we may lose out on a couple of really good guys...but that is the game.


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So assuming that the coaches hold a spot for both Kalis and Diamond, would the coaches take Bars or Olsen to fill out the class or would they hold off and wait for a decision by Garnett, Banner, and Peat?


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No. At most the coaches are going to hold one spot for a longshot. Those western kids are all longshots, and so is Kalis, for now- his interest level is high, yes, but he's basically rebooting his process and gearing up for a lot of visits, so he's not half the lean we're giddily predicting now. I don't know if Bars is planning on picking us, but I believe they'd take him. They're probably expecting Diamond, if the rumors are true. That leaves one spot open for a Big Kahuna, which is not irresponsible.


June 23rd, 2011 at 1:02 PM ^

I don't disagree. The coaches will have their fingers on the pulse of it more than we do. I think we are now far and away the frontrunner. But unless they do know more than we do, it's still a longshot- never been on campus, planning more trips, a Michigan lean. That's really what we know. As above, unless they know more than us, they would not prudently call him a lock.


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I just have such a good feeling about this recruiting class right now.  It's been a long time since recruiting has been generating this much buzz.


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To be fair, it has been like that for the past 6-7 weekends for me and I'm assuming most of the mgocommunity.  How is someone supposed to get anything done on the weekend with the constant commits, visits, and updates?


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has been covered, but the kid really wanted to go to OSU and was talking about recruiting for them. Not bashing the kid, but the only reason he decommitted is obvious. I know he's a 5 sTaR!*^# but it seems as though we were second choice. Just some food for thought..


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is that Kalis will commit to Michigan.  After visiting Michigan, he will be very disappointed in the Universty of Miami.  Although it is an excellent small school,  that is all it is.  It is a quiet enclave surrounded by a very busy area.  You do not walk to shops or restaurants, you drive and the traffic is horrible.  The stadium is not on campus,  it is shared with the Dolphins.   The student are bused to the games and the fan support is nothing like  Michigan.  i find it hared to believe that a person who committed to that Ohio school will like Miami.


Alabama has a great football tradition,  but it does not have a great academic reputation.  Again, I do not see a person who commits to a midwest school will move to Alabama.  This is not like the Dee Hart situation.  Hart was from Orlando.

So if the other school choices are Miami or Alabama,  Kalis will be a wolverine.