TomVH: Kevin Williams Update

Submitted by TomVH on March 21st, 2010 at 2:41 PM

DT Kevin Williams ended up not going to Notre Dame's junior day. Not earth shattering, but it's good news for us. Any time a recruit doesn't visit another school, it's a good thing.

Part of why he didn't go is because his family had other plans, but also because he's not really interested in Notre Dame anymore. He doesn't feel that they have a big enough need for interior linemen.



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If you are reading this, attending Notre Dame will only get you covered in Lou Holtthththth's spit at alumni events for the rest of his natural life.

Also, do you really want to be a "Cornhusker" for the rest of your life? That sounds like a naughty euphemism if I've ever heard one.*

*I haven't technically heard a naughty euphemism before, but I read the definition one time and the word looks fancy.


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ND hasn't offered a DT yet and there isn't a need for one in this class after switching to the 3-4. Unless Williams showed himself to be a game breaker, he wasn't likely to get an offer.

Sounds like Hegarty didn't make his visit to UM before ND's junior day as he had planned. Just a small update from an earlier post I made.


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Notre Dame negative recruiting Michigan to Pluto and back during their Junior Day Weekend. One less Michigan recruit to be subjected to the tripe hors d'oeuvres that they served up.


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um no?

I said:
"you put too much stock in what beaver is feeding you" as in he should not take beaver's posts word for word. I am not saying he lies, there is some truth to what he posts, but there is a considerable amount of spin with the way he posts. Anyone who hangs on his every word is going to be mislead.


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just stop at this point. Your response was quickly discredited by what Arnett said at which point you basically say oh ok, well good then. Then you go back and still try to defend your original wrong post. No one brought up Beaver but you. The fact is actual recruits have said there is negative recruiting going on at ND. To your come back saying "it's about time we returned fire" I suggest you stop putting too much stock in what message boards are feeding you. I would give you the name of an ND blogger but I have never wasted my time on a message board for a team I don't root for. What does that tell you?


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Yeah, Irish. You know I usually respect what you have to offer, but you're being contradictory here.

Your response to the comment that ND negative recruits Michigan says "You put too much stock in what Beaver tells you." Then your next response is, "I'm sure they negative recruit, and to be honest, I hope they do because Weis didn't negative recruit much."


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Weis didn't because he had a God complex and thought both he and his team were better than they were. I mean after all he did have a QB that was going to win 3 Heisman's right? If I were ND's coaching staff I would be more worried about doing enough on the field to secure commits or gain interest rather than negative recruit. A decade and a half of being mediocrity is going to bite you in the ass sometime.


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im going with Arnett on this one.

i just wish players saw negative recruiting for what it is, a weakness. ive heard multiple recruits asked whether RR's staff negatively recruits, and they have each said no.


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I'm not sure where the DeAnthony Arnett thing came from, but I talked to him tonight and he had no idea where that came from.

DeAnthony hasn't been to Notre Dame in over a year, and said he hasn't heard any negative recruiting towards Michigan, from them.

Blue in Yarmouth

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but for my opinion on negative recruiting, it follows my opinion of politics (I won't get into specifics, I promise). Nothing bothers me more, nor turns me off of a candidate faster, than telling me about the other party.

What I want to hear from a politican is what he and his party plan to do for me should they get into power. I don't need them to tell me how the other parties can't possibly fulfill what is in their platforms or what they do in their personal lives. I want to know what you will do for me.

I look at recruiting the same way and hope that most of these youngsters do aswell. When someone starts badmouthing the opposition to gain my support it tells me they have nothing of substance to offer me and therefore, have to resort to that foolishness.

All that said, it appears as though the negative recruiting thing on ND's part may have been untrue, but the topic gets me angry.