TomVH: Jordan Diamond Update

Submitted by TomVH on February 16th, 2011 at 12:38 AM

2012 OL Jordan Diamond (Simeon/Illinois) is going to be a big part of Michigan's offensive line recruiting for this class. Diamond was going to be competing in this weekend's Best of the Midwest combine in Ann Arbor, but has decided he won't compete. The good news is that he will still be on campus for an unofficial visit to Michigan.

I just decided to keep a low profile and let the young guns shine. I'm not going to compete, but I'm going to visit Michigan, and then maybe MSU after that. I just want to meet all the coaches and hopefully some players. I don't have any specific questions, I just want to get the feel for it and then maybe I'll have some questions.

His teammate, and 2011 Michigan signee Chris Bryant will be along for the ride as well. Don't look for Jordan to make his decision in the spring though, he wants to take visits and find out where he feels most comfortable. He's still picking up offers, but Michigan is still in great position.



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Thanks for the update as always Tom. Any other recruits visiting this weekend along with Diamond? I don't recall if you had a post before about any other visitors for this weekend. But it has to be a good sign for us considering he is still coming this weekend even though he won't be competing.  Should give Hoke and Co more time to work their magic on him.


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Appreciate the info as always. Diamond would really be a tremendous pickup for Michigan next year. You can never have too many linemen, especially blue-chip prospects like him.


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GO BLUE, we need you. Having Bryant in his ear should really help....especially if he already holds us in such high regard.

Great job on the updates...These are one of the only things keeping my sanity through these slow workdays


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Thanks for the update Tom. Diamond is a must get and a major need for this next class. It would be really cool to see him and Bryant playing side by side (guard and tackle, assuming that's where each plays) in the future.

His Dudeness

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Why doesn't he want to compete? Is he hurt?

I know he is seen as more of a project than a polished OL. Does he want to work on his technique a little more before showing that he is in fact a project?


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He already has double digit offers from big schools so it's not exactly like he needs a good performance here to get any offers.  It could be argued that participating in the camp really wouldn't do much for him.  Besides if this gives him more time to get more comfortable with the players and the staff and hang around with Bryant in AA, I'd prefer he does that anyway.


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I know he's got a frame that could fill out a little more but probably not a DT without 10 redshirts.

I would say more of a pro-style pocket passer but if he started yelling audibles with his voice both teams would quit.


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Thanks Tom. Just to add to the information tom has already given, I talked to Jordans friend yesterday and he told me  t hat although Jordan plans to take all his visits and enjoy the process his mind is "strongly made up and it would take a ton to change it." He also told me that Jordan ends a lot of their football recruitment conversations with the phrase "Go Blue." I know this isn't much but I figured I would give the little information I have, that agrees with Toms statement that Michigan is still in a great position.