TomVH: Jaleel Johnson Update

Submitted by TomVH on May 5th, 2011 at 5:34 PM

Michigan offered Illinois DT Jaleel Johnson yesterday and I caught up with him to talk about the offer. Jaleel has been open about wanting a Michigan offer for some time, so he was excited when it came through.

The [Michigan] coaches were in school yesterday during school hours. They didn't watch practice, but they verbally offered me and told me that they want me to come out for a visit. I'll be making that visit sometime in the near future, over the summer. I do like Michigan, but I would like to get a feel for the school by going up and checking it out.

I asked him where he was at in his recruitment and what he knew about Michigan so far.

I'm pretty far into my recruitment, I have 11 offers now. I plan on narrowing down my list sometime during my season and then making my decision in the winter. I know that Michigan has the defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens, which is a team that I like. I also believe they have won the most Big Ten Championships. The rest will be about getting to know the coaches.

I think Michigan has a good shot with Jaleel, like he said he needs to see campus first and get to know all the coaches. Here's a look at his film if you haven't seen it already. Jaleel's other offers include Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, MSU, and Wisconsin.



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You alluded to some issues with offers out and being rescinded. What is going on at the DT psoition? Can you shed any light? Was Obrien's pulled?


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I don't think his offer was "pulled" but something happened with Michigan backing off a few recruits. I'm not exactly sure what happened, to be honest. Whether it was that they want to reevaluate him, or are backing off a little bit, I don't know what truly happened. With that being said, the courtship on both sides isn't over either.


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Well, it's the beginning of May, and we've already filled approximately 40% of our class and tossed out over 150 offers.  I imagine the coaches are saying to themselves, "Wow, this is going really well . . . but let's not get ahead of ourselves.  We can be a little bit picky going forward."

I've heard rumors that the coaches have backed off O'Brien, Burbridge, Orlosky, and Kuhar.

Frank Drebin

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Wow, I am surprised to hear about Burbridge with all of the positive info about Mario Ojemudia recently. Also, isn't he supposed to be on campus this weekend with the other FHH guys? Does this mean we have been making progress with other receivers, or maybe that they see either Thompson or Funchess as a WR?


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The rumors about Burbridge largely revolve around his grade situation.  They want to make sure he's going to qualify and don't want him to be the only receiver they take, just in case he doesn't make it past the Clearinghouse.  They're just trying to do their due diligence.

It's not that they don't want him.  It's just that they don't want to put all their "receiver eggs" in one basket.


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You are correct.  I think the initial 5 stars have been named already.  The top 100 will be out Mon. and top 250 on Wed.

Edit: This is the actual schedule.

Monday -- the first Rivals100 in numerical order (chat that day)
Tuesday -- the first Rivals250 in numerical order (chat that day)
Wednesday -- the four stars that didn't make the 250
Thursday -- some high three stars that didn't make the cut for four


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pickup.  Probably a high 3/low 4 star who has incredible camp workouts on video.

If we could land Jaleel, Day, and Pipkins at DT - this might turn into the best defensive recruiting class in the country.


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Is this the kid who was beating OL left and right at the camp featuring Jordan Diamond?  I think Godin was on that reel for a few snaps, looking good as well.  But one kid was winning against everyone -  if that was Jaleel, make it rain GMAT, make it rain. 


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Couple things, just to clarify for everyone, Diamond and Jaleel know each other, they aren't that close. In the camp video you watched Jordan had some sort of injury, which is why it looked like he got owned a lot.


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hurt himself on the film in this thread (he's clearly reaching for his back).  But there's a longer film somewhere on the board, that's not JJ specific (it has Godin and others).  I remember that was posted about some other recruit, but Johnson really stood out and we didn't know his name at the time.  I think these are the JJ-specific cuts from that camp



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...a very well informed young man. Impressive knowledge of Mattison and Michigan's B1G championship history.

Jaleel, if you check out this thread, know also that Michigan is the winningest program in CFB history (measured by total wins and winning percentage. When you attend Michigan and play football there, you become part of that heritage and have the opportunity to make your own history.


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It would be great to get O'brien since he is an instate guy, but if he does decide to go to Tenn then so be it.  It seems that we are in on many great DL prospects, losing O'Brien might not hurt so much if we got Day or JJ.


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Jaleel is a beast!


But I heard Anthony Standifer got a Michigan offer! The kid looks great in film, and from what I hear really likes Michigan, do you think we will land him?


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interesting that johnson got the offer around the same time that pipkins got the alabama offer he was hoping for.  i think pipkins and day are plan A and johnson is one of the plan Bs.    and by the way, the video i saw of pipkins was more impressive than johnsons, which was quite impressive itself... and so was that kid jonathan taylor down in georgia.


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Glad to see Jaleel get an offer I was very confident it would come though. I am more interested in the Standifer offer though. Does this mean that we may not be in as good of a position with Richardson, Reeves or Morgan as we previously thought. I have seen him on film and though I mean absolutely no disrespect to Standifer his offer sheet and film isn't what the other threes are. Seeing as though we don't needs many cb's in this class I was wondering what you think Tom. What are your thoughts?


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I think Standifer could play corner at the next level, but I also think he has the skills to play safety.  So the offer might speak more to our chances with Jarrod Wilson, D.J. Shumate, etc. than our chances with Wayne Morgan, Armani Reeves, and Terry Richardson.  I see some similarities between Standifer and Donovan Warren, who was likely going to have to be a safety to make it in the NFL.


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Alright but aren't we only going to take 1 cb and 1 safety? I was under the impression that we would take 2 and that could mean any combination of Wilson, Shumate, Morgan, Richardson or Reeves. I guess if we got Richardson does this mean we would pull our offers from Reeves and Morgan because we only want 1 CB and 1 S?


May 6th, 2011 at 6:42 AM ^

I would think that we want 1 cornerback and 1 safety, yes.  I don't know what we *would* do because I'm not the coach.  However, we're not going to be able to take everyone that fans on this board want (unless there's a ton of attrition).  So if we get a cornerback like Terry Richardson, then Reeves and Morgan might be left out.  Or vice versa.


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Yes, I do think that our chances with those safeties are worse than with the cornerbacks.  Everyone thinks we have a good shot with Jarrod Wilson because Ricky Powers is his coach, but he really hasn't shown Michigan much visible interest.  Plus he wants to go to school with Corey Smith, who doesn't have an offer from us.  Those NJ safeties have given a little bit of lip service to Michigan, but AFAIK, they haven't visited.

On the flip side, Richardson is local and his friends are coming here.  Armani Reeves has visited.  Wayne Morgan has us in his top two with Rutgers.


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Is the Standifer kid going to be a 2012 or 2013? I thought he was younger, especially form Tom's interview with the kid.

TOM: Were you surprised to hear from Michigan this early on? 

He was interviewed on the 21st of April, I guess I just got confused as to what "Early On" meant.


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hoping we get Wayne Morgan.  I don't know what it is about this kid but I really think he would contribute early and contribute a few great years for us.  I just hope we can get him out of NY/Jersey!  

Maybe it's his jersey number!   That position and wearing #2 reminds me of good times!!!