TomVH: A Few Quick Notes *One More*

Submitted by TomVH on June 15th, 2011 at 11:42 AM

I spoke to Mass OL Eric Olson yesterday. I quoted him in this week's Weekly Update saying that he thought his decision could come at any time. Last night he said it will most likely be made before the 4th of July, so the next few weeks. I know that Michigan really likes him, and he probably has the Wolverines in the top three. I would expect this decision to come sooner than later.

Ohio S Jarrod Wilson was also recently mentioned in an update that he would be sitting down with his coach, Ricky Powers, today. This is also one to potentially keep an eye on. They keep everything quiet, but I have a feeling that Wilson probably won't take too long. Powers mentioned that he thought Jarrod was done with visits. If that is the case then a decision should be coming relatively soon.

**UPDATE: Jordan Diamond just finished up his visit to Michigan. He will be going back up to Michigan later in the week for a second visit though. I'll keep you updated.



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The timeline for this recruiting class is incredible.  We hadn't calmed down from the excitement of the 2011 recuiting when jumped right into 2012.  It is like we skipped the season in between entirely.  I am already getting excited about seeing these new kids and have almost forgotten that all of the kids that signed in Feb. haven't even gotten their wings yet.  I can't wait until fall practices start up and I can get my bearings straight again.


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It would seem that if they get the majority of the recuriting done for the 2012 class before this season starts, then they can devote a large majority of their attention on actual football on the field for this season.


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I think generally when you offer someone you don't refuse him until the class fills up.  You could say that you're done at his position, which is fair.  However, if you do that, you better not add anyone else at that position. 


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I think Magnuson's commitment opens up the door for us to say "Sorry, we can't take your commitment right now because we have our eye on other guys."

We just did that with defensive backs (Wayne Morgan, Armani Reeves), so I don't know why it wouldn't apply to linemen.

CO Blue

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Armani Reeves and Wayne Morgan may have been told that we are looking for a "true safety" as well, which is different from saying we would prefer to wait on a better talent at your position.  It seemed to me that they were dragging their feet while Standifer ran past them and took the last cb position, another player that is not as highly rated but accepted as a commit.



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"It seemed to me that they were dragging their feet while Standifer ran past them and took the last CB position."

Yes . . . which is essentially what happened with Magnuson committing last Friday.  Now the coaches are looking for a free safety (which Morgan could play), but they've got their eyes on Jarrod Wilson.  And now the coaches could reasonably claim to have their eyes on Jordan Diamond, Andrus Peat, Kyle Kalis, or whoever.

I'm not saying the coaches DO like these other guys more than Olson, because I don't know. I do know that I would prefer several other guys before Olson and that plenty of shadier things have happened in recruiting beyond "We offered you a while ago, another guy committed who can play your position, and we'd like you to hold off to see how things play out."  I don't really see a problem with that.


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That's not really what happened with the DBs.  

With Morgan, he wanted to be committed and take visits. The coaches basically said you can't be committed and visit other schools and since it's highly unlikely his spot will be available after your visits, they just decided to part ways. 

Same with Reeves - he wanted to wait, the coaches wanted to close out DB commits, so they went their separate ways. 

Time tables just didn't match up - but they wanted both commits.

It's ok for coaches to slow down on OL, but they didn't really do that with the DBs.


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just based on offer lists alone, but Eric Olson has a great rating considering he's been telling schools "no thanks" and only has around 9 offers. 247 and Scout haven't given him any consideration but maybe they will when he commits, they don't even have a picture of him yet. Rivals rates him a 5.6 even with so few offers, could grow during his senior year to the coveted 5.8. ESPN gives him their 78 which puts him up there with Strobel, Ringer, and Stacey in their eyes. If he plays as well during his senior year and commits to Michigan he'll have to get adequate attention, Scout still has him unrated for goodness sakes. 


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that he has a good rating for someone with his offer sheet.  

The issue is that there are a number of offensive line prospects who have amazing ratings for any offer sheet.  I don't think it's super likely that we get Kalis, Peat, Garnett or Banner, but they're all considering us, and they're all planning on taking visits (except Kalis, but his recruitment doesn't seem like it's actually over).  

It's June.  If we're not even going to give Zach Banner time to get on campus then I will question our recruiting strategy.  


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that if the coaches are taking 5 or 6 OLinemen that they don't want to take 5 or 6 guaranteed starters who'll all compete with each other and our current players for the same job. If we get Eric Magnuson, Jordan Diamond, and (theoretically) a borderline 5 star kid like Kalis at the end or Peat then this is an incredible OLine class, if we also get 2 or more other top tackles like Banner and Muller and Thurston and Seumalo then we'll have kids potentially transferring from this class, or decommitting. Strange to say, but you can't take 5 or 6-top linemen in one class. You also have to go after depth guys, or impact players. Not just for this year, but for next as well. If the coaches want to go after the #1 overall lineman next year like we all know they will there has to be a spot for him. The only problem with outsiders like us watching is that the high 3star and low 4star guys typically commit first, and most 5 star guys typically commit last. So we think the coaches are insane for picking Caleb Stacey over Andrus Peat or Zach Banner, but Andrus Peat isn't going to commit until January and Banner only just narrowed his list down to 9 schools.


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You really think Brady Hoke is sitting in his office saying "lets let this kid take this scholarship, because we don't want that many offensive lineman competing for the starting job." Thats the most rediculous thing I have ever heard. Half of these 4 star guranteed starters won't ever start a game, coach wants every player he takes to be an all american starter.


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is a bit of a token rating, though, other services have him in the middle of our class as a borderline 4 star with kids like Strobel and Ringer, while 247 rates him just above Gant and doesn't have his picture or offer sheet. If/once he commits and after his senior year they should give him a second look because he's better than an 85.


June 15th, 2011 at 1:05 PM ^

isn't the last OL were getting. as long as we get diamond, i'm fine with anyone else. peat would be a bonus but he's not even a michigan lean right now. i want the staff to add as many quality OL and DL as they can this class. if that is 6 each, then so be it. a QB or RB in this class is a luxury not a need.



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Little side buddy from Bama told me Gunner is there today for an unofficial so the rumor of it being between us and Indiana seems to be more and more unlikely


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Very good point.  I'm actually surprised more high school athletes don't do the same.  If you don't tell them no, they will call and contact you as much as they'd like.  It's the same reason a ton of guys commit early so they don't have to deal with the overwhelming stress of the recruiting process.


June 15th, 2011 at 2:28 PM ^

Kids get offers without ever showing any interest in a school.  Aziz Shittu could get a phone call from Toledo and say, "You know what, coach?  Thanks for the call, but don't bother offering, because I'm not interested in being a Rocket."  What's the point of "letting" them offer if you know your answer is going to be no?

Let's say an ugly, smelly girl walks up to you at a bar and tries to hit on you.  Are you going to accept her number and tell her that you might call (even though you won't)?  Or are you going to politely turn her down because you've got your eyes on better looking girls?

I guess there are some people who would take the ugly girl's number and toss it in the trash (or prank call her later), but politely turning her down isn't a bad thing.


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Someone emailed me asking if I'm sure that Jordan Diamond was on campus this morning…..110% sure. He was there, confirmed with Jordan and someone else.


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For some reason, the coaches seem high on him.  Hoke looks at butts and hips and all sorts of other things that perhaps the recruiting guys are not into.

Also, O-line is the position where rankings matter the least.  Most important things for an O-line are size, speed and desire to hit hard.  The rest is all about technique, which, when we have depth (forgot what that feels like) he will have plenty of time to learn while he rides the bench for his first two years. 


June 15th, 2011 at 3:23 PM ^

Every year there is one kid that the fans question the coaches about pursuing.  

2010:  Vinopal

2011:  Heitzman

2012:  Olson

At least Olson plays at a position that is harder project and is actually a big freaking dude for his position.  


June 15th, 2011 at 4:02 PM ^

You have to remember that with Magnuson committed and Diamond very likely to commit getting a big tackle for depth isn't a bad thing....I hate to break it to you, but it isn't realistic to think you are going to get three or four of the elite tackles....


June 15th, 2011 at 9:07 PM ^

I don't understand why everyone thinks this.  Texas fills their class with four- and five-stars every single year.  Same with USC, Alabama, etc.  Good players don't mind when other good recruits are committed.  I'd think most of them want to be on good teams.  Honestly, they're not going to be like "oh, all these guys are better than me, I better go somewhere else".  Most of us tend to think we're very good at what we do (whether it's accurate or not).


June 15th, 2011 at 11:12 PM ^

We will land Eric Olson. He and Magnuson will make a terrific duo on the O line for years to come. If Olson commits elsewhere ... I will be shocked