TomVH: Demetrius Hart Update

Submitted by TomVH on August 31st, 2010 at 12:10 PM

I got a phone call this morning from Demetrius' Hart's Mom.......and the visit is 99.9% happening this weekend, according to her. There was a mix up with the paperwork, and they thought all the paperwork had to be completed, which apparently wasn't the case.

He was going to still postpone the visit because he wanted his uncle to come up with him, since his mom came on the last trip.They got that worked out though, and his uncle will be joining Demetrius this weekend.

They'll be arriving on Saturday and leaving on Monday. This is very very big for Michigan, obviously.



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Would love to see a Hello: Dee Hart post following a Michigan win on saturday. Also I'm guessing this increases the likelihood of Clinton-Dix coming up with him? I know he's already committed but what he would witness on saturday will be unlike anything he's ever seen.


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So there is Demetrious' mom, his uncle, the junior QB, and HaSean . . . that's quite a posse. IIRC, there was someone wanting his visit to be on the QT. Would that be HaHa? Where do they put visitors up--in campus housing, a hotel, something else? And what do coaches do with recruits on an official visit during the season? I would think that they are pretty busy with game preparation, etc., so as not to have much time until after the game, when you would be exhausted anyway. Regardless, this is great news . . . thank you, Tom.


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Your long months of despression and general excitement and anxiety about the approaching football season are now just hours away from drawing to a close, and to top it off, a prized recruit will be making a visit for the game.

>Wait... I'm confused. That really IS good news.

Yes. I know. Horrifyingly unsettling, isn't it?

Six Zero

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An entire generation of pet names in Michigan three years from now hinge on this visit and commitment.  Do the right thing, Demetrius.  Do it for the all the dogs who want a cool name.


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Editors everywhere who have had to actually work a little to come up with headlines for Michigan games since the end of 2007 desperately need a break. Commit, so we can get back to the easy stuff:

Hart of the team

Hart and soul

Michigan has their Hart back

Hart attack leaves opponent floored

The Hart of the matter


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In the big picture, does it really matter if Hart visits for UConn or another game?

Its nice an all that he can come in earlier in the season, but I'm not getting why the timing of this visit is so make-or-break as to warrant all the woo-hoos and high-5ing.

Am I missing some key info?


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The staff just needs to make sure they allow Dee plenty of time with Ricardo.  If Dee is anything like Ricardo, we will get a young man loaded with talent and loaded with even more respect for his peers and family.


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Yes!!! Getting them on campus and putting on a great show gives us a huge possibility of the Hello: Dee Hart post coming in the near future.  Dude is perfect for our offense.  Imagining him and DG in the backfield brings a tear of happiness to my eyes.  Thanks for the update Tom.  This made my day!!