TomVH: Dee Hart Update

Submitted by TomVH on December 7th, 2010 at 12:43 AM

Chris Hays from the Orlando Sentinel posted this article after talking to Demetrius Hart. The article says that Demetrius plans on staying committed to Michigan as long as Rich Rodriguez is the head coach. The shocker is this. If Rich Rodriguez is fired, Demetrius says he will end up at Florida, not Alabama.

I spoke with Chris about the article, and he felt that Demetrius was being genuine. He, along with everyone else, isn't sure what Demetrius will do but said Demetrius told him he will stay if Rich Rodriguez does too. He told Chris Hays tonight that Alabama is out, and it's all about the spread offense for him. Demetrius is also no longer enrolling early, according to Chris and the article.



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Finally some words of wisdom here.   There is a correlation with points and Walmart Slappy, but moreso  points with RR Slappy.   And I'm beginning to notice, the only true and genuine Blue  are the ones like us with NEGATIVE points. There are a few Spartys mixed in, however.


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While people may get negged for most anti-RR posts, simply because the majority of the board is pro-RR, I think the negs really rain down when someone spouts vitriol toward Rodriguez.  After three years, there's a legitimate debate to be had over whether he's improved enough to keep the job, but the anit-RR crowd that insults him and makes conclusory statements like "the experiment failed" when the "experiment" isn't over yet is the crowd that really gets negged.  Thoughtful, respectful debate doesn't generate a lot of negative points.


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just like to look at the offense, but forget that the defense was the worst in the history of the program. Not close to being the worst, but the ABSOLUTE, No ?'s asked worst ever.

It's easy to blame Greg Robinson, but that also falls on RR. The Big East Defense and Offense has failed to produce in the Big 10. Time for a change.

Harbaugh ran a type spread offense in San Diego. He can use it now in the transition till he gets it back to the more pro-style. Dee Hart and Denard can be successful under Jim Harbaugh


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EDIT: Meant to be a reply to RBW's post above.  Cheech is the kind of idiot who makes baseless conclusory statements that I was talking about.

I agree 100%.  While I hope that RR gets another year, I realize that there's a pretty significant chance that he doesn't come back.  Reasonable minds can certainly disagree about the best course to take, but if I had a vote, I'd say he gets one more year.  I personally won't neg anyone for having a different opinion, but the kind of people who say shit like "nope, won't work in the big ten" deserve all they get.


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Michigan never had a chance with either player or MSU never had a real chance? In both regards you wrong. While Arnett was a long shot for Michigan, Avery Walls was and is still a possibility albeit he'll probably go Oregon.

Listen, unlike many of you, I can log on here and share thoughts without my Maize and Blue glasses on. Folks around here need to be more realistic and open to discussions that may or may not be in favor of Michigan.

IMO RR needs to go. I don't hate the man and actually had hoped he had succeeded, but he hasn't. How much longer do we give him?

david from wyoming

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Since you are not Dave Brandon, I really don't care what you think or write. You may or may not be a troll, but you are clearly trying hard to start a flame war. I chose to ignore posters like you.

And I implore the rest of mgoboard to do the same...

david from wyoming

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On a thread about Dee Hart and his commitment to Michigan, you keep trying to make a case to get rid of Rich Rod. Since you keep trying to hijack the thread, if your not trying to start a flame war...what are you trying to do?


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You're kinda like that guy who wore a LeBron James Heat jersey to a Cleveland Indians game over the summer. You had to have known this was coming...the Mgoblog community is overwhelmingly pro-RR. 

Also, when you say inferring in a post above, you meant referencing. But, you were probably an engineer here, so English grammar wasn't a concern, amirite? 

Lastly, can you please inform me of any other quippy phrases you have that reference anything Michigan-related? If not, it could get Ugli, Dude.


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How much longer do we give him?

One more year. Allow him to graduate his first class of true seniors. Recognize the facts of the Decimated Defense (Part I Part II). Expect 9-3 in the regular season. Relax.

Brandon's first really difficult decision will be whether to give Rodriguez a new contract or extension before his fifth year. Rich's fourth year is not likely to be spectacular enough (i.e., beating both Nebraska and OSU) for it to be a no-brainer. It will be a tough decision -- waiting could be expensive.


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"If he was a Sparty troll.......wouldn't he want Rodriguez to stay?"
NO!  The fact is, those jacktards obsess about Michigan and Rodriquez as much as they do because deep down, they WANT Michigan to succeed.  How else do you explain so much vitriol for a coach who is supposedly wrecking their arch rival?  It makes no sense. 


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Interesting turn of events. I'd love to have Dee in the maize and blue, but I guess DB will decide that.

Nothing like a little late night update. You log on, not expecting anything, then, BAM, TomVH post. Nice little bed time story.

Thanks, Tom.


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Now that we have a clear set of outcomes for each possible situation, we can now refrain from bitching/whining/worrying/squealing every time the name "Dee Hart" pops up on the board.


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I'm relieved by the duo of attitudes some recruits seem to have about the coaching change. Hart comes out and says he's here as long as Rodriguez is, even if that isn't clear until January. I was afraid the ambiguity of the situation would scare some commits away to calmer seas, but this is evidence that guys are willing to wait and see what unfolds. On top of that, Devin Lucien, taking an opposite view, mentioned that the coach isn't a big deal for him. He's more interested in the tradition that Michigan has, which will be present no matter who is caoching. I think sometimes we forget that some guys want to play for Michigan/USC/Notre Dame/Alabama, etc., because those schools have heaps of tradition. Not every school has to have a John Calipari who convinces each player that he's the best coach for them, no matter what school it is.

Captain Obvious

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Some, like Hart, can wait out this process to see what unfolds (if they feel like it, remember we have been recruiting him hard for 2 years) - they know with certainty that if they change their mind at the last second they will still have their pick of any school they want.

Others, even high 3 star/4 star types, will not want to chance waiting around for DB to make a decision.  If they are down to 2-3 schools and spots are filling up at other schools, they will feel enormous pressure to commit elsewhere.  Waiting around for Michigan is a huge risk for these kids and we have a greatly diminished chance at landing them.

Still others will be here no matter what because they grew up liking the school or do not have any comparable offers.

I'm worried about the second category here and trying to fill the gaps with 2nd and third choices that will commit because we are the far superior option.

biakabutuka ex…

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Well, that seals the deal. This long, drawn out process will have no repercussions besides bags under RR's eyes.  Incidentally, this has to affect Brandon's decision, whether he admits it or not.


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Then at schools like Mich, OSU, Texas, Fla, Ala, you could never fire a coach based on the recruits possibly coming in next year being recruited by the coach that is possibly getting fired. College football programs can't be held hostage by a HS kid in regards to who is going to be coaching the program.


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Right, but Hart said in the article that he specifically wants to play in a spread offense, which is why Florida is now the second choice.  Alabama does not run the spread.  Harbaugh does not run the spread.  Hiring Harbaugh eliminates one of the best recruits in this class.

One recruit does not make the difference between success and failure for a coach.  It's certainly a credit to RR's skills as a recruiter but I'm not arguing that Hart alone justifies keeping RR as HC.


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So what? One recruit DOES NOT make a program. If Brandon feels the need to fire RR for the overall well-being of the football program, guess what? He will! It doesn't matter to Dave Brandon then if Dee Hart them commits to Florida.

Gotcha, RR has for sure proven he can recruit the O side of the ball here at Mich. Im sure Brandon sees that, but you're right, there is no argument based on one kid for keeping RR, if Brandon feels that he needs to go.