TomVH: DE Ifeadi Odenigbo Offered

Submitted by TomVH on February 7th, 2011 at 7:17 PM

I wrote about Ohio DE Ifeadi Odenigbo in my Weekly Update today, and he told me Michigan extended him an offer just a few hours ago. Mark Smith, the new linebackers coach, was the one to give him the offer.

Ifeadi really likes the academic side of Michigan, but as I said in my Weekly Update if Ohio State offers he very well could end up a buckeye. Because there are so many options at defensive end this year, he's not even sure if Ohio State will offer. I really like his film, and I said this before but he somewhat reminds me of Jermaine Cunningham who played for Mattison at Florida. Cunningham came in around 194 pounds, and plays around 260 pounds for the Patriots now. 

I'm not sure if embedding video is working posts, so if not here's a direct link to his film.



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He's got a pretty nice offer list for someone this early in the process.. Doesn't he go to the same HS as '11 Tech signee Kris Harley? Any word on some Hoke magic in the Indianapolis area (sarcasmish)?

EDIT: Embed just because when I clicked on the link and the screen came up, you couldn't see most of it.



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If there's one school in Indiana that is on par with the top high school programs in the country, it's Warren Central. I'm pretty sure both Va Tech and BC have gotten multiple players from there, which are strange pipelines for an Indiana school. But anyway, Warren Central puts out multiple D-1 players every year. It'd be a great pipeline if the staff can develop one.


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I will say that he has got all the tools to be great and I mean tools. warren central looks like an NFL training camp. I played in a national tournament for baseball in 07 for a team in ohio in the hoosier invite and the site we got was at warren and in between WC god children beat down i believe it was (11-7)  and the next game i went poking around there bubble dome and football field. By far the nicest place i have ever seen. i go to toledo and ive seen the new faclilties we got and I would still have to say WC is better. I hope he goes blue and uses what WC has to full advantage because they have some denarios there.


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It's already Feb 7.  What about a "Best Guess" 2012 recruiting class? 

Seriously, thanks for the updates.  I'm pumped for 2012.  We honestly need to start beating OSU on the trail.


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I've been reading "Half of a Yellow Sun", a novel by an African woman about the short lived nation of Biafra in Africa, and in the book, there is a character named Ifeadi AND a character named Odenigbo. Every time I've read his name I've though, "But that's two people."


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Odenigbo looks like he has great closing speed. He really explodes into tackles. Sheldon Day looks like he's just a pillar of strength. Both of these guys would be valuable additions to next year's recruiting class. I hope that we can really sell Odenigbo on the academics. It seems like while it may be an important factor for him, he's waiting on an offer from OSU. DT is a desperate need, and it's good to see that we offered a guy who looks like he could be a very good one in Day.


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This guy has cat-like quickness backed up by brute-force violence.  I'm extremely high on this prospect.  I'm not worried about the Suckeyes either, we have a whole year to go with Hoke & Mattison to put the full court press on.  Remember we now have the best recruiter in college football with a head coach with D-line mastery.  I like our chances.  Go Blue!


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Per Rivals initial 2012 list posted by CincyBlue in an earlier thread.  #24 player overall in OH.  Yep, I'd say it's a pretty deep year in the Midwest.  I look forward to the day we win these recruiting battles outright (we need to win B1G again), but until then, OSU can't take 'em all.  Hard to believe there are 6 ends better than this guy.


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Hello.  I grew up in Centerville and live there now. That's where Ifeadi goes to school.  I made a post on Tom VH front page thread earlier today but will repeat since it appears some didn't see that.  For background on the high school, it is very Pro-OSU.  The same school that A.J. Hawk and Mike Nugent went to.  Also the same high school that 2011 commit Michael Bennett goes to.  Getting a Buckeyes offer to these kids truly means "you've made it".  A lot of that comes from the head coach.  His son graduated around the time A.J. Hawk did and was given a preferred walk on by Tressel as a courtesy to the school//coach, likely to try and establish a pipeline.  It worked.  The coach's son was hardly a D1 prospect. The head coach seems forever indebted to Tressel for that.  So, if Ifeadi does get an offer from OSU, I'd say it'd be an upset for him to go somewhere else. 

As for the helmets, Centerville has gunmetal black helmets with a circular gold 'C' logo on them.  They do not have wings.  The players earn "hitting stripes" and those are placed on the helmet in a 'winged' pattern.  If you look closely at the video, you can see different players have different amounts of stripes.  Bennett's helmet (#68) almost looked all gold at the end of the year.  Ifeadi wasn't far behind.

As for the pronunciation his first name is Ifeadi (if Eddie, only said quickly together = iffetti).  Last name is Odenigbo (oda,nigbo, also said quickly).

Having said that Centerville did have a DE this past year that committed to West Virginia (#8 Kyle Rose, no OSU offer) and has had 3 brothers (the Replogle's - Tyler, Matt and Mike) sign with Indiana (not sure if any of them were offered by OSU).  On top of that, there was a lot of good players in the GWOC last year, including HH Wayne QB Braxton Miller and Springfield LB Trey DePriest, so Ifeadi has played against some good talent.  His film is legit.  He's a physical specimen to look at, plays with a great motor, and has great quickness and speed for a DE.  I believe he could easily add another 20-30 pounds to his frame.  I believe his parents are from Africa.  I know his Mom is a pediatrician in the area and that Ifeadi really wants to become a doctor himself.  Academics will surely be important to him and coming from CHS, he will have a good academic background to prepare him well for college.  Grades will never be an issue with this kid.  I also heard that Indiana has already offered him as well.

I really hope that Hoke and Mattison push hard for this kid.  Not only would it be nice for me to be able to root for a hometown kid at Michigan (for once!!), but I believe he brings a physical game that would fit Mattison and Hoke's defense perfectly.  Go Blue!


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Graduated from CHS in 1991.

Go Elks, and Go Blue!

Also, to add more information on Ifeadi, he has been offered by Indiana, Michigan, Michigan St., and Boston College so far.  I don't think Michigan St. will ever be a threat for him and I can't see Boston College hanging in for very long either.  I would also discount Indiana, but like I said above, he has former teammates that attend Indiana, so you can bet they will be in his ear about IU.  In the end, I think it will come down to OSU (if they offer), ND (if they offer, and indications are they might), and UM (already offered).  It nothing else, I think Ifeadi will get plenty of attention from Hoke since Hoke's parents live 5-10 minutes from Centerville.  That shouldn't be a hard trip for Hoke to make.


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I loved seeing him hunt Braxton Miller down multiple times! Closing speed was very impressive.

Unless he wants a doctorate in criminal activity I suggest he come to a real school...Go Blue!

I am really excited about the talent in the midwest for 2012. With Hoke/Mattison there to reel these DL recruits I have a good feeling about next year's class. This kid, Wormly, Dan O'brien, his boy Godin, Ross, Royce-Jenkins, Richardson, Diamond would be a pretty damn good start...Let's get it and fuck that school down south!


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Ok, so I played with Ifeadi when he was brought up to varsity as a freshman and later got to watch him practice all last year during the summer. I am a 2009 Centerville football graduate, and I played with Adam and Tyler Replogle (Indiana), Jake Feldmeyer (Illinois), Mike Bennett (OSU) and others now in D1 programs. Centerville is a D1 football powerhouse in Southwest Ohio. They never do make the state championship, but thats because of numerous reasons that are all debateable, but I digress.

Ifeadi (Ah-fad-ee) is quick. That's my initial reaction to this kid. He's also tall. I know it says 6'2" but he just seems taller. The kid has limitless potential, in my opinion. He only started playing 2 years ago. If I know Coach Ullery (Elks head coach), and I do, he's gonna kick his ass in the weight room and get some more muscle on him. I've seen kids go from his size to on the team at Oklahoma in 3 years (another kid I played with). He is very quick on learning, and from what I saw was a true speed defensive end. He'll swim move you to get to the outsides, then quickly crash when he recognizes run. He's a sprinter, so he can turn on the jets quick. This is a great offer, and I can only hope he comes here. Sadly, I do not think this will happen as of now. Talking with his classmates on the team with him, they all indicate he is most interested in Stanford at this point. He's smart, and has a passion to win. I hope coach Hoke's close ties to the Dayton area pay off here.

Also, keep a look out for Benny McGowan. He's a 6'4" 290lb OLineman who routinely gave Bennet a run for his money. The key is he is a huge Michigan fan. He was up here visiting for a game last year under RR, so he has been interested for a while.