TomVH: DB Wayne Morgan Update: Michigan Moves Up

Submitted by TomVH on April 12th, 2011 at 11:05 PM

New York DB Wayne Morgan (5'11", 188 lbs) took a trip out to Michigan a few weeks ago and put Michigan in second place on his list behind Rutgers. I had put this in an update previously that Rutgers was the leader, according to his coach, because of the comfortability and familiarity.

I spoke with his coach tonight and he told me that he thinks Michigan is now tied at the top with Rutgers. Morgan was actually lifting weights in a Michigan shirt today [he also apparently power cleaned 280 today]. His coach told me that he'll be visiting Alabama [who has offered] in the next week.

However, he said that Michigan's tradition really sticks out to Wayne, the opportunity to play early, and overall what they have to offer. Being from New York, Morgan's coach told me they aren't too fond of the south because it's a whole different world down there. He's not sure when Wayne will be back out to Michigan because of costs, but he said that Michigan has really impressed Morgan and their coaching staff. He's starting to get more looks and could have some more offers soon, so we'll see what happens.



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We are just fucking shit up on the recruiting trail this year. Sorry there is just no other way to put it. We are back!!!! We arrrrrrrrrrre baaaaack!! Little Hang Over quote for everyone to enjoy.


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Love this, "they aren't too fond of the south because it's a whole different world down there". If your going to listen to your coach about anything, its that right there.


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I want to look in the archives and see if we have film of the young man.  It is very interesting to hear that he might have reservations about playing or going to school in the "South".  I lived in  Hinesville, GA for 7 1/2 and will have to say that things are different but going to a major University would counter all of that.  There are people from all over the world that are on campus just like there were in the military community that I lived in.  But if that is what brings the young man to be it.....mums the word.


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I hear you, but Tuscaloosa isn't like being in, say, Atlanta. I grew up in NYC, and while i wasn't a d1 athlete, i immediately fell in love with Ann Arbor upon visiting. I agree that generally, when you go to a big school, it doesn't matter where you are, since there are 25,000 people your age on campus; however, Ann Arbor has that plus an awesome town in its own right. Also, in NYC, Michigan has more cache, for what it's worth.


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"Also, in NYC, Michigan has more cache, for what it's worth." 

I remember taking my Michigan degree status to New York City.  It got in me more than a couple of interviews and kept me in many early career, " try to impress the big shots" cocktail conversations when asked where I went to school. 


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From what I've read, Magnus doesn't think too highly of Wayne, and apparently most of the New York area prospects, but at the moment any guy that has an Alabama offer is alright in my book.


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It's not that I don't think highly of him...but I'm just not sure if he's a cornerback at the next level.  I think he would probably make a better safety.

That being said, someone else mentioned above that they trust Mattison more than me.  I'm sure every college coach knows more about football than me, and that's okay.  But I certainly trust Hoke/Mattison more than I trusted Rodriguez's evaluations.  This coaching staff is offering much better players (on average) than Rodriguez, so if they think he can play corner, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Keep in mind that the last staff offered guys like Antonio Kinard early in the if an Antonio Kinard-like player wouldn't be available later in the recruiting cycle.  They also recruited a bunch of defensive backs who bombed out, transferred, or switched positions.  So virtually anything is better than that nonsense.


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Actually, I didn't know/remember that Morgan was a 3-star to Scout.  But now that you tell me that, it gives me some reinforcement for my thinking.  Thanks.

I know you're still pissed because I think your home state of New Jersey is a dump, so I'll take your jabs with a grain of salt.


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It doesn't really matter if you get it.  It's a matter of personal opinion.  I don't get pissed off at you for disliking my favorite singer (Justin Bieber) or my favorite candy (Pixy Stix).  I think you can deal with somebody disliking your home state.  It's not a big issue..


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Scout's #250 guy is a 4*, they put Morgan at #263

He's in the Rivals250 to Watch and the ESPNU150 Watchlist

247 has him as the #33 player in the country, and the #4 CB (just behind Terry Richardson).  Offers from 'Bama, PSU, MiamiYTM


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I'm not really concerned about his size.  He's a solid tackler, which is the biggest question I have about smaller guys.  When I watch him run, I think he has decent hips, but he just doesn't have the closing speed I would like to see in a corner.  We don't need that many corners this year (1 would probably suffice), so I would like to see Michigan pull in an elite guy at the position.  I'm not sure that Morgan fits that "elite" status.  We could also use a decent free safety since Vinopal left and the rest of the guys are unproven, so there's an opening there...


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I'll also say, my side of my family is True Blue: Michigan fans, largely Michigan alumni. Another branch of my family are solid Alabama. A cousin of mine got into Prnceton but wasn't allowed to go...she was expected to go to Alabama, join the same sorority and live in the same room. Ahem...yeah...

The point being, I have some familiarity with Alabama and the Tide. Without wanting to paint the University any particular color, people from my branch of the family have always been uncomfotable with the levels of ambient, very casual racism in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa alike. I don't know about the University specifically in that regard, but it is a different world down there.


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and I can tell you first hand, outside of campus, its like walking through a time portal to 1965.  This town is growing, with the help of the younger mayor, a former teammate of mine, but it is still a town run by the good ol' boys.  The campus is really something to take in, the girls are already wearing next to nothing and there is BBQ on every corner, but if he goes off campus with anyone other Coach Saban, from what I've experienced, he probably wont like how he's treated.  


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Who the fuck would ever want to watch a game with that guy? Every time a call goes against Bama he pulls out the n-word, yells, screams in front of the TV, making it uncomfortable for everyone in the room and hard to watch. Well, may be that's why they have three TVs, but I wouldn't want to watch a game with that guy. I mean I get emotional as the next guy, but I don't get that nuts..


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Here's his Junior film. He's not highlighted so a couple plays are hard to find him. He plays QB, DB, and WR for his team so he's everywhere:


ND Sux

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evah, against Princeton.  I think that's pretty cool stuff. 

It wouldn't be enough to make me choose Rutgers over Meeeechigan though.