TomVH: Coaches Visiting DeAnthony Arnett ***More****

Submitted by TomVH on October 21st, 2010 at 3:17 PM

Just got a phone call from DeAnthony Arnett's brother; Michigan coaches will be at DeAnthony's game on Saturday. I believe it will be Fred Jackson, but not positive. 

***Rod Smith was also at Dr. Phillips yesterday, and a few of the coaches will be out to see DT Kevin McReynolds tomorrow.



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This may explain his tweet.


I'm just waiting to hear Fred Jackson's description of how this kid has the strength of Godzilla with the speed of a fighter jet, but also the agility of a jungle cat mixed with a scorpion. Also, he has the intelligence of the child between Stephen Hawking and Marilyn vos Savant (look it up).


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He would be a great get if possible.  People need to remember: Hemingway, Stonum, Odoms and Grady are all juniors.  We'll have a ton of production to replace after 2011.


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2011 could be THE year. We return everyone important more or less, have another year of scheme and experience under our belts across the board plus a schedule from the Gods. First five games at the big house, No Alabama yet, Notre Dame, Nebraska and Ohio State (rebuilding defense) at home and really only Michigan State (rebuilding defense) and Iowa (rebuilding defense plus no Stanzi) on the road.


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Yeah, and add TB Shaw and TE Koger and C Molk and OT Huyge.

Those are 6 Senior starters in 2011, 7 if Huyge replaces Dorrestein, with Grady as a major contributor at SR.

A lot of attention has been paid to defensive recruits lately because we obviously need numbers for immediate contributors and depth... but we need as many offensive players in the next two classes to come in and fill numerous vacancies in 2012. 


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Tom is the equivalent of a reporter embedded with the 3rd Infantry Division during Operation Desert Storm.  He's in the trenches taking grenades for us.  Thanks for the hard work, Tom - great reporting, as always!



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Almost hate to even bring this up becuase who knows what's really going on, but Tom was also tweeting back and forth with this @Ralph989 person, who apparently has some relationship with Arnett (at this point I don't care to dig any further to find that out), and who doesn't exactly have the nicest things to say about Michigan. You can read for yourself:!/Ralph989


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The funny thing about those comments is that Devin Gardner could be a perfect reason for Arnett to chose Michigan.  Eventually, it will be Gardner's offense and Arnett would assumedly be starting with him.  That is exactly the scenario that his alledged brother is seeking.  On the other hand, who does MSU have as their future QB?  (I'm not mocking them, I honestly don't know.  But I assume no one the caliber of Gardner . . .)

Blue Bunny Friday

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This article is pretty funny;

As the starting QB for Saline High School, Boisture answered the critics who said he was a product of "weak" competition, by throwing four touchdowns, eight interceptions and amassing a 61 QB rating against "good" competition.

A 3-star to Scout. He was invited to the Army game.

Also, Andrew Maxwell (ranked almost exactly the same) has played some this year.


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I guess I will never understand the thinking behind chosing Army All-Americans.  From what you posted, it seems like the Boisture kid is an above-average QB.  In my world, that comes no where close to being an all-american of any kind.  How does he get chosen to play in that game?  I ask because I clearly do not understand the criteria . . .

Blue Bunny Friday

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That whole article is about just that.

Joe Boisture of Saline High School in Michigan was selected in November after he completed his senior season. During that season he completed eight interceptions and four touchdowns. Yet your organization, who by your own definition only selects the most elite high school prospects, considered him an elite prospect. I was just wondering what the methodology was that went into that selection?

Schmid: Look if you guys from Michigan want to keep beating me up about a selection. I already had you calling in about Edwin Baker [2009 Michigan State commit] last year. I understand that Joe has taken a lot of grief for his year at Saline.

I have no affiliation or affinity for the University of MIchigan. I cover Central Michigan sports for a website called MLIVE. I am not trying to condemn the decision or make Joe look bad. I am simply interested as a college football fan how a player with twice as many interceptions as touchdowns could be selected to the most prestigious All Star game in the country.

Schmid: What do you want us to do...un-invite him? That's not going to happen. I have nothing else to say to you.


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The Black Mamba.   Oh doctor.

If you haven't seen him on tape, don't. I think it was Nipsy Russell's character in the 80's classic "Wildcats" when denying Goldie Hawn's request for more information on the mega talented quarterback from the priort season:

"no sense making your mouth water for cake you'll never eat."  

If he does agree to visit, start watching those videos and enjoy the show.  That guy is awesome.