TomVH: Chris Bryant Update

Submitted by TomVH on July 25th, 2010 at 7:18 PM

Illinois OL Chris Bryant just left Ann Arbor from an unofficial visit with his parents. Bryant didn't commit, but everyone really enjoyed themselves.

I didn't commit, I need to talk things over with my parents. I like it a lot, though. They really liked too. 

It seems like a commitment from Bryant could happen soon. I've said this before, but if we get Chris then we would most likely also get his teammate, 2012 OL Jordan Diamond next year. They both want to go to school together, and they both really like Michigan. 



July 25th, 2010 at 7:33 PM ^

We have a nice OL class shaping up. I know Posada may be blue soon as well. So my question is where do these two project to play in college. At first I thought Posasda was going to be a tackle but have been hearing guard lately.Bryant seems to project as a guard as well.

Space Coyote

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I swear it seems like every guy we recruit stanford also offers and vise versa.  I mean, it does make sense to a degree (both great institutions and all) but it really seems like it is every single guy.  It's just very odd.

Can't say it's a bad thing if things don't work out for RR though and we pick up that guy Stanford already has (just saying.  Please don't kill me, I'm not implying that will happen or I want that to happen, again, just saying).

Also, for those that wondered, he is currently a three star with some other good, but not great, offers, though it appears some other really good schools could be in on him in the future.  He is currently the #61 OT so will, if the path remains consistant, be a high three star to end things (which is not bad at all with offensive lineman as they are nearly impossible to predict how they will turn out).

EDIT: I could just edit the bit out that I know I'm getting negged for, and I'll probably get negged more for adding this, but damn some of you guys are paranoid.  I am in no way insinuating RR is going to get fired or a desire for him to.  I know you guys are all about not talking about it because it doesn't help anybody, and maybe this falls under that content, I'm just making a point that it is odd that we are recruiting a lot of the same players as the supposed front runner in the what-if scenario.  Also, if a school like Stanford is recruiting that does give some validation to a recruit (I know, just trust RR, we don't need validation from other schools, yada yada yada).  But personally, I like when other schools and coaches want the same recruits we're going after.  I guess I have nothing left to defend myself with, you've already strapped on a fake nose, put a pointy hat on me and a little mole, and I guess I weigh more then a duck, so you might as well burn the witch.

Space Coyote

July 25th, 2010 at 8:02 PM ^

He does certainly have many connections out here and that is a big reason why.  But even some of our out-of-midwest guys seem to be recruited by Stanford as well.  Much of it might be that, though their coaching philosophies are different, they have an eye for very similar talent, because even the lesser recruited players we go after always seem to be offered by Stanford too.  Either way, I have no problem with it, and I don't think it's a conspiracy, I just find it interesting.


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I am sorry that I havent checked the Stanford recruiting pages, but we recruit more Florida(outside the midwest).  I think we pick our spots in Texas and California.  I didnt think we would go after the same guys, but I will check more carefully now.  Thanks.

Space Coyote

July 25th, 2010 at 8:22 PM ^

I actually gave you a +1 because you brought up a good point I failed to.  Sorry if you took it that way, I didn't mean for it to sound that way.  I feel we recruit pretty evenly between the midwest and southeast (Florida mostly).  And I don't look at any of the Stanford recruiting pages, just from scrolling to the bottom of scout or rivals pages for guys we've offered it always seems like there is a Stanford offer as well.


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Generally I like to attribute it to the fact that both Stanford and Michigan are exceptional academic institutions with strong football traditions.  If a football player is a very good student and wants to play big time college football it stands to reason he would be recruited by us and Stanford.

Speaks well for our coaching staff that they are going after so many good students.

Space Coyote

July 25th, 2010 at 8:30 PM ^

As I said too, it makes sense to a degree, both are great institutions.  However, I personally think it has more to do with both coaches having the same eye for talent and both having connections to the midwest.  I am very happy our coaches are going after good students (and in all honesty it is a very serious need for us to assure that we do because of our low APR scores).  Again, I agree with your comment, I just find it an oddity.  On another note, it also gives validation that "spread" offenses don't need different players than "pro-style" offenses.  Both teams run very different schemes, yet both recruit many of the same players, many of which aren't necessarily the top-100 types that people would argue fit into any system because they are just that good.


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I think that is fair, and I agree with others that your comments should not have been negged.  Everyone is entitled to a reasonable opinion and the negging has become way too habitual.

EDIT: And of course this innocuous comment is immediately negged...I'm sure it makes someone feel empowered.


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Amen to that. It gets completely ridiculous frequently around here. It's almost as though some idiots neg on a random basis just because they can. Of course, they can't muster up the balls to actually communicate the nature of their disagreement, I suspect because the nature of their disagreement is often juvenile and/or petty and/or personal, and they know it.


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...that Bryant's visit went well.  He seems like a well grounded kid and I'm glad he says that he wants to discuss things over with his parents.  Things like how much he and they liked Michigan.


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Interesting thing about getting some OL recruits in is that Michigan can possibly recruit Zettel to the DL.  He seems to have some versatility that might lean to D.