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A quick story on George Campbell by TomVH - thought I'd link to it but the content is relatively redundant for those closely reading the past few days - however there are 2 videos at the top of the story that I think are worth watching. The second video shows highlights of the Orlando NFTC from March.   Could not embed these as they are via espn and not youtube - maybe someone with more embed prowess can do it in replies.

Quick takeaways (1) Gosh these kids are young, if you just look at his baby face it looks like a 14 year old...then you go to the physique and it's a man. Helps us put in perspective just how young some of these guys are watching the first video.

(2) First video focuses first on his athletic prowess but last third he talks about how he wants to be a role model and gives back to the community. I am noticing a trend...

(3) In 2nd video he has a drop here or there and the scouting report about "fighting the ball" makes some sense. A few catches against the body as opposed to with his hands. That said, he has TWO YEARS to work on this before even setting a foot on campus as a student. See point 1. Worst case scenario (obviously doubtful) we have one of the most physical and scary fast safeties in college football... (note the poor corner who tried to play press coverage at 1:47 minute mark)

Link to story here.   Link to video 1 here.  Link to video 2 here.



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You know how you listen to an individual speak, and within 10 seconds you form a general opinion of him/her? As in gain some kind of a vibe one way or another? I've seen the video where GC explains the whole role model thing, and you can just tell this guy has high character, is genuinely a good person and is very well spoken. Hoke doesn't recruit any dummies, this verbal commit only enhances what we already know, that Hoke values character just as important as on field ability. I love this guy as our coach.


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I considered Campbell a long shot regardless of Cole as a teammate. I just genuinely did not see him leaving Florida for anywhere but Clemson or and SEC power. Due to that I never viewed any video on him in which he speaks and I could gauge is general demeanor. Once he committed I viewed that video and immediately heard a very soft spoken and seemingly polite, hard working and stand up kid. Hoke claims to not be selling anything and while that may be true I also think he may tell kids with such attitudes that they are exactly what he wants at Michigan as a person and player. The difference being that most schools simply sell the kid on their physical ability and how they will produce on the field alone. I think many kids these days appreciate it when a coach or any adult acknowledges their personal demeanor and attitude. I think Hoke does this beautifully.


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I have yet to see the videos but I like what I'm hearing about the kids' overall demeanor. Trying to temper my enthusiasm as I know how young he is and how much attention he will be getting over the next year and a half for his football skills. Our "no visit" policy is a lot to ask of a young kid with so much opportunity. I just have a hard time believing that at his age he won't want to check out the big SEC schools around him. Here's to hoping.....&......



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I'm really not that worried about a decommitment from Campbell because he's already seen those schools.  He went all over the place with Scott and Cole, not just to Michigan.  Beyond that, I feel like a big contributing factor to Hoke's incredible track record of holding onto commits is that kids who are attracted to the family atmosphere of this program are also kids who value sticking to their word.  The team could not be headed in a better direction.


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Looking at it from where we are right now, that may be true, but if he turns out to be a safety, it's going to be because our coaching staff, that I truly believe in, decides that he fits in best there. So if they do decide that he belongs at safety, why is that a bad thing as long as he produces?


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We should know that ratings, rankings, and projections don't always mean it's definite. Are you saying Courtney Brown is better than Tom Brady?

O by the way if you don't recognize that name, that's the guy who was drafted #1 overall in the draft where Tom Brady went #199 overall.


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I agree with you 100% Who cares what position he plays if he is good? If you know anything about football or really sports in general, you have to be smart enough to understand that a 5 star recruit isn't always better than a 4 star. Just because someone says his potential at WR is greater than his potential as a DB, doesn't mean that this is written in stone.

Dude Lebowski

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As stated in the article, Campbell has 2 years to work on his receiving game.  By some recruitnik accounts he would have been the #1 receiver in the 2014 class.  That considering, I think he'll stick at WR.

Naked Bootlegger

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I'm cool with a 6'5" safety, but I'm not sure if this kid is done growing yet.   Looking through my novice football projection crystal ball, I see WR in his future.    Either way, he's a helluva commit at this juncture of the 2015 recruiting cycle.

Victor Hale II

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The heights these kids are ascribed are anything but accurate or even consistent.  I just saw some Twitter pics with Campbell and Mason Cole, and Mason looks to have at least 1-2" on George.  And what is Mason listed at, 6-4?


I just wonder how accurate the official UM rosters are?  I'd hope they're legit.

Naked Bootlegger

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Thanks for the clarification. I guess I should've double-checked this info from the earlier Hello: George Campbell thread:



He is 6'5" and 198 lbs. already, according to Rivals


As most mention, he's probably a few shades less than 6'5", but he's still young. Perhaps a few more inches are in his future. 


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6'4 kid who is obviously still growing and puts up back to back 4.36/4.37 40 times going into their junior want to take them all day long.  That is impressive especially given the two kids he was in the finals with looked to be at least 3-4 inches shorter.  As he gets stronger and builds more coordination and technique, catching, etc should just get even better.  

That being said, I am just as impressed with his outlook in life towards life and service to others.  Looks to be a great pick up and it sounds like he was already recruiting everyone at the event and was already sending out messages to other big recruits about Michigan.  



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So I think comparisons to Braylon are pretty solid right now. However, the measureables with Braylon are from his Pro Day. He ran a 4.38 40, which Campbell beat at the Opening, with a 38" vertical - one inch higher than Campbell. Heightwise Campbell is maybe an inch taller. Most importantly, Braylon has always suffered from the dropsies. But, well, MSU game. In case anyone wondered, Calvin Johnson ran a 4.35 at his Pro Day with a 42.5" vertical while measuring 6'5". So those are the measureables Campbell could grow in to, just needs to work on getting Calvin's hands as well.


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Soaking up all the information I can about this incredible commit.  I spent the weekend in Columbus of all places, so after a good delousing, I'll be right back into the swing of things.  Still haven't seen a lot of info on the BBQ after action report...I suppose they're still being written.  More commits I feel in the few weeks to come...