Tommie Frazier speaks out against Pelini

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As the amazing nebraska defense was smacked around yet again Saturday, former NU QB Tommie Frazier has had enough and is calling for Pelini's head.

If this stuff keeps happening, I think he's gone. 

If the lunatics at NU fired Frank Solich for going 9-3 two years removed from a national title game berth, I don't know what it will take to fire Pelini. Keep in mind Solich was 58-19 in 6 years.



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Its interesting on several levels.  First, who cares what Frazier says, really.  I know he has the ear of the fanbase what what does that guy know?  That was always an interesting thing about the Rodriguez era to me, the knock that none of the former U-M players were around or were invited.  I definitely think it matters to have them present, especially guys like Woodson, Brady, etc.  But when those guys start speaking out, I value their opinions about as highly as I do MGoYour's.  (No offense, I intended that as a compliment.  I think)

Second, Pelini seems to understand the problem, that being his demeanor and attitude sucks.  But can he change the makeup of his personality and coaching method in time to win the players?

Third, why is no one addressing the elephant in the room?  Its pretty clear to me that the jerseys they chose to wear sucked the life out of the players, resulting in the loss.  UniformZ strike again!

Brick in The Wave

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I was at Doane when Frazier was there he was incompetent at best.  Also a huge prick.  I have a great story about him I told on this board a couple of years ago that I think deserves to be retold:

So it is homecoming the first year of the Frazier years at Doane.  Every campus organization was required to do a skit for the homecoming pep rally.  Our fraternity decided to recreate Frazier's legendary run against Florida in the National Championship in '95 IIRC.  Anyway the fraternity that goes in the spot right before us does the exact same thing so now we have no viable option for our skit.  Frazier is standing about 15 feet from us and one of my buddies (we called him Phat Phil which makes the story better) got this great idea to actually ask Frazier to run it with us. 

Now mind you Phat Phil is about 15 beers deep so he waddles over to Frazier and calmly and quite soberly explains the situation to Tommy.  Frazier looks Phat Phil up and down and very smuggly says "I don't make appearances".  Without skipping a beat Phat Phil responds with "Sounds like your pro career". 

Frazier's jaw it the floor as he watched Phat Phil walk away.  It was a classic comeback to a d-bag move on Frazier's part.

Brick in The Wave

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I live in Nebraska and for the first time (long overdue it my opinion) the fans are starting to realize the wheels have come off at Nebraska.  This Monday has a Callahan Monday feel to it.  Not good for Pelini.


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I'm in Omaha and I agree, especially after what Pelini said in reaction to Frazier's comments at his press conference today. You don't say that to the guy who is considered by most Husker fans as THE most legendary player to ever play for them.  Unless they somehow magically find a way to win the B1G this year, I think this was the turning point where the majority of their fans finally turned on Pelini and is truly the beginning of the end. 


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 Isn't that one of the problems tho You play 3 cupcakes and 1 good team for your non-conference schedule and start the B1g Schedule 3-1. The B1g is and has been terrible and right now is the worst conference of the major conferences besides maybe the Big-12. You play 5 or so cupcake B1g teams that you should beat 9 times out of 10 and 3 teams you got a 50-50 shot at. Where's the glory in a 8-9 win season? If you're a professional fighter and you schedule 9 thirteen year olds and 4 25 year old but finish with a professional record of 10-3 how is that a win? Pelini's teams whip up on the 13 year olds and probably finish under 50% against the 25 year old.

 That University has a proud football tradition and a proud fan base. They want to be competing for national championships not Big ten championship. I'm disappointed in the entire conference right now lol so my opinion is a little biased


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Also, his stats weren't eye-popping (link). He ran the option, obviously, but Ahman Green was the leading rusher and Lawrence Philips was just behind Frazier.

If they voted for the Heisman after the bowls that year, though, I think he would have won.

True Blue Grit

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Pellini's head.  Yeah, their defense isn't doing well of late.  But his record isn't that bad at all - maybe not for Nebraska fans though.  His comments about how he thinks he may be pushing the players too much is tellling.   Maybe too much stick and not enough carrot?  If players fear making mistakes, that could explain their less-than-good on field performance. 


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But what happens next year when Martinez graduates?  I dont know who their backup is but I expect that offense takes a step back and that defense... uhhh.  And their recruiting classes have seemingly taken a step back since joining the Big 10.  Or they were just not that great even in the Big 12, I don't know. But I expected to see Nebraska regularly having 12-18th type of recruiting classes once they got in the Big 10.  Neb has Miami at home, @MSU, @NW, @Wiscy...well maybe they will be ok.  No UM, OSU or PSU.  But still, rubbing shoulders with Iowa for 7th overall in the conference in 2014 is not going to sit well.


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Neb was up 21-3, then lost 41-21, or something like that. it was like both the offense and defense decided to pack it in at the same time.

so, i guess the west is going to be a battle between wisconsin and northwestern every year. i am sure that bo and woody would find that to be perfectly normal.


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Players in Husker history!  2 national titles, a 3rd nc game that was a missed fg from winning 3 straight and would have been 3 straight undefeated seasons! 

There is no doubt he has the ears of the husker fanbase and boosters/alumni!

But, Tom Osbourne isn't the head coach and this isn't the days of the husker option attack.  Actually, they got rid of Solich 2yrs too early as they could have waited this thing out and they would have been running the Read Option spread game better than anyone!  Instead they ditched all of it, all of their old recruing grounds for Callahan! 

They need a head coach and assistant coaches that have recruiting cache again that can grab texas talent like they used to. 

Pelini, he could be a dead man walking if they don't compete for a bigten title! 

snarling wolverine

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These were Carr's records:

1995 - 9-4

1996 - 8-4

1997 - 12-0

1998 - 10-3

1999 - 10-2

2000 - 9-3

2001 - 8-4

2002 - 10-3

2003 - 10-3

2004 - 9-3

2005 - 7-5

2006 - 11-2

2007 - 9-4

Carr's career winning percentage was .752.  Pelini's' is .708.  Pelini has recorded as many four-loss seasons in five years as Carr did in 13.  And of course he does not have a magical national championship season to make him bulletproof.


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Lloyd never came close to losing to a MAC team. So there is that. He was a product of the Bo mentality. I mean Michigan lost to Washington and UCLA and Oregon twice, with three of those on the road. Lloyd's teams also bridged the era between old school scheduling and today's scheduling. 


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The funny thing about this is that - to date - Frank Solich would be the more successful coach in comparison to Pelini. Solich went 58-19 for a winning percentage of 0.753. As I recall, the downfall began with that 7-7 performance in 2002, then in 2003 Nebraska went out and got blown out by Missouri, Texas and Kansas State late in the season and that was that for the AD. 

Pelini is 51-21 now, I believe, which translates to a 0.708 winning percentage. As for what he said regarding Frazier, it probably wasn't the most PC thing to say regarding a beloved Cornhusker. Strangely, however, the defensive performance in the UCLA represents a slight improvement in the defense thus far and going back to last season, sad as this sounds. 


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In their last 5 games, Nebraska's defense has given up 70, 45, 34, 13 and 41 points.

During their first 2 seasons in the B1G, their defense has failed them against every top conference team they have played. 48 points to Wisconsin, 45 points to Michigan, 63 points to Ohio State, 70 points to Wisconsin in the B1G title game, along with non conference losses 36 and 41 points to UCLA, 45 to Georgia, 30 to South Carolina, even 38 points against a 6 loss Washington team.

Defensive problems have been a huge issue for them for a while. I was amazed at how much Wyoming blew them out for 600 yards two weeks ago. It was so RichRod/GERG like, it was scary. At one point, Wyoming put a drive together, ended up missing a field goal, and the Husker coaches and players were celebrating like they had just won the national championship because they finally got a stop. There was still a second half of football to be played.

Not that I feel sorry for them, though. Especially after the refs gift wrapped the division title for them last year.


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Nebraska is a tough place to recruit. That might be due to a combination of Pelini's lack of charisma and the fact that Nebraska isn't a hotbed of talent and Lincoln isn't exactly the easiest place to get to. Out of all the traditional powerhouse programs, Nebraska has probably been most negatively affected by the accelerated pace of recruiting. Twenty years ago, this would be the time of year when recruiting for the current class would hit full swing. Nowadays, if your recruiting for the next class hasn't hit full swing by now, you're behind the 8-ball.   


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with only two viable players for years. During that period, NU never gave a scholarship to a fb and loaded up on tbs from Omaha. They didn't really need to spend any on receivers inasmuch as they didn't use them.  All their defensive players were on scholarshp, but they were famous for their walk-on program consisting mainly of NU OLmen who were willing to put in three years of paying their own way. This was not asking much because the tution rivaled that of Michigan's jucos.  3,500 was about as high as tuition got during the Osbourne years.  You were able to bring these players along and given any year, it was more than likely to have two of those walk-ons of that year start at least a season, normally two along the OL.  They did what OR and WVU did for years. They played one offense to perfection, even better than ND who had far better recruits and loaded up on top talent on D with the extra scholarships left over for these players simply by not having to give them to the same positions that the other top rated schools did, i.e., upbacks and two deep, minimum at two wr formations.    ^They got away with promoting the numberofo academic All-Americans they turned out annualy as well, but due to their affiliation with the BIG,they were forced to spend extra money on improving their academic offerings, money that would normally have gone into football improvements. If you will recall, during Tom's years, they were generally considered the standard for strength and conditioning programs and facilities, but have been surpassed by any number-including UM's when RR came in- of programs around the nation since. If I recall correctly the updates expense for UM in that area far surpassed the 2 million dollar mark.     ^In this era of dollars donated having a direct correlation to wins on the field, NU is markedly behind the curve there as well.   ^It might, indeed, be better for them if they went back to the option seeing it never was stopped until they quit using it. Really don't know.  Top ten programs all go through down periods-look at UM experiencing this for over two decades- but return to the top. OU has done it after Switzer, prior to Swoops and two of the Fl schools experienced similar down periods, but have rebounded.     Tommy has to get real as to expectations and staying a part of modern day football. Hell PSU, even given their sanctions have recruited better than NU and you wouldn't even know Ohio had been placed on probation at all if you were to look at their recruiting classes.   And although in Ohio's case, it's a choice made by h.s. players, but I am somewhat alarmed at the speed differential they are gaining again over UM.                                                                                                                                             


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"They can all kiss my ass out the fucking door. 'Cause the day is fucking coming now. We'll see what they can do when I'm fucking gone. I'm so fucking pissed off."

What is this a reference to? Given that this is from October 2011 and the Ohio State job was open, did he think OSU would hire him?