Tom VH ESPN Article: Regarding CB Ambry Thomas

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ESPN300 ATH Ambry Thomas says two schools lead, but he's trying to schedule a few more visits

"Thomas says Michigan State is tied for the lead with Michigan. "There's a lot of opportunity for me up at Michigan State," Thomas said. "I would say right now Michigan and Michigan State have the lead and I can't tell which one leads out of the two. I know I can play early at MSU, but I know at Michigan they're winning and they're going to continue to win." Thomas said he feels Michigan can provide him a lot after football as well, but he also knows Michigan State is just having a bad year and will bounce back. The Detroit prospect is planning to enroll early so he will make his decision by late December."



San Diego Mick

November 7th, 2016 at 11:42 PM ^

then yes by all means, his whole life. If he's 17 then it ain't really his whole life.

Don't make Sparty sound like they've been good forever, they haven't been by any means.

Before this recent surge for them where you would have to erase this season, they've been a very spotty program since the late 60's early '70's till the late aughts.

So in closing, Sparty has been mostly spotty, finish rant!


November 8th, 2016 at 2:22 AM ^

to excuse these young men as though their cognition is the same as a group of Kindergarteners when asked who do they think should be President.  Contrary to your thoughts on the matter, recruits are generally very savvy given the ready-access to everything they'd want to know about perpsective colleges, coaches and teammates.  When you look at the obvious contrasts between JH and MD and how they go about their business as coaches and the subsequent outcomes on the playing field, the perspective athlete should rarely have difficulty selecting between going blue or playing for little brother.  We'll see, but similar to the what a shock it would be for Trump to win the election today, it's really difficult to grasp Thomas going anywhere but playing for the good guys.


November 7th, 2016 at 9:04 PM ^

Copeland or Hicks aren't freshman WR and I think they will be back (after their injury issues). Entrenched was probably liberal word choice...meant moreso that that he would be at least unseating people who had taken first team reps all year (despite them not being that great).

I'm just saying if it's so easy to just pencil him in their, then I feel like you could just as easily pencil him in as a nickel cb with us at the very least. On recruiting profile alone, he may end up the highest rated of the Hill, Long, and him. 


November 7th, 2016 at 10:31 PM ^

Meritocracy at Michigan, if you are better you play.  You work harder and win you play.  That is the way of a fair world, easy way out usually isn't and never leads to the same place.  Small exception made to kids of multimillionares, some times they are born on third base and think they hit a triple.


November 8th, 2016 at 4:05 AM ^

Well we have two current freshmen at his position who have had a decent chunk of playing time, and are leading candidates to start next season. Add in a player like BSJ. It's more of an uphill climb to early PT, whereas he's likely THE GUY from day 1 at MSU, much like his former teammate Corley.


November 8th, 2016 at 12:06 AM ^

those that want to go to MSU go and UM does just fine. Would like to corner the market on instate talent but that will never happen. A few will get away almost every year. Been that way since I can recall but historically UM has pulled somewhere like 80% of the top instate recruits. That can only go up with Harbaugh in charge. 


November 8th, 2016 at 10:03 AM ^

starting to see where we are in control of who we recruit/accept, much like OSU and bama.  Committments will come earlier, as the recruits want to get the spot before it is offered and accepted by another 4-5*.  So, although Mr. Thomas is a very good player, we have other great options and unlike before, it's not imperative that we get him.  Also, if he is looking for a place where there is less competition for playing time, probably not the kind of player that JH is looking for, anyway.