Tom Izzo gets into altercation with Ohio fan

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"Tom Izzo just had to be pulled away from an OSU fan taunting him. He didn't lunge but there were words and he was yanked away."

Most of the stuff that Ohio fans say is pretty vulgar but you have to restrain yourself as a coach. I'm sure that Beilein has had stuff twice as bad said to him being Michigan's coach but he just walks away.



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No coach in the history of the year of the century has faced such adversity. Imagine if we had lost a key player for the year due to an injury, what would we have done? Likely nothing and won no games. Thankfully we knew the names of all our players and they weren't some weird dudes out there.


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really think that there have been some troubling signs from Izzo this year. He is perpetually disappointed in his players, he heels the need to point out his own misfortune even when the team wins, and he is beginning to say really strange things to the media. The guy has been a front runner for so long that he seems disheveled to even have legit competition in the conference. I also don't think he is connecting with players right now in recruiting if he is even the one doing the live recruiting anymore. The difference between being in your prime and overstaying your welcome is a thin line. I can see msu's fan base tiring of what can officially be considered "antics" at this point.

gustave ferbert

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in the Lansing area that Tom is on the way out.  He's been HC as long as Heathcote, he's losing his edge in the recruiting wars (not just to Michigan but to other schools as well) and his teams are underperforming.  Now he's getting persnickety with OSU fans.   Understandable, but still unprofessional. . .

turd ferguson

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Per a Rexrode tweet:

Tom Izzo on the OSU fan: "She was a jerk ... You want the truth or you want me to lie?"

Emphasis mine.  I'm also really sick of Izzo's "I'm a hero who tells it like it is" shtick.  Put Beilein in that situation, which he would never be in to begin with, and he'd say something apologetic about how he's embarrassed and he just can't do that.  Put Izzo in that situation and he runs his mouth, knowing that no one will ever ask for her side of the story anyway.  I find that guy as unlikable as any coach in college sports right now who's not named Bret Bielema, Lane Kiffin, or John Calipari.

turd ferguson

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I realize this is blasphemy, but if Urban weren't at OSU, I don't think I'd really mind him.  Sure, there's stuff about him I don't like, but that's true of most top coaches.  On the other hand, even if Izzo had been at Purdue or Kentucky all of these years, I still think I'd really dislike the guy (if I saw as much of him as I do now and felt like I knew his act as well as I do now).


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Urban isn't a dick like Izzo, he's a snake. The way he quit on Florida after getting dismantled by Alabama says it all. You'd think a school where he won two national titles would love him, but they don't. He quit on Florida and going to probably an even more demanding job after ''retiring for health reasons and to spend more time with family'' is and will always be BS. He is what's wrong with college football. 


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I used to really like him 5-10 years ago. He didn't need to make silly comments degrading Michigan like Dantonio does. I think he's still more classy than Dantonio but now he's all excuses when his team isn't playing well.

Hardware Sushi

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He was still a dick for leaving his starters in against us up 50 points, then goes to the press conference and acts smug about it.

Didn't degrade us because what would the point have been at that time? Dick then, dick now, please take the Pistons job because I consider the Pistons more comedy entertainment than competitive entertainment at this point.

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title from the media.  If he wins, he's somewhat classy.  But if he loses, he whines, makes excuses, and now apparently yells at women.  

Putting the "assy" in classy, I guess.