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December 14th, 2012 at 3:58 PM ^

They have a few more planned as well.

Ford's #48

Cazzie Russell

The company that makes them released these photos. They've also said they're planning to do Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson jerseys.


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Hi Guys,

We do indeed have a full Michigan line put together...  Come see our Facebook Page and contact us for a mailing list ([email protected]).  We are partnering with the M Den, and they are carrying our line.

We were the first company to be licensed by colleges, the NFL, the NBA and the NHL for throwbacks in the 1990s... We're back in the market and now licensed with Michigan and a number of other schools.  Go Blue!

So UM told us we couldn't deliver anything until the week after Thanksgiving -- that's why the late start this year.  M Den wanted the '33 Ford jersey, the '40 Harmon jersey, the '56 Kramer jersey and the '66 Cazzie Russell jersey for basketball.

We are taking ideas for the "Class of 2013" line up of throwbacks.  Let us know!


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Man oh man, there are some ridiculous throwbacks from the Bentley. I saw on the website that you do hockey jerseys for ND, OSU and PSU. A Red throwback jersey would sell like hotcakes. I like this one, and it also looks good in the blue w/three maize stripes:

I'm thinking Des and Woodson would be good, as it sounds like you're doing. Good choices for an initial round.


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That's great!  Looking foward to seeing more schools released over time!  About time a company starts making jerseys for women, soooo tired of wearing men or youth jerseys!


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The photos from the M Den don't do the jerseys justice...  Those were first protos we sent to the M Den.  The finished products are way better!

The '56 Kramer jersey, for example, is in 10.5 oz. Cotton Durene, and has over-size tackle twill number 87 + a vintage jocktag sewn on the lower hem.  The '40 Harmon jersey is in 13 oz. cotton sweater knit, with Tackle Twill number 98 and sewn-on vintage jocktags.

Contact us for more info:  [email protected]


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Do the players or the family's of the players that have passed get a cut$$?
They should. They can't make any money off the jerseys when they are in school. But they should now.
I would not buy a jeresy just because it is # 21. I buy it and wear it because of Desmond. Or if they made one for Tripp. They are my favorite players. They should get a cut. Just a thought. They are cool.


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please, please have these be the jerseys that are worn next year for the UTL ND game.  These would be FANTASTIC. (agreeing with everyone, EVERYONE - I'm shouting for Dave Brandon to hear). 

It looks like all the throwback have the same design, is this correct?  I know they have said the materials/weights are different, but I'm curious about the desgin.  I think the Woodson would be great, but the design is not too 'throwback'.  Rice basketball jersey, please!  For me, I would 100% buy a Jalen Rose.  The Harmon will be mine at some point.