For Tom Brady, unending college competition set the stage for NFL greatness

Submitted by BrownJuggernaut on November 6th, 2017 at 8:52 AM has a write up on Brady and his college years. I'm sure many of you know his story and may even have it memorized by now, but it's always nice to read about his time at Michigan. 




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Hopefully there will be enough young QBs with star potential on this team (including 2018 recruits) and we’ll see a similar situation. More competition breeds better players. Also, fuck the Yankees for ruining Drew Henson.

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True enough that the Yankees hurt Henson's career at Michigan.  But more so than the organization as a whole, fuck OSU alum George Steinbrenner for purposely fucking over Michigan by giving Henson a non-market offer to screw Michigan over.

The only upside (and not toward Henson - great athlete, presented with difficult choices) is that the Yankees got very little bang for their buck with that move.


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To be fair, the size of the deal was contingent on Henson dropping football and only playing baseball. That meant leaving Michigan and Steinbrenner knew it. The NY Times article at the time suggests that Steinbrenner made the offer directly. Also, at the time, Michigan was dominating OSU in the game, so it’s a little more plausible that the intent was there.


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It would be great, but I think the game has changed since Brady's collegiate years that will make it harder to happen. Freshmen have a much bigger opportunity to start these days and will expect to play early. I just dont see a lot of kids wanting to sit 3 years to get their shot.


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"I took a lot of those things that I learned and brought them to the professional level. I was lucky to learn a lot of lessons at 19 and 20 and 21 that a lot of guys don’t learn until they’re 23 or 24 or later when it’s too late.”

I found that quote interesting, and I would think that's probably the case too. A lot of players really don't necessarily need to play like their position is in question week to week because it isn't really, but even when Brady became the starter at Michigan, there were others nipping at his heels almost every week. He plays each week even now like he is trying to show everyone he deserves to be out there, like he could be repleaced at any time, and that probably makes him an even better player. 


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Back then, when things were not so strict, I had a connection that could get me fairly easy access to practices.  So I went to bunch before the '97 season started.  I thought Jason Kapsner looked far and away the best QB out of the bunch, which included Tom Brady, Scott Driesbach, and Brian Griese.  He was bigger, had a stronger arm and could make plays with his legs. 

Justt shows what I know about evaluating QBs.


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The article mentions the myth that Brady was an unheralded under-the-radar recruit when he signed with Michigan. 

That is correct, it's purely a myth fueled by his came-out-of-nowhere story in the NFL.

He did not come out of nowhere as a college recruit.  He was a top-level recruit.

Here are his recruiting rankings when he signed with Michigan in 1995:

BlueChip Illustrated: #6 QB West, All American
National Bluechips: 1 of 23 PRO QB's rated 10.5 (Highest Rating)
National Recruiting Advisor: #10 PRO QB, 5.7/6.1 (Potential All American)
Prep Football Report/Lemming: #6 PRO, #26 West, All American


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